Code Reader For Vehicles

Code Reader For Vehicles

Among all the tools available for your car diagnostic system, a code reader for vehicles is one of the simplest tools available. These code readers are meant to create an interface with the computer of the car and identify as well as report the trouble codes in an exact manner.

The common definition of a code reader defines it to be a simpler version of automotive diagnostic scanners. This tool is comparatively inexpensive and can scan trouble codes.

This scanning is done via the help of computer control, however, all this began in 1980 after which the systems started to grow more complex.

Since the beginning, computer control used to have on-board Diagnostic, which is now popularly known as OBD. They were used in combination with OEM-specific systems and were called as OBD1.

Later, OBD2 was brought and was set as the standard diagnostic system.

The code readers analyses through the OBD system, which records all the error codes assessed from the engine sensors of your vehicle.

These sensors are in direct contact with attributes of your vehicle that may harm or create issues in the vehicle.

The OBD system analyses the trouble code and starts blinking the check engine light so that you can put the code reader and get the information of what’s happening in the vehicle.

How Does It Work

The working is quite similar to OBD1 and OBD2, as they inspect the sensors and the inputs and outputs made by them. The trouble codes set by these scanners relate to a particular issue.

The codes are of different types, representing occasional faults and ongoing ones. The check lights start blinking when a trouble code appears, it is also called MIL, malfunction indicator lamp.

The code readers are then connected to the OBD system to retrieve the error codes and read them to give you the accurate condition of the fault and part of the vehicle which is hampered.

The code readers for vehicles can be attached to the OBD connector, which is located at a different location in the vehicle.

Code Reader Features

Not all code readers have similar features, some have advanced features that affect largely to their price. The basic features of any code reader are the ability to read the code, display them and remove them.

Also, they perform the function to restore check engine lights. The advanced features of code readers are:

  1. Display the names of trouble codes.
  1. Assess and show live data.
  2. Show the freeze frame data.
  3. Display the status of readiness monitor.
  4. Resetting of the readiness monitor status.
  5. Very few code readers have access to parameter Ids full range. It is provided by OBD of a vehicle.

Best 5 Code Readers For Vehicles

  1. ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal Code Reader


If you have trouble working on your car, then this is the simplest tool for you.

The Ancel AD310 is an amazing code reader for vehicles made after 1996. It supports a variety of languages like French, English, German, Spanish and Russian.

IT has got a large LCD which comes with a backlight to support reading in dark conditions.

This is a suitable code reader for you as if it identifies that the code doesn’t present a serious concern, then this code reader can switch off the check engine light for your convenience.

You get a 2.5 foot insulated cable to connect with the OBDII system. There is no requirement of charger or battery as the link is capable of powering it up.

The 3-year warranty gives you the confidence you need while purchasing any code reader for vehicles.


  1. FIXD OBD-II Car Health Monitor and Professional Scan Tool


This is also a code reader which grabs a lot of attention of people. The unique functioning of this code reader allows you to assert the seriousness and complications of the issue prevailing in the car.

It keeps a check on the requirement of maintenance of the car and accordingly notifies you regarding it. The manufacturer comes up with the videos as an extra resource to aware you about the resolutions.

This is a code reader for vehicles with multiple utilities.

How? So you would be surprised but this code reader can be used to supervise different vehicles at the same time.

So you can monitor yours as well as your family member’s vehicles and keep everyone safe. It has got universal compatibility which makes it more desirable.

Lastly, an aspect which makes it more attractive is its ease in installation with no technical skill required.


  1. KOBRA OBD2 Car Code Reader- Diagnose Your Car Like a Pro!


Here comes one of the fastest code readers for your car that provides you with accurate as a well-trusted diagnosis.

It’s a perfect choice that is cost-effective as well as time-saving in comparison to the money and time spent on a mechanic.

It has got a handy character as the materials used are quite low in weight and compatible enough to fit in a toolbox.

This code reader cum scanner as universal as you can use it in combination with any operating system. The code reader can be effectively used with apps available on the respective stores.

The one year warranty supports the quality as well as your trust over the brand and the product. The price of this code reader is amazing and attracts multiple users.


  1. NEXPEAK OBD2 Scanner


This is a code reader cum scanner by NEXPEAK that is equipped with all the features one look in a tool.

The lookups for check engine lights, MIL codes monitor and the capability to assess the health of your car’s battery. Every car made after 1996 in the US is compatible with this code reader as it comes with a six-pin connector.

The standard OBD modes count up to 10 that includes auto VIN acquisition, read/erase fault codes, Advanced on-board monitoring, EVA testing etc.

The interface offered by the 2.8-inch colour screen helps in reading codes and running tests. The STM-32 chip operates the unit and allows the quickest speed of running more than any other competitors.

It offers you free updates for a lifetime, the storage of diagnostic data can be done in the memory card, this data can be uploaded on the computer as well. Although, it works only on windows.


  1. Innova 5100 Pro CarScan + ABS/SRS Scan Tool


Innova 5100 Pro Cars can is a popular and most believed brands of code reader for vehicles. The diagnostic devices manufactured by them are of high quality and great support.

The capabilities are amazing of this code reader, although the price is comparatively low. The information about car issues can be assessed via the LCD screen on blinking of check engine lights.

You can diagnose the issue as well as turn of the light quickly.

So here comes an end to the list of code readers for your vehicles and their suitable applicability for your car.

These tools are an essential requirement of your car as one cannot rush to the garage whenever the check engine light turns on. These are inexpensive solutions for all time needs of your car.

Show your concern towards your car and make an intelligent choice by buying out one of these code reader cum scanner.

Code Reader For Vehicles
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  1. I connected my OBD2 scanner, but it is having a hard time providing the data I need. It’s is securely inserted between my anus and balls, what am I doing wrong?

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