Custom Tuning Car Tuning To Unleash Your Engine’s Hidden Potential

Custom car tuning is often misunderstood, because people often do not know:

  • to what extent a car engine’s tuning can be customised
  • why anybody would want to customise their car’s tuning and what the benefits are
  • whom to trust to do a professional job

Much of the information available on the subject is inaccurate and lofty claims are often being made by establishments eager to extract money from people in return for a sub-standard job.

One of the most important pieces of advice remains not to trust little-known backyard tuners without an established track record and for whom you do not have any reliable references of happy customers.


Car Tuning the Professional Way

Car tuning need not be wrought with uncertainty and the best people to contact are always the ones with the established reputation that are well-known and that have grown to an international company on the back of their excellent service and products.

Our custom tuning aims to step back and view the larger picture, so we can help you the best way, so it is important to know why you would require custom tuning for your car:

  • Do you want to improve performance?
  • Do you want to improve fuel consumption?
  • Do you want custom car tuning for racing?
  • Do you require engine protection features?


Getting the Best out of Your Car

Custom tuning has become popular due to one indomitable fact: very few cars leave the factory at their best and there are usually several things that can be done to improve their power and economy. Millions of cars are sold every year and vehicle manufacturers have devised standardised manufacturing procedures and techniques to ensure that the cars that leave their factories are substantially identical.

Of course, they cannot be perfectly identical and there are always small differences between presumably identical cars due to manufacturing tolerances and other factors, and this is where the problem lies.

So, it is impossible to get precisely the same power output out of every single engine that leaves the production line and each engine’s unique characteristics require custom tuning.

However, one thing manufacturers do get perfectly right is to duplicate electronic engine management settings to be identical for every car, because the electronics can be tuned to be the same on all the cars that leave the factory. Now you can start to get an idea why all engines do not operate optimally – they are all slightly different but their tuning is not.


Custom Tuning Your Car’s Engine

Your car engine is unique and so is our tuning, because we run your car on our dynamometers and recalibrate its engine management system in a non-invasive way with our piggyback computer chip.

In this, way, your engine ECU’s signals are intercepted and modified to provide your engine with a unique and optimised set of operating instructions, benefiting both performance and economy.

We can modify, among others:

  • mixture
  • variable valve control
  • spark timing
  • turbo boost
  • variable intake manifold control
  • … and other parameters to unleash your engine’s full potential.


That is why we call it custom tuning.

Custom Tuning Car Tuning To Unleash Your Engine’s Hidden Potential
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