OBD2 Apps for Audi

OBD2 Apps for Audi

If you want to know if your car is getting troublesome, you should consider installing an OBD2 app on your Android device. Many popular apps can help you detect problems with your vehicle. You can also use one of these apps to keep track of your car’s mileage.

Torque is one of these apps, which uses GPS to pinpoint your car and show you the DTC/CEL/fault codes.

This app is great for saving money on repair costs and can be used on most vehicles manufactured after 2000. It has a relatively high battery use, which may be a concern for some drivers.

Torque Lite

The Torque Lite for Audi obD2 app has many useful features that can help you diagnose your car and repair it as well. It uses GPS to pinpoint your location and display all of the DTC/CEL/fault codes, helping you to avoid unnecessary repairs. This app is compatible with Android devices and OBDII Bluetooth adapters, and most cars made after 2000 are supported. The only major con to this app is its high battery consumption.

This app connects with your car’s OBD2 port, which is typically under the steering wheel on the driver’s side. Once you’ve connected the OBD2 adapter to your car, you can view real-time data. This information includes the throttle valve setting and oxygen sensor voltage. Because the Torque app displays only a few data points at a time, you may not have time to look at the other information.

Both the Torque Lite for Audi obD2 app and Torque Pro for the same vehicle are compatible with the Android operating system. The Torque Pro app is more advanced than the Torque Lite, but it is less expensive. Although the Pro version is superior to the Lite, Torque Lite is also a great choice if you want to save money. Once you download the app, you can get started analyzing your car’s performance.

For users who want basic functions of the OBD2 scanner on their Android device, the free Torque Lite is a good choice. The program is compatible with the OBD II Bluetooth adapter, and has several widgets and plug-ins that make it easier to monitor your vehicle’s activity. The app also allows you to clear codes and turn off the check engine light. If you are not comfortable using the app on your phone, you can always purchase the premium version.


If you’re a fan of Audi’s dashboards, you might want to check out DashCommand, a new OBD2 app. DashCommand includes a variety of performance and fuel economy gauges, including instant and average fuel economy, the distance to empty, the amount of gas in the tank, and the flow of gasoline. It’s also capable of maintaining stats for nearly five trips, including the average speed and fuel consumption.

The app also offers decent trouble code reading capabilities. It can uncover any problems with vehicle systems, including the engine and transmission. The app is compatible with most third-party adapters, though it recommends the PLX Devices Kiwi 3 adapter, as it connects quickly and causes fewer problems. It also offers the benefit of being able to link with other OBD2 apps, if desired.

The best OBD2 app for Android is HobDrive. This app costs $10 and includes advanced car tracking features. This app works on all OBD2-compatible cars, including non-Audis. It supports all of the major platforms, including Windows Phone 8 and Windows CE, and works with iOS and Android devices. It’s also compatible with cars with a touchscreen, which many Android users prefer.

If you own an Audi, the best OBD2 app for your smartphone is DashCommand. It works on all platforms, and connects to almost any Bluetooth or WiFi adapter. It’s not as intuitive as OBDLink’s Dashboard feature, but DashCommand is a great option for any car owner, regardless of their experience with the technology. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a scan tool when you can get a great deal with the right app.


The FIXD OBD2 app for Audi is available for free, but to use all its features, you will need to upgrade to the FIXD Premium version. This will give you more information about your car, such as the condition of certain parts. You can also set up a Premium account for FIXD and receive guaranteed cost estimates. FIXD is a great tool for analyzing your car’s health.

The FIXD app works with any vehicle that has an OBD2 port. The app will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the scanner. However, if you want to access all the diagnostic information, you need to pay $69 for a FIXD Premium subscription. This will give you free sensors, plus additional features and many other benefits. If you’re not sure whether you need the premium subscription, you can also buy a FIXD sensor from a store that offers it.

The FIXD OBD2 app allows you to diagnose all types of car problems. You can also clear warning lights and get maintenance reminders. This app is especially helpful for those who are buying a used car. It helps you find out about any past issues or problems that your car has had. You will even be able to find out if it needs any repairs. And, you’ll never be caught unawares by a car problem again.

The FIXD OBD2 app for Audi is one of the best-value apps available today. It is easy to use, and works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. It is perfect for both amateur mechanics and everyday drivers. If you want a free version, you can use the Torque OBD2 app for Android. It’s good enough for basic OBD2 functions, but you’ll need a $10 scanner to get more features. If you’re looking for advanced features, you can also upgrade to the Pro version.


The Carista OBD2 app for Audi is a must-have for those who want to diagnose and fix their cars. The application is incredibly easy to use and provides an in-depth analysis of your car’s systems. It also allows you to reset service indicators and clear fault codes, and even reset the check engine light if necessary. Furthermore, this app features an array of DIY tools to make your life easier, such as an oil service indicator, launch control count, and electronic parking brake count. While the app only supports certain models, there are several advantages to its use.

It has many features that can save you time and money while performing simple DIY car maintenance. Its customizable dashboard allows you to see the fault codes and the severity of each system. You can also read manufacturer codes and monitor live data with Carista. The app can also perform routine diagnostic tasks and service your car, enabling you to save money on expensive trips to the workshop. It also has a few additional features that you won’t find in other apps.

The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices and is free for non-commercial use. To use it, you simply have to plug the adapter into your car’s diagnostic port (usually under the dashboard). Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to see vital parameters such as engine RPM, oil temperature, and battery charge. The Carista app also features customizable settings for the remote, doors, and windows. And, if you have an Audi, you can also download the free version of the app and unlock its paid features.

There are a few features that you should check for in an OBD2 app for Audi. Premium features are limited to certain car models. For instance, premium features are not available for Volkswagen, BMW, and Subaru. However, the app will work fine on all these car models if you have an OBD2 port on your phone. The app allows you to access trouble codes and make adjustments, and can also turn off the check engine light.

OBD Fusion

If you’re looking for a free diagnostic app for your Audi, consider OBD Fusion. This app can perform emissions related diagnostics, as well as investigations into the car’s fuel system. It provides detailed feedback in graph form, including fuel efficiency, as well as the ability to access and edit engine PIDs.

There’s also an advanced fault code reading feature that allows you to access fault codes for any system on your car. The best part is, you can clear them once you’ve performed repairs.

This free app is available for both iOS and Android. It’s a powerful diagnostic tool that lets you create a virtual dashboard showing data from multiple sensors. It also lets you read trouble codes, turn off the check engine light, and estimate fuel economy. You’ll find all this and more with OBD Fusion. You can also download the app for free on the Apple Watch. It’s a good value for the money.

The OBD Fusion app supports a wide range of vehicles, including model years 1996 and newer. It can connect to an OBD2 adapter and support a variety of communication types. The app will then display a dialog for setting up your car’s settings. If your car is supported, you can also update the software through the OBD Fusion website. OCTech offers a number of software updates for OBD Fusion.

The OBD Fusion app is an excellent OBD2 diagnostic tool. It connects to your car’s on-board diagnostic system and reads diagnostic trouble codes. This app also relays freeze-frame data and shows live PID data. You can even get a full diagnostic report. In addition to reading trouble codes, you can also diagnose sensor problems and repair them yourself. You can even save money by repairing your own car rather than paying a mechanic.

OBD2 Apps for Audi
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