Diesel Chip Tuning vs. Tuning Box

Since the early 2000’s, when diesel vehicles came fitted with very clever chips, diesel chip tuning has become quite popular. It allows the owner of the vehicle to get more power out of his vehicle without physically changing anything to the engine.

Yet as times change and more technology hits the market, vehicle owners want more convenience, more power and more driveability… which is when they start looking at fancy gadgets that spoil them for choice in terms of their vehicle’s performance, like tuning boxes.

A diesel tuning box is an electronic addition to your vehicle. In most cases it’s simply connected to the vehicle with a simple plug and therefore doesn’t require any wires to be cut, or cut wires to be soldered or taped together. Its plug and play for your vehicle, essentially, and it is supposed to work with your current electronic control unit (ECU), too. But that’s where the rosiness ends.

Tuning boxes are often generic in their digital makeup, which means they’re meant to fit all the different models of a particular make, or when the programming isn’t as detailed, they’re meant to suit the needs of an entire make of vehicle.

While these boxes may be ‘plug and play’ and can be removed without a trace, they may end up costing you more than you bargained on. This is because incorrect settings made to fit all vehicles can damage your vehicle’s engine or other parts – after all, if you take power from one area of the vehicle and distribute it to another area, the new area will be subject to the wearing effects of that power.

Diesel chip tuning, on the other hand, refers to the modification of the ECU already in your vehicle. The key to any successful modification is the person doing the modifying – someone with such detailed knowledge of your car’s make, model and a thorough understanding of the area the vehicle is used in, and what it is used for, that they’ll know exactly which settings to adjust to give you the desired effect.

Diesel chip tuning is in essence the magic touch that gives you a vehicle more capable than ever before, while minimising wear and tear on the engine and associated parts.

If you have a diesel vehicle controlled by an ECU, take the time to consult a diesel chip tuning expert to get the most out of your vehicle while minimising the cost of your next service.

Diesel Chip Tuning vs. Tuning Box
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