Everything You Wanted to Know about VAGCOM

Everything You Wanted to Know about VAGCOM

VAGCOM is a software package and interface cable that runs on Windows operating system. Ross-Tech, LLC has been developing and improving it since 2000. The name of the software was derived from Volkswagen AG or VAG. This is the former Volkswagen Group’s name.

Currently the software for VAG-COM interface is known as VCDS. It’s simply an abbreviation for “VAGCOM Diagnostic System.” The name of the software was changed for trademark registration purposes. However, the product remains the same.

How it works

VCDS software is basically used to diagnose and adjust motor vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. It enables users to view and adjust data that different car computers use.

Among the vehicles whose data can be diagnosed and adjusted using this software include Volkswagen Passenger, SEAT, Skoda automobiles and Audi. The software is also used in commercial vehicles that are produced by Volkswagen.

Basically, VAGCOM interface connects to Data Link Connector of the car – and USB port of the computer. With the right cable, the software can be used in examining any car from VAG group for maintenance and diagnostic procedures.

Where to get the Software

This software can be bought from Ross-Tech, the manufacturer, directly. Currently it costs approximately 350 US dollars. It is also downloadable software and you can buy the cable from its manufacturer. Ross Tech delivers the cable internationally.


The software performs several functions as a tool for automobile electronic diagnostic.

They include:

  • Modifying control codes to perform tasks like turning off seatbelt chime
  • Diagnosing and adjusting car engine tuning
  • Adjusting electric windows performance
  • Turning on European fog light
  • Reading error codes from the car
  • Turning off or resetting error codes

It is important to note that you should be careful about how you use this software. If you adjust or modify some parameters within the vehicles brain, it may have unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, it is advisable that you note down the values changes… so that you can restore them back in case you do not get your desired results.

How is VAGCOM different from Generic On-board Diagnostic Yools?

VAG-COM Review of RossTech Product & VCDS Software
All you need to know about VAGCOM, RossTech and VCDS Software.

This software uses a more in-depth, specific protocol command from the manufacturer, the Volkswagen Group. This enables its users to access different diagnostic cable systems of their vehicles. For this reason, the software can be used for diagnostic purposes even in automobiles that generic OBD-II or EOBD do not cover.

Basically, this software can be used in two ways…

First, it can be used as a package that includes both the hardware and software. The manufacturer or agents distribute this package.

Second, the software can be used by building a customized interface hardware that can be used with its shareware version that is publicly available though limited. The software can interface vehicles that employ the protocols of generic OBD-II or EOBD.

Nevertheless, the standards of EOBD and OBD-II allow limited diagnostics only without any ECUs adjustments.

What You Need To Use VAGCOM and VCDS

To use this software, you need a computer, a tablet or a laptop to which you can download and activate it.

You can buy a cheaper cable and use it in activating the software or buy one of the Hex models.

Hex Models COM/USB serve as the activation dongles which keep the software ready for use all the time with the cables. This means that the software does not require activation.

Computer Requirements

To use VCDS in a computer, it should meet the following requirements:

· Microsoft Windows

To run this software, a computer must be running on Microsoft Windows. Ideally, a tablet, a netbook or a laptop computer is the best option. However, desktop computers can also be used.

· USB interface

At least 1GHz Pentium-III or an AMD equivalent is recommended with a RAM of 256 MB, Windows XP or even newer. For Windows Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, a sufficiently robust machine should be used to support the OS properly.

· Serial Interface

For the Release 11.x of this software, at least a 500 MHz Pentium-II or its AMD equivalent that has a RAM of 128MB, Windows XP+, including Windows 2000, Vista 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 are all okay. The Release 10 of this software does not support Windows 95 and 98, NT4 or ME.

VAGCOM might work on lesser computers. However, PCs with lower specs than the one recommended are not supported by the software. This means that a user cannot seek help or complain to the manufacturer if the software fails to work.

No Native Software Versions for Linux and Mac

There are no native software versions for Linux and Mac. This is because porting the software to these platforms requires effort and time that is not worthwhile. However, the software works fine on Mac computers with Intel processors and all modern Mac computers with Windows that is installed using a Boot Camp. Majority of the computers that run on Linux boot Windows as well.

However, for users who do not have or do not want to install Windows, there is a platform-independent version known as VCDS-Mobile.

