Engine Chip Tuning Has Its Benefits for Your Car

Engine chip tuning is basically the fine tuning of your vehicle by reprogramming the electronic control unit of the car. The ECU is the on-board computer that is built into the electronics of the vehicle and it’s responsible for governing various functions in your engine. It controls the flow of petrol that is released by your cylinders, the timing of the inlet and outlet valves, even the amount of air flowing into the system while the car is running.

All of these functions affect the performance of the vehicle as a whole and by fine tuning all of them you can optimize the performance of the vehicle as a whole. Whenever you chip a vehicle, you allow it to change all the parameters for those functions, and then allow it to be controlled and governed by it once it has been fully installed so that your car stays that way for good.

Testing the Vehicle to Check for Performance Shortfalls

When you bring your car in for a service, they usually put it on the dynamometer to see what the engine is currently doing. A computer is connected up to the car where the fuel consumption, timing, power and top speed of the car is measured. The car then gets put through its paces to see where it can be tweaked to give you better performance.

The amount of fuel that is let into the cylinders determines how much power you get and how much fuel you use when you are pushing the car to those levels. The vehicle manufacturers generally try to go for fuel efficiency over more power and as a result the end up compromising on the overall power of the vehicle. When they run it through the dyno, they can determine what the optimal values are for the air and fuel mixtures to help increase power and improve fuel consumption under those conditions.

The new chip is then installed into the vehicles existing system where it then takes over the control of the systems current program. Once it has been installed, you will immediately feel the difference in the way your vehicle performs.

Engine Chip Tuning Keeps the Engine at its Peak

Once the chip has been installed into the vehicle, the new parameters are stored in place and the vehicle will always function according to those settings. The fact that your vehicle has to be fine-tuned according to very precise settings means that you cannot simply install one of these units in your car. It has to be done by a professional installer that understands the requirements and purpose of using such a device.

As long as you send your car in for regular services after that, and you take care not to push the vehicle past its new governed limits, there is no end to the amount of time that you have to enjoy more power, better fuel efficiency and get an overall improvement in the way your vehicle performs while you are driving on the roads.

Engine Chip Tuning Has Its Benefits for Your Car
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