Hack Your Audi or Volkswagen Car with VAGCOM

Hack Your Audi or Volkswagen Car with VAGCOM

For a long time, car owners couldn’t really get moving forward with a lot of customizations. You could do a lot of the exterior, you could update the interior, but when it came to completely changing the diagnostics and how it ran, you would have to be a serious expert.

In fact, there are only a handful of people that could do this, aside from professionals in the industry. Times have changed, however, and technology has now allowed anyone to take on the premise of hacking their vehicle’s systems and creating all new changes.

You’ll find that one of the most popular options for this is the VAGCOM VCDS software element. This is something that is a Microsoft Windows solution, and can absolutely change the way that you see the world of car diagnostics, changes, and more.

The only thing that you are going to need to know before you venture into exploring this solution is that VAGCOM VCDS requires you to own only a few types of cars.

You cannot just buy any old car and get going with hacking the system. You are going to have to own and drive an Audi, SEAT, Skoda, or Volkswagen.

If you do not have this at all, you are not going to get very far in terms of hacking the systems. Those that do have these cars, and want to hack the vehicle, you’ll want to learn more about this and how to use it to help you change things up for the better.

What Is VCDS?

The term VAGCOM VCDS is really a matter of software. It stands for Vag-Com Diagnostic System. It has been referred to simply as VAGCOM in many circles, and has been in production since 2000.

This software was originally created to diagnose problems that many Volkswagen cars were starting to showcase. This moved to Audio as well, and now it’s something that is interchangeable amidst the various car companies listed above.

In short, it’s a software that helps with diagnostics, and changes that go through cars.

Officially Licensed Or Clones

There is one stumbling block that needs to be addressed before moving forward. That’s the issue of cost. The cost of this software can go upwards of $400 and more. For those that don’t want to spend this much, you may want to look into clones.

Now, this is only stated because there are no doubt going to be those that want to go this route. The problem with this, however, is that clones will not be as effective, up to date, and will not work the same.

However, the costs are tremendously lower. If you aren’t going to want to spend, and really don’t want to get too deep into diagnostics or hacking, then clones could work for you. However, it’s important to avoid them if you are serious about changing things, hacking, and diagnosing issues and upgrades overall.


Traditionally, RossTech created this software for manufacturers. Only licensed dealers with mechanic shops on site could use these. However, this has now become a popular solution for the general public that owns these makes and models. The thing is that most scanners may not pick up on it.

Which means that a person needs to purchase a compatible device before even buying or launching the software.

The cost of this can range from $500 to $5000 depending on the device and the compatibility that one chooses. That doesn’t include the cost of the software, after the fact. In order to use the software, one has to use a specific control unit and unit. Anyone can use these, but it is only going to work with specific units.

Diagnostic Only

If you are not interested in hacking your system, yet you want to use VAGCOM VCDS, you can. Those that are looking at purchasing OBD-II or EOBD systems, can use this just fine. However, it should be noted that these will not let you change anything. They are tools for diagnostics, not changing.

Diagnostics is good, though, and can be a useful tool. However, there’s much more to explore when you want to hack the system.

Hacking Your Audi or Volkswagen With VAGCOM VCDS

Here’s the big thing, you can always monitor and change things if you purchase the right controller. It’s for that reason that you should purchase a good scanner. You cannot buy a generic OBD-II and control any of the ECU (electronic control units).

In the past, RossTech made it so that only authorized dealers could get access to rewriting the ECU elements. Now, you can purchase options that are going to let you change things up overall. If you have a generic scanner, however, you will not be able to do anything.

When you launch the software with your scanner, you will be able to go deep into the Volkswagen and Audi interfaces. You can modify elements such as the door locks, the sensors that control diesel timing, engine timing, and much more.

You can literally hack the way your car goes, and maximize it for better fuel economy, faster speeds, and much more. You are going to open up a wealth of options when you purchase the software from RossTech themselves.

Beyond Hacking

Let’s say that you don’t want to just hack, you want to fix any issue that you could possibly come up with. That’s where VAG-COM really comes into play. Whether you choose to go to a mechanic or not, the software can give you an in depth look at what is going on, and point towards the right fix fast. Whether you want to know what you’re getting into, or you want to make sure that your mechanic is telling you the truth, you’ll find that the software can help you get a full view of what is going on with the computer elements in the vehicle.

So long as you have an updated scanner, and not a generic solution, you should be able to use this software with relative ease. You can go beyond hacking, with ease.


