Chip Tuning Performance Parts

Chip Tuning Your Vehicle’s Performance Parts

As more and more vehicle owners become familiar with the incredible benefits of chip tuning performance parts, this technology is fast gaining traction in the mainstream vehicle industry in Australia. High performance parts are usually assumed to be turbochargers, gas-flowed cylinder heads, free-flow exhaust pipes and special manifolds, to name a few. For many years motorists who wanted more power from their vehicles were limited to these options.

This is certainly not the case any longer. With great advancements in the technological era came the ability to improve an engine’s power output by using electronic interference. While there is still a place for the traditional high performance parts in getting the best power out of your vehicle, a vehicle’s entire system can now be electronically fine-tuned to produce the very best results.

Chip Tuning Your Performance Parts with Total Car Diagnostics

The ground-breaking and state-of-the-art technology made available by Total Car Diagnostics’s 15 years of research and development now makes it possible to get the best possible performance from your vehicle. Its economy maps optimize economy at part throttle, with performance maps optimising power delivery at full throttle.

Many vehicle owners want to know precisely how much more power they will receive from their vehicles as well as how much lighter the vehicle will run on fuel after chip tuning their performance parts. The answer to these questions is that there aren’t any two cars that are exactly identical. This makes it impossible to predict just what level of increased performance you can expect.

With certain cars you will receive exceptional fuel consumption while others will experience an increase in power while their fuel consumption remains at the same level. It will ultimately depend on how close to perfect the vehicle’s existing map is for that specific vehicle.

However, as a sign of our confidence in our market-leading product, should you not be 100% convinced that you enjoy greater benefits from chip tuning your vehicle’s performance parts we will take out the entire system and refund you completely. This includes the installation and mapping fees as well. This is how confident we are that you will receive the value you’re after from our chip tuning technology.

Another question we are frequently asked is what would happen to the vehicle’s warrantee once we install the system. Throughout the years Total Car Diagnostics has been installed in thousands of new vehicles as an additional option on new cars by various makes of vehicles. Many of the world’s leading car manufacturers have used the Total Car Diagnostics technology on their factory racing cars or on their lines of economy run vehicles.

We do, however, always suggest to dealerships you bought the new vehicle through before having the Total Car Diagnostics technology installed, just to verify their position. This will ensure that you remain within the requirements of your warrantee and that you can enjoy the benefits of chip tuning your performance parts with confidence.

Chip Tuning Performance Parts
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