Ross Tech has not shown intentions to make native applications for Blackberry, Android, iPad/iPhone or Windows phone. Instead, the company has come up with VCDS-Mobile version. This version is usable on all modern versions of tablets and smart-phones.

What You Should do First

Once you have the software and cable, find out where you should plug the cable in the car.

A diagnostic port is located in different places in different vehicles. For instance, in TT it is located close to the pull for the bonnet release.

Once the cable is plugged in, select the cable on the PC and configure it. After configuring the cable, select USB or serial port, depending on the cable connection.

For instance, when using USB to the serial adapter, select a normal COM port followed by TEST. The system will find the serial adapter then allow you to save its settings. If it does not, try another COM port.

Generally,  VAGCOM emulates the proprietary tools that dealers use to scan vehicles . It is updated continuously to enable it to work even with the latest automobiles and functions.

Ideally, the software is meant for use in performing diagnostic functions that scan tools at the VW/Audi factory perform. Users just follow the instructions provided in the repair manuals from the factory to diagnose and adjust computer data of their vehicles.

Everything You Wanted to Know about VAGCOM
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  1. This vagcom Scanner works exactly as described and arrived promptly from Total Car Diagnostics. Is easy to use and includes tons of online instructions and videos for anyone not familiar with scan tools. The live data readout is nice as well. Has refresh rate of about 5-10 per seconds.

    VCDS software read airbag and cleared it. Typical story, but worth saying that I’m happy it works. Can’t beat RossTech VAGCOM for VAG cars.

  2. I tried this VAGCOM after looking for some reviews. Used on our new golf GTI and it worked instantly (connected “Interface found” and AutoScan inside VCDS works fine). It’s erased fault codes and successfully reset the service intervals. Excellent product for a fairly low price.

  3. I have a 2015 VW GTI and requiered a VAGCOM type device that wasn’t unaffordable like original vagcom cable by RossTech. This vagcom at total car diagnostics site looked like it would fit my needs, and it certainly has exceeded them, which the reviews already confirm.

    It offered many buttons, each with further buttons, and each button has ability to either read data in the car, or change some setting. It’s cool, like hacking your car.

    Within 15 minutes of install the vagcom cable on Windows using included VCDS original software, I’d already enabled comfort open/close of the windows and sunroof with the key FOB, disabled the red LED on the side of the tail lights, changed my display to carbon fiber look and enabled the passenger mirror dip when you put the car in reverse. It was all very easy and worked flawlessly.

  4. A huge plus is that VAGCOM was able to shut off the annoying SRS light that would not go away no matter what I did. Also turned off the seatbelt whining alarm within vcds coding functionality.

  5. I have a 2004 Jetta with an Airbag light that refused to turn off after the battery was changed on the vehicle. The local dealer wanted $160 dollars to diagnose and an additional $70 to clear the code if there wasn’t a repair concern. I successfully cleared the code myself with this VAGCOM tool five minutes after it arrived and installed it to my Windows Hp laptop. I tried several other OBD2 vag scanners and this is the only one with the ability to diagnose and clear codes properly and permanently. Well Worth the money.

  6. I usually refuse to write reviews but wanted to give 2 cents on the rosstech vcds software and it’s vag cable…

    I am a research addict….I always read others feedback and usually don’t do out on a limb very often when making a tech purchase. After all, it’s smart to learn from other peoples discoveries.

    This vag-come item has it’s share of unpleasant reviews but I have to say that I’m VERY pleased with its performance so far. I have used it to diagnose a 2003 beetle 2.0 and a 2008 Jetta 2.0 and it was able to run and clear fault codes, run system tests, and adapt the throttle bodies on both cars. All that for a very reasonable cost.

    As other people have stated, the user manual is abundant. As you know, Rosstech has big community forum online where you can find answer to any request. Just google it. The unit came packed with the Vagcom USB cable and VCDS software was included as download in email. Software installed drivers to Windows, which then made vagcom cable get properly detected by Windows 10.

    Personally I’m super pleased I made the purchase so far!

  7. VCDS (new name for Vag-Com) is a effective Windows application that gives you a dealer level scan tool that understands all of the Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat specific fault codes plus it allows to to change many of the car’s settings. The program itself is a free download (so all updates are free). However, the cable contains the license to use the program. Therefore you must purchase the cable (with license) in order to use the program. For older Volkswagens (like yours) you can use the USB version for Windows OS. This version only works on older Volkswagens using “K-Line” communications. Starting in 2005.5 (in the US) VWs started using CAN bus communications. If you want to be able to “talk” to older and newer Volkswagens , you will need one of the HEX+CAN cables. The program is the same no matter which cable you buy, but the cable model determines which cars it will work with.

