5 Tips On How To Get Better Gas/Petrol Mileage

5 Tips On How To Get Better Gas/Petrol Mileage

Saving money at the gas pump sounds like an impossibility, but don’t give up just yet! The best way to save money on gas starts with changing your driving Style or Habits before you arrive at the gas station.

Hypermilers get criticized for radical gas saving maneuvers, like shutting off the engine and turning without power. You don’t have to do anything that’s potentially unsafe and eventually it will hurt yourself and others to save gas. These are simple, safe yet effective ways to conserve gas and save money.

Here are some simple tips on how to get better gas mileage on your car:

1. Avoid idling with the motor on. If you dash into a convenience store, don’t leave the engine running. While waiting to pick up the children at school, don’t idle in the long pickup line. Park the car and walk over to pick up the children. You’ll also get some exercise which is also good for your health.

2. Find the shortest, most efficient route to work, school and grocery store. The main street may look shorter but not if there’s several traffic lights. A back road, even at a slower but consistent speed might be the best gas saving route.

Plan multiple stops along the way. Think twice before jumping into the car to drive across town for a $5 savings. With gas prices so high, you can spend more driving to get a sale price than in what you actually save.

3. Slide, don’t slam. Whenever possible, take your foot off the accelerator and let the car gradually decelerate before reaching a stop sign or red light. Let gravity work in your favor instead of racing to the light only to slam on the brake. That wastes gas and wears out your tires faster.

4. A well-maintained car operates more efficiently on less gas. Keep your engine tuned, oil changed and fluids at proper levels. Something as simple