Everything You Need to Know About OBD II Scanner

Everything You Need to Know About OBD II Scanner

New age vehicles are no longer just metal parts and components. These vehicles have sophisticated computerized systems. These systems are used to control, regulate, monitor and diagnose various aspects of the vehicle. Such connected on board systems are highly sophisticated now. It is difficult for a layperson to make sense of technical information provided by these systems. Most vehicle owners can figure out only basic information visible in the dashboard display. You cannot optimize your vehicle performance if you do not take advantage of the features that these sophisticated systems offer. Take help of OBD II scanner and see the wide range of possibilities in controlling, managing and regulating various functions of your vehicle.

What is OBD?

OBD or On Board Diagnostic system can be found now in most small and medium size vehicles. It is a smart electronic system with sensors connected to the engine. It lets you check the health of the engine. It is very helpful in diagnosing problems related to the engine and other parts and components of the vehicle. You no longer have to depend on guess work. Now you can quickly view complete vehicle engine information. It helps you avoid a small vehicle problem developing into a bigger problem that can pose safety risks or prove expensive to repair later.

Development of OBD Standard

In earlier OBD I phase during the 1990s, manufacturers started using such a system in vehicle due to regulatory requirements. The problem was that each manufacturer started using its own proprietary solution for this purpose. It led to problems of incompatible parameters and standards. Vehicle owners of each brand had to purchase separate onboard diagnostic devices for diagnosing problems of their vehicle. There was no single standard. This made it difficult to compare a vehicle’s efficiency and performance with other vehicles. To overcome these problems, new standards of onboard diagnostic system OBD II was established. This made it easier to analyze different types of technical information related to vehicles in a standard format.

Purpose of OBD

The onboard diagnostic computer system is used to control and monitor different parts of a vehicle. This is done by connecting or attaching sensors to vehicle parts such as the engine. An OBD scanner is an electronic device that helps you read technical information of your vehicle. You will find a computer diagnostic port in your vehicle, generally located under the dashboard. Connect your OBD II scanner to it and you will be able to see different types of information related to your vehicle immediately. You can use this data and information to predict developing problems in your vehicle. It is an excellent tool to diagnose a problem before it affects the performance of your vehicle.

OBD II Scanner

OBD II scanner, as the name suggests, is second generation of these diagnostic tools. Onboard diagnostic II system is mandatory in all vehicles in the US. With the help of an OBD scanner or reader, you can find major engine problems in your car quickly. Whether you are a DIY enthusiasts or a skilled technician, an OBD scanner gives you the power to assess a technical problem without opening car parts. There are a wide range of sophisticated scanner models in the market.

Features of OBD II Scanner

The OBD scanner works by connecting to the vehicle’s onboard computer system. All cars manufactured after 1996 have a computer chip that monitors various activities of the engine. Once you connect your scanner to the car’s computer system, you can read and view all information stored in the car’s computer. You can analyze different types of data. This data helps you know the health of your vehicle. Most importantly, you will find the information that will indicate a problem developing in the engine. This information is critical to diagnose a fault before it affects the engine performance. The scanner will show you OBD II codes that help you read and scan all this information. If required, you can erase the data stored in the scanner. This system works with all 1996 and newer cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Professional Diagnostic Power in Your Hand

With OBD II scanner in your hand, you do not have to dread “Check Engine” warning on your car’s display board. This scanner is packed with various features that give you the power of a professional mechanic. Now you do not have to take your vehicle to the shop to find the reason behind Check Engine warning. Just connect your scanner to the car’s computer port and activate it. If your engine is facing any problem, you will see the diagnostic trouble code pop up on the display screen of the scanner. You will also find code definition that explains the cause of the problem. The scanner has lots of features to make the diagnostic process simple and easier for everyone. You can find information related to the state emission readiness. You can verify drive cycle.

Sophisticated Equipment

The data in the scanner is refreshed every 30 seconds when it is connected to the vehicle. If you repair the vehicle, the new data after the repair will indicate no problem in your vehicle’s engine. The scanner has its own battery backup to show the stored data even when it is not connected to the car’s computer port. It helps keep the records for later use. The scanner comes with trouble code definitions. It has information on probable causes, complete diagnostic report, likely fixes and more. The LCD screen has clear visibility and it is easy to read text and digit characters. You can check your vehicle condition within seconds.

Ready for Offline Use

The scanner comes with software and an interface cable. Connect this scanner to a computer connected to the Internet. Now you are ready to access information on all trouble codes and possible causes with a few clicks. You will learn about likely fixes that will help you successfully repair your vehicle. The OBD II scanner helps you diagnose OBD faults quickly. You can troubleshoot OBD problems by checking the fault code. You can immediately start using this scanner out of the package. Depending on the scanner model, the display shows data in both text and graphics format. The device comes with free upgrade, one year guarantee and support in multiple languages.

It is important to know that every OBD II scanner may not work with all vehicles, especially if a vehicle is not OBD compliant. Each scanner has different features and functions. You should choose a scanner according to your specific requirements and vehicle model. Make sure the OBD scanner you buy is compatible with your vehicle.

Everything You Need to Know About OBD II Scanner
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