  8. Excellent vag review. Other sites I found just have bunch of vag product reviews. This one actually took time to provide helpful information.

  9. Decent product. Got it from site, although with great skepticism. Frankly hard to believe the VAGCOM and original VCDS software Works excellent on our 2007 Audi A6. Not only does it give you the code it tells you what it is pointing to. Great diagnostic tool for Audi driver. Also very handy in clearing check engine lights to check the frequency of reoccurring issues such as failing 02 sensors.

  10. Made mistake of buying the VAG-COM KKL 409.1 USB in hopes of saving some money. Over the proper RossTech unit.

    The 409.1 processor took minutes to read any function on the vehicle. So returned it, and bought this VAGCOM full unit. Allowed me to perform VAG brake ABS bleed on an Audi A4 B6…. but was able to activate the function. Product is Flawless.

  11. Hi, I have this issue with a YAW Rate Sensor on a 2011 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI.
    I went to the VW Dealer and neither the mechanics or the parts department have heard of this Yaw Rate Sensor and are trying to sell me a new ABS Control Module for over $1800.

    Can you please help me with the location of this sensor and if it really is a faulty sensor. The Engine light is on a the moment.

    Also had a fault coming up stating the Coolant Pump 2 is Faulty. I replaced it with a new original part same number and the error code is still present.

    When I bought the software, there was an option to upgrade to version 18 which I paid extra for, however, the version is only version 12.How can I get my version upgraded?

    Thank you.

  12. It did exactly as it was indicated on page, except it gives lots more information about cars OEM systems then originally shown on Total car diag VAGCom page. I have other mechanics read cars check engine light and give me the code and doesn’t say where or what is wrong just vague. On other hand, this vagcom unit is insanely more descriptive and clears the code just fine. I recommend it to anyone who needs a code reader and owns an Audi or VW.

  13. This vag tool on the site is one of the best car scan tools that I have ever used on our VW/Skoda and well worth the price. My check engine light was lit up on my pickup and the VCDS software read the codes and provided information as to what was wrong.

    The dealership read the same codes and confirmed that the problems were exactly what the VAG-COM kit had indicated. After I repaired my car, my daughter drove it down the road as I ran a complete analyses on my car’s performance. I could not believe all the information the tool provided. Buy It!

  14. This vagcom worked well, but I ended up not using any of the provided rosstech vcds software via download. Installed without any issues. Instant plug n’ play ready. Was overwhelemed how much data it actually gives. I bet most Audi users will only use 1% of VAgcom’s software features.

  15. Over 2 months of use, our 2008 Passat developed an intermittent Immobilizer situation. Sometimes the key would be recognized and start, sometimes the instrument cluster would have a flashing yellow key and also “Immobil Active” prompt. Attempted many things. Determined the instrument cluster (Half MFA) was the culpret and needed to be changed. Specific codes are needed to do this job. One option was to buy or rent VAG Tacho. This tool claimed to be able to retrieve those same needed codes. For $45, I figured I’d give this VAGCOM a try. It worked!! Uses same original VCDS Ross-Tech software.

  16. Is this true for Audi/VW car owners? If you own an Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, or Bentley you need a powerful tool that will help keep your vehicle on the road. Ross-Tech VCDS software (VAG-COM Diagnostic System) helps diagnose real problems instead of swapping out costly parts. With features found only on dealer level factory tools, VCDS surpasses the performance of aftermarket diagnostic tools and rivals factory tools for a fraction of the cost. Always know exactly how your vehicle is running instead of paying someone else to diagnose the problems, normally surprising customer with a huge repair bill.

  17. This VAG-COM and included vcds software is perfect for our fleet of VW from 1996 & up. It got my 2008 Jetta diagnosed, passed inspection, & back on the road. If you tinker with many cars (perhaps mechanic), or just want to test it yourself (instead driving to the dealer, or auto store) it can be a money saver and peace-of-mind friend. Plug it in, read the codes, simple as that. Comes with black cable and Rosstech vcds software.

    • Are you getting error during auto-scan? I have vag com audi a6 2005, and throws error, although within individual buttons, it works. Same issue on friends audi a5 and vcds usage. Maybe faulty hex can cable adapter.

