Professional Chip Tuning

Professional Chip Tuning for Improved Vehicle Performance and Fuel Consumption

Improving your vehicle to achieve the maximum result in low fuel consumption whilst still having the best performance rates from your engine may sound too good to be true. The fact is that this can easily be done by a professional chip tuning programmer. The heavier your vehicle, the more power is needed to put it into motion, which requires more fuel. This can be changed by means of chip tuning your vehicle so as to offer you better fuel economy while retaining the same amount of power.

When vehicles are manufactured, certain factors have to be met which rule the overall performance of the vehicle before it may leave the factory line. These cars have a limited fuel use capability and this is where professional chip tuning comes in as it upgrades your vehicles factory settings to enable improved fuel consumption with the same performance rates.

How Does the Performance Chip Work?

The professional chip tuning programmer will reprogram the way the vehicle’s on-board computer must function in order to achieve low fuel consumption. The chip states to the EVU on how much fuel must be ejected into the cylinders, as well as the precise moment to ignite them. It also rules the timing of the compression, exhaust strokes and the air that has to be let into the engine. All these factors play a major role in the overall performance and fuel use of your vehicle.

By having a professional chip tuning expert reprogram your vehicle’s computer system, you will reach far more kilometres per litre than what you have experienced in the past. It also leads to you having much greater engine response and power when it comes to acceleration.

For you to be able to really appreciate the difference that this service will have on your fuel consumption it is necessary to understand that every part has an effect on how your vehicle runs and performs. The chip controls the critical tasks in your vehicle which allows it to reach far better fuel economy.

Affordable and Professional Chip tuning from Total Car Diagnostics

At Total Car Diagnostics we keep you updated with the very latest in car chip tuning, diesel tuning and fuel consumption technology. Our extensive product range also includes Bluetooth modules, tuning pots, U-Connect, Nitrous Driver, V-tech Driver and Map Select Switch, to name a few.

We will modify and improve your car’s performance and handling. This will help you to achieve far better fuel economy to help produce more power at high RPMs. When chip tuning a vehicle, a professional chip tuner will have to install performance parts, and these parts can include replacing air filters, fitting a piggyback chip and installing new turbo chargers or adjusting the cooling unit. We will discuss all the options available to you.

Our team of seasoned professionals are all experienced in performing affordable and professional chip tuning to provide our clients with the very best value for their money.

Professional Chip Tuning
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