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While this article, PART 1, is a general introduction to Hacking, also read see PART 2. Which is a complete step-by-step technical guide with screenshots on how to do this: How To Scan and Modify Your Audi or Volkswagen Using VAG-COM
Hack Your Audi or Volkswagen Car with VAGCOM
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12 Responses to Hack Your Audi or Volkswagen Car with VAGCOM

  1. The product vag com and it’s companion rosstech vcds software is extremely easy to use, despite a rather same GUI for almost 10 years now. But doesn’t matter. It gets the job done. Man is not looking for pretty looks.

  2. Bought this VAGCOM by rosstech to simply clear an airbag light on my Mk4 GTi. I used it with the Ross Tech VCDS software you can download from total diagnostics website. After installing the driver from the site provided with the vagcom cable, I downloaded the Ross Tech software and was up and running. What Ross Tech doesn’t tell you is that when they tell you to “test the port”, you MUST have the cable plugged into your car with the ignition on. Otherwise it will tell you there is an error and the port is no good…I feel as long as the buyer has experience with installing drivers on a computer and basic software knowledge, this product should work for them.

  3. I own an Audi A3 and I’m about to buy a new one. However, what totally annoys me in the new cars is their ubiquitous sounds on every occasion: Ding-dong for greeting you,when the motor starts, next one to tell you that the passenger’s airbag is on, you are approaching the hedge, turn your lights on, etc.
    All I want is simple silence!
    Will that system help me to achieve this?

  4. I just Total’s VAGCOM today. Bought it with intention to adjust the fuel quantity on a 2009 VW Jetta TDI. I was able to tune it to where I wanted it and now it runs fine. I have to say if the car is running rough the numbers will change a lot. But I watched the numbers change for awhile and I knew I needed to make the car run more smoother. I used the ‘hammer mod’ in the correction direction. It took me about 5 modifications to get it in the correct range. Now the car runs great.

    Out of curiosity I wanted to see if this could actually read the car’s security PIN for the immobilizer (security) and other system. I actually already knew the PIN when I managed to get it 6 years ago. I attempted to get the PIN for the immo but it said my car isn’t supported. I then tried to get the PIN for I think it stated DASHBOARD. This actually worked and provided me what I know is the correct PIN.

    If you want to do some advance stuff like programming codes you will definitely appreciated this vag-com tool. It lets you program code blocks but you will need to study how people do that with VAG-COM. Just do Google search. Many videos.

  5. I am in the process of putting a used German origin motor in my 95 eurovan. The current motor has 2nd air pump hose connection to the cylinder head, the new motor doesn’t have the threaded connection port. I told to just remove the 2nd air pump and hose, then just “reprogram” the ecm so there is no check engine light for the 2nd sir fault. Can your vcds reprogram the ecm to omit the 2nd air sensor? Do you have an example of that process?


    • “Can your vcds reprogram the ecm to omit the 2nd air sensor? ” -> VCDS can’t do this. IT’s beyond scope of it’s coding function.

  6. OBD VAG, a fantastic piece of hardware/software, very easy to use and invaluable even for fairly basic operations let alone all the complex stuff it can do. Found that my A6 V6 TDI had 3 glowplugs out and it even told me which ones…

  7. Saviour! Was thinking of audi hacks, and my friend volkswagen hacking. That’s how found this article. Thank you so much. We bought the vag com cable. It’s vcds software has long coding which can be seen here at official site: https://www.ross-tech.com/vcds/tour/recode_screen.php

    Also you can’t stuff up because the coding isn’t that complicated. I’ve also shared it with friend and his vw too can be hacked via long coding.

    Also vcds auto-scan looks over all car components. Very interesting to watch the scan.

  8. I routinely evaluate OE engine/transmission’s overall condition/integrity and have a need for software which is strong in graphic presentation for diagnostic purposes and customer communication. ex: graphing, strip charts & data mapping.

    “Was VCDS software by RossTech created before graphics were readily available.” For example: could I see live LTFT, STFT & MAF data on the same graph with their corresponding values?

    • Yes, the VAGCOM tool has separate graphing tool included (VC-Scope). But also it’s VCDS software has option to set live graphs on just about all car data PID’s. Gives you instant previous of component’s health.

      I also ended up hacking the Audi car but disabling it’s seatbelt warning sign. So VAG COM definitely is go-to tool for hacking/tuning components safely, and not just scanning performance of vehicle.

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