  18. All points clear. Helped me make right buying decision. Bought ross-tech vagcom. Much better then obdeleven. VCDS has many YouTube videos so easy to do anything and safely, considering it’s big forum and videos.

  19. My son races a 97vw golf and we need to disengage the speed sensor what do we need

  20. I got this vagcom because I needed to change the tire size and gear ratio on my 2008 volkswaged, I saw a review on youtube, where he used this with the xtool vag401 tool. I was able to not only change the size rations in the volkswagen’s computer, but I turned on the day time running lights and turned off the honk when lock feature. Combining the cost of this device and the ross tech unlimited vin software, is a lot better than $300 for an automotive OBD computer. Highly recommend this. Works as good as ross tech hex v2.

  21. I purchased his vagcom tool from this sites shop so that I could prime the HPFP on my Golf TDI and monitor DSG temps during a DSG fluid change. Cool thing about vagcom is there’s hundreds of videos on YouTube by other users, showing you all kinds of VCDS software procedures (from coding to module modification). Considering what the dealer wants to perform those two services this tool is worth it’s weight in gold. I have little interest in manipulating other systems so this is the perfect instrument for my purposes. Money well spent in my opinion. Very honest purchase and quick delivery by total car diagnostics dudes.

  22. Brake light and all most every other warning light came on. I found that the abs Hyd pump was not building enough pressure. Do to the price of a new module I opted for a preowned one. After installing it I got a fault, module not coded, so I was able to put the code from the old abs module. But in the abs brakes still have six more faults that will not clear. I see on the net where they address these faults on a VW Tiguan.
    The seven faults are
    03201 Adaptation Overboost
    00778 Steering Angle Sensor
    01423 Lateral Acceleration Sensor
    01279 Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor
    00810 Sensor 1/2 for Brake Pressure
    01542 Yaw Rate Sensor
    It looks to I have to get the abs faults repaired before the other faults can be addressed. I have changed the master cylinder because at one time I thought it may be by passing. It acted the same. When I apply the brakes get that buzz/vibration like when the abs is being applied. the brake pedal drops when this happens. I can upload the latest scan if needed. I just don’t have a good one in this computer.

  23. Pleased. The VAGCOM 18 unit worked better than I expected My friend of original RossTech $600 confirmed that Total Car Diagnostics ver is 100% identical with all functions working properly. I still find it hard to believe (maybe in future I’ll discover something that doesn’t work on Total ver, but does on original VAG-COM).

    In terms of usage, cars airbag, anti-skid, and tpms lights were enabled when I displaced the seats to replace the carpet – due to a water leak in the sunroof drain.

    Instead of getting punched in the nuts at a dealer service center to get it resolved, I had a couple of other options. Could choose $300 for the proven ross tech unit. But doesn’t have guarantee and price is too high to put a safe gamble. Or take the gamble for alternative ross tech vcds/vag-com combo kit.

    Problem is many are fake. Cheap china non-working clones as is common complaint of fake vagcom’s online. Luckly longer research led me to this article, from where I bought the TotalCarDiag VAG scanner, seeing they have nothing but favorable reviews. After getting it, installed it, and seriously worked to resolve the Airbag, etc… better then could’ve ever expected.

  24. I’m having trouble accessing steering angle reset for 2014 Passat. Security codes etc, on XTOOL Vag401 Code Reader. Got the vagcom from totalcar site, and pleased to say I’m gladly refunded xtool, it was only 30% of functionality of vag-com’s awesomeness. :))))

  25. Having used vagcom by ross tech with the vcds download, I certainly swear by this diagnostics system in our workshop. The scan tool helps us find out the trouble issue and clears the DTC pertanent to OEM specific manufacturer fault codes. We found vagcom support all OBD2 protocols: CAN, J1850, J1850 PWM VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000. In the ross tech pro kit, included is vcds download software, and supports our windows 10 laptop.

  26. I bought this VAG-COM to scan my VW Jetta TDI and it works better then imagined! I have run some important tests on this vehicle and diagnosed live data from the fuel pump. The live data will show Injection quantity so that adjustments can be made – and confirm that each injector is running at optimal ratio. Only regret is not finding this tool at least a year ago. The included vcds 18 software is original and also allows coding.

  27. I would like to know if it’s possible to register a tyre pressure sensor id in the ECU (TPMS service) and configure a battery for a start and stop car (BPMS service) with this VCDS software and VAG-COM kit.

  28. I’ve used several VAGCOM scanners in the past, include vagcom 409.1, but I have not appreciated them as much as I do this vag-com package. Which doesn’t use some flimsy second rate and limiting VCDS version… which needs extra $ to unlock. But the software comes fully unlocked and all it’s features are working, just as you’d find on Rosstech forums.

    Also we have another, more expensive vag-com scanner gotten on Amazon (there’s dozens) – that I have been using. It’s similar in vagcom’s reading capability, but nothing like vagcom/vcds coding ability. Thus won’t be using old vag diagnostic tool anymore.

    Since Ross-tech’s vcds software is laptop based, obviously you can’t beat the real estate of a gold old computer screen… compared to handheld vag tools with minuscule screens in comparison.

    I like that you can erase pending codes, unlike the other vagcom scanner I have. VAGCOM performs much more than several other VAG based readers used in past.

    It allows you to monitor the engine while it runs and see what the sensors are doing in real time, and not just for generic engine, but for EVERY OEM system in the car. No matter what car model you throw at it.

  29. I needed this audi vagcom scanner for my 2013 Audi Q5. When changing the timing chain, I had started the car with the bumper off. The AirBag light and Parking Brake malfunction light came on. Under a minute it reset the code and light for me. Also the service due light was on and I was able to reset. Did exactly what I needed. The cheaper scanners don’t seem to work on the newer cars so I didn’t take the chance. This was the cheapest option I could find. The dealership wanted $250 to do the same thing I did for much less. Highly recommend rosstech vagcom over handheld vagcom solutions. Becuase functions are much more detailed.

  30. This vagcom unit does what it says it does on Total site. I had a problem with one of the I/M monitors in my Audi car not being ready so I couldn’t get through my smog check.

    There was a similarly-priced cheaper VAG code reader at my local auto store, but didn’t want to risk it’s incompatibility. Google and found this vagcom unit and bought it confidently seeing already positive reviews.

    Indeed the vagcom’s vcds included download software did the job. I could run my Audi vehicle and check the readiness without having to keep going to the mechanic.

    When the ross-tech VAG-COM scanner showed it was fine, with all green checks, I got it through the smog check. And it has a one-click button for checking the I/M monitors. Just ideal for what I wanted at a great price. And it arrived within a few days via express.

  31. So far this is the best of these home scanners I’ve tried. With vagvom (or is it vagcom) I’ve cleared 3 audio check engine codes so far – same two that come back repetatively and I can easily validate and clear for myself, knowing it is nothing out of ordinary or critical. I thought VAG COM was easy to use, but I did read the instructions first from Total car diagnostics website, which helped me clonk around a bit faster to get where i needed.

    This obd vag tool (also for my wife’s volkswagen) seems to do much more than i’ve asked of it. For me, the handiest features are the speedy code finds (and clears if necessary) and the battery check. That was worth the bit of upcharge over the super cheapo units. So far it has worked great for me and was super quick.

    I’ve also tried obdeleven, but actually vagcom vcds software is years ahead. So I refunded obdeleven.

  32. I’ve used RossTech tools for over a decade. Lost the original vagcom unit, and replacement meant buying a new one which is $600. Couldn’t afford it. So bought vagcom from totalcardiagnotics. Works just like original. Thanks.

  33. Help. I get this on my car:

    2009 Jetta VR6 running fine, check engine light comes on – Ross-Tech VAGCOM shows 14 faults. There must be one item behind all these codes, any experts out there.
    14 Faults Found:
    16518 – Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1: No Activity
    P0134 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16645 – Fuel Injector #1 (N30): Short to Ground
    P0261 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16657 – Fuel Injector #5 (N83): Short to Ground
    P0273 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16651 – Fuel Injector #3 (N32): Short to Ground
    P0267 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16660 – Fuel Injector #6 (N84): Short to Ground
    P0276 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16829 – EVAP Purge Control Valve (N80): Circuit Shorted
    P0445 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    17880 – EVAP Leak Detection Pump: Short to Ground
    P1472 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16802 – Relay for Secondary Air Injection Pump (J299): Malfunction
    P0418 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16798 – Secondary Air Injection System Valve (N112): Shorted
    P0414 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16654 – Fuel Injector #4 (N33): Short to Ground
    P0270 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    17045 – Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Control Circuit (Bank 1): Short to GND
    P0661 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16648 – Fuel Injector #2 (N31): Short to Ground
    P0264 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16421 – Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S2: Heating Circuit: Short to Ground
    P0037 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent
    16826 – EVAP Emission Control Sys: Small Leak
    P0442 – 35-00 – –
    Car still running fine.

