Best Car For Tuning

Best Car For Tuning

With an abundance of sporty cars to choose from one question remains; what is the best car for tuning? Corvette’s Stingray has been called the best sports car today but availability and cost land this and many other “super cars” out of reach for most. After Comparing relevant data including overall potential, availability of aftermarket parts, upgrades, and budget, Toyota Supra comes out on top.

The Supra was built to be tuned even though they are slightly heavier than most imports. A six-cylinder engine powers them compared to smaller four-cylinder engines in most imports. Also the benefit of rear wheel drive. Rear wheel drive spreads the load (weight) of the car more biased than front wheel drive, accelerating faster while allowing the front wheels to steer without pulling the load at the same time.

Later models with typical performance mods put out around 600-800 rw hp (rear wheel horsepower). Engine upgrades begin with converting the twin turbo to a large single turbo to increase max horsepower potential. Adding bigger injectors will compensate for greater air intake by allowing more fuel into the mixture. Another important component when building the best sports car is reducing resistance by adding an aftermarket exhaust.

This provides a more efficient way to expel spent fuel and air, letting the engine breathe in turn maximizing performance. Adjusting the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), adding an aftermarket intercooler to compensate for increased heat as well as an aftermarket fuel pump ensure these upgrades perform at optimal efficiency.
Added Horsepower and torque require some enhancements to suspension, braking and body modifications. Many aftermarket suspension kits for the Supra are available ready to install with no modification.

When tuning for performance you want to use a coil over kit. Coil over kits are adjustable and considered the best option for handling. The heavier Supra handles well; suspension upgrades improve handling further and are another reason the Supra is the best car for tuning. More power requires an improved braking set up which are also available ready to install as a kit.

Large arches allow up to 11 Inch wide street slick or racing tires on the rear greatly improving traction that is needed when tuning for maximum horsepower. Don’t forget body modifications. A commonly available vented hood will improve air intake. Front and rear spoilers are easy to find, further improving handling by enhancing down force. Many people also modify the front bumper to accommodate the inter-cooler.

Due to the popularity and high volume of the Supra and its predecessor the Celica being manufactured there is an abundance of aftermarket parts and performance upgrades available. For the same reasons, aftermarket kits and upgrades are much more affordable than most sporty cars. Building the best sports car requires the best possible starting point. Top to bottom, Toyota Supra is the best car for tuning.

Best Car For Tuning
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