How To Improve Car Acceleration

How To Improve Car Acceleration

Knowing how to improve car acceleration is just one reason for super-tuning an engine. At the factory, vehicle manufacturers have to balance fuel economy, emissions, and noise, which means that the vehicle is not set up to operate optimally. High-performance car tuning or nitro tuning, depending on the way the engine is fueled, will increase both acceleration power, horsepower and car performance.

Cars in the old days were slow making many people look up for ways on how they can improve car acceleration. Many car manufacturers have never stopped in making sure that the answer to this question has been given, coming up with very advanced parts and mechanism that has changed the speed of cars on our roads today.

High-performance car tuning involves changing many engine components. There are parts of a car that have to be change. Cams, intake, headers and many other things that you will have to consider. Lightening your stock flywheel will give you a massive increase in acceleration. This lets your engine rev up very quickly due to the reduce weight. The downside to having a lightened flywheel is when you go uphill your car will lose momentum quickly.

Switching to higher-quality spark plugs will help the car accelerate faster. There are high quality racing spark plugs that can increase acceleration which gives high level of response under a variety of conditions.

In addition, changing to a high quality oil filters and oil pumps combined with high quality synthetic oil will lubricate the internal parts like the piston and camshaft. This will give your car a smooth acceleration by cooling the internal parts of the engine.

Cold air intake kits will keep engines cool. Keeping the engine cool will help the engine to function optimally, and will extend engine lifespan. A cold air intake kit will also increase torque and acceleration, by providing the vehicle with more cylinder pressure. A cold air intake kit will also improve fuel economy, in addition to its other benefits.

Racing headers improve the way that a car expels exhaust gases. Headers keep the back pressure in the exhaust stroke minimal, by providing four equally-sized pipes to each cylinder, which then come together into one large pipe. Each cylinder experiences the same amount of pressure, allowing the car to work much more efficiently, and to use less fuel.

Super chargers compress the air that goes into an engine. Super chargers deliver a higher amount of concentrated oxygen into the combustion chamber, which is then equaled by a large amount of fuel, which is discharged by fuel pipes. Some super chargers, called blowers, are powered traditionally via belt, chain, or drive shaft. Other super chargers, called turbo chargers, are driven by the car’s exhaust gases.

Turbo chargers convert the useless energy of exhaust gases into power. The surge in power makes a turbo-charged car enjoyable to drive, but turbo chargers cannot be introduced into normal engines. A normal engine with a turbo charger will be less capable at low power, and the activity and capacity of the engine will be seriously affected.

Nitro tuning involves adjusting the carburetor on a nitromethane-fueled engine. When idle, the idle adjustment screw should be positioned so that the motor runs as slowly as it can, without the idle screw turning off. If the car is having difficulty starting, a slight change in the low adjustment screw may enhance performance. If the motor hesitates before revving up, or makes a chugging sound, changing the high adjustment screw will make the fuel mix leaner or richer, depending on the needs of the car.

Car tyres also play an important role in acceleration and have to be firm with the right traction. Inflate your tires to 3-5 psi higher than what the manual recommends. It also requires less energy to keep them in motion. A properly inflated tires will also improve your gas mileage by as much as 3.3 percent.

Vehicle owners who want to optimize car performance, but have little or no experience working on cars, should consult a mechanic who specializes in high-performance tuning. Also, the internet offers many auto tuning videos, which are designed to instruct people with multiple levels of expertise. Learning how to improve car acceleration will turn a drab vehicle into a thrilling, revved-up ride.

So next time you fill up the gas tank put in a 95 octane premium grade gasoline and safety should always comes first when driving at high speed. Cheers!

How To Improve Car Acceleration
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