  34. I am new to hex can cable and have a 2008 vw jetta tdi and have been experiencing some intermittent issues starting about 14 days ago. And wish to use vag com adapter to analyze it.

    Basically the car has long and sometimes slow cranks when starting. Sometimes it take 6-11 cranks to start and is worst when cold outside. I usually need to hook to a battery charger to get started. The hex can cable codes via the adapter give P2101 for the throttle valve actuator control system intermittent malfunction and P068A for the ecm power relay load circuit opening too early.

    Would like to fix on my own if not too complex rather than take it to the dealer. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  35. I’ve gone through vag com adapter similar testers every 5 years because most only cover 5 yrs. of model auto’s. I’ve spent anywhere from $700-$350 for the ones that only work for a certain year model. However for hex can cable price, is working on vag vehicles since 1996 and onwards, you can’t beat it! VCDS download software is complete and easy install.

    • I tried iCarsoft Pro for VAG cars. And found ross tech much more advanced. Other kits copied ross vcds software.

  36. I want to try vag-com first on a B6 A4 Audi as I want to do the throttle adap & some minor other basic settings. Might even give the mappings slight touch up or changed few parameters depending on the tune part of the software. Wondering if this can be done in vcds software and how?

  37. i have two VW TDI vehicles. Will the VCDS cable and software work on a 2009 VW Tourag TDI with chassis code 7L and a 2014 Jetta TDI with chassis code AJ.

  38. When I entered (inside vcds) the change in the soft code to turn off the brake pad warning light. The rear spoiler light came on and has stayed on. The brake pad light is off and the rear spoiler light is still on. Just a reminder my beetle does not have a rear spoiler. Gotta figure out how to turn off the rear spoiler indicator warning light. Otherwise, hex can cable works wonders.

  39. Came from an automotive trade show. Kept hearing about hex can cable, vag com, ross tech, vcds, etc. And was wondering what are vcds, or is it “what IS vcds?”. Now it’s all clear. What is vag-com? A freaking lifesaver! I plugged it into our Volkswagen passat, and immediately saw fault error code P01944 (if remember).

    Anyway, got the component off eBay for $30. Saved $500 repair! How to use the vcds software? First plug vagcom cable to car, then launch vcds in Windows. Options > Test > Connected!

  40. Audi A8L 4.0T. I also purchased a cable from someone last year I can’t remember who it was but I just opened the package today after buying your stuff and it says HEX-CAN on one side and VAG 12-12 on the other side. I didn’t use or open it because I knew it was a bootleg and just didn’t feel like returning it. Will your software work with this one? I also have a “RACECHIP” in my car supported by the app. This is pretty cool but I haven’t ran a scan since installing it. I’m curious what type of performance coding you guys offer with you kit?

    Oh well, I’m full of questions and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of the “RACECHIP” but like I said it’s pretty cool and I can definitely feel the difference with changing it in the app. I’m also contemplating getting a Porsche 971, i.e. Panamera Turbo, this is just dreaming at the moment but this is how things happen for me. It’ll be used when I get it some time late next year but by that time the RS6 will be here in the states and a CPO RS6 will definitely be on my menu. Will your software work with the Porsche 971 4.0T?

  41. Hello, I am replacing the ABS control module on a 2013 VW CC. What is VCDS? What is vag-com? Been hearing about them, but don’t know context of their use.

    Let me know if they can help: I am replacing the entire ABS electronic/pump module with a used module.

    I was told that after replacing the module it had to be programmed for the vehicle and that this VAG-COM tool would do that.

    I wanted to ensure this tool could perform that function prior to me purchasing it.

    I can take the vehicle to a dealer but hat is about the same cost as this tool, but the tool is the better option as I would be able to use it agin in the future if needed.

    I am including the VIN of the vehicle in case that hepls answer any questions on the car type. it is WVWBN7AN7DE502686. Thanks in advance for your reply on this.

  42. Hey there, I would like to know if this product: https://totalcardiagnostics.com/shop/vagcom-rosstech-vcds would work to help me figure out the problem with my A/C. Does the cable/software show A/C fault codes?

    – I was wondering what sort of engine parameters it can read and adjust? (Is it possible to use it to ‘tune’ the engine (off road use only, of course) If I had a tuning ‘file’ can that be loaded using your cable?

    – I wanted to confirm that the cable actually comes with the software I need. I DID read the product page, and it says it includes the software and it’s not a ‘cracked’ version. But I just want to make sure that this is everything I need (besides my Windows laptop, of course)

    – Do you have any resources on your website; perhaps more detailed than a getting started guide? For example: what the default values are and what possible values can be changed?

  43. Yes, the vag-com unit actually worked! I had my SRS airbag warning indicator come on my 2010 Audi and called the service department. They said bring it in and we’ll do a diagnostic for $199.00.

    I did a little research on Google and found that you there are vagcom OBD2 scanners that will run diagnostics on the SRS system (and ABS), give reason codes and are capable of resetting SRS error codes.

    I found the vcds/vagcom package on this site when did a search for my vehicle and SRS reset capable OBD2 scanners and the Audi model popped up.

    Once received I hooked up the vag-com hex can cable (software VCDS came as download), viewed the error code. The vagcom scanner indicated a Pelvis airbag, left front, had high resistance.

    Based on some more internet searching I replugged the yellow connector under the driver seat, reset the error codes and to my amazement it fixed the problem!!

    ts been two weeks now and all is great. I also hooked it up to my son’s car to see if it had anything. It called out low brake fluid. So I checked under the hood and sure enough it was about 1/2 too low.

    This vag-com rosstech tool is awesome. Also, I would recommend getting one of these prior to purchasing ANY car. Now you will be able to check for errors, pending errors or permanent errors.

  44. I have a Audi A4 cabrio from 2002. Is this vag-com tool also connected to the L-line components as radio and navigation plus (RNS e)

  45. I understand that I will be able to scan all sorts of engine & transmission stuff across the VAG range but mostly I would expect to leave that sort of thing to a professional.

    However my car is incredibly complex with all sorts of fancy “luxury” features and this is where the maintenance bill can skyrocket with all sorts of opportunities for an unscrupulous garage to rip me off.

    At the moment I have two problems that I want to diagnose before deciding whether to DIY or send to a professional –

    1. the drivers side memory seat/mirrors function is not working;

    2. a rear passenger door window and sunshade don’t work…. will this cable and software be able to help me diagnose these problems as well as all the other stuff it can clearly do?

  46. I am attending to this 2009 Skoda Octavia 1U 1.9 TDi. The vehicle had met with an accident after which it was decided to do up the whole thing.

    Body panels have been removed and after the front end was complete, we started the vehicle but the fuel gauge and temperature gauge were not working. Upon hooking up the car to my laptop, the following codes were thrown up..

    00771 Fuel level sensor (G)
    01039 Coolant temperature sensor (G2)
    00779 Outside Air temp sensor (G17)

    I measured the resistance across the ambient sensor and it was approx 0.82 ohms which i think indicates a bad sensor. I then took out the fresh air duct temp sensor, which happens to be the same as the ambient temp sensor on this car.

    Even this one had the same resistance reading, which got me even more confused. I checked the instruments through VCDS software / VAGCOM and they are all working. Fuel sender appears to be okay, so is the wiring from the sender to the meter console.

  47. Used the vag-com tool and it successfully read DSG transmission temperature for proper fluid replacement.

    VCDS software reported Datastream Channel – CH:19 top temperature reading. Also used to reset airbag light.

    Worthy every dollar. Literally saves money and keeps environment clean by not having to drive to mechanic for simple check up’s.

  48. Was looking for cable for our automobile, and it’s obvious now, vagcom is the solution. We’ll be buying it from RossTech website.

    Also what is vcds? Assuming that comes with vag com, right?

  49. Was searching for ross tech vag com, and thinks you can do with it. Apparently a lot, at least after ordering it. We used vcds successfully for software coding on the vag com hex net USB cable. You can also undo the action if find it’s not working on car.

    We tried other vw programming software (obdeleven). However ross tech is clearly king of vw programming (also works on Audi vehicles).

  50. How do I get a repair manual from the factory?
    I have never found a repair manual from the factory or any aftermarket repair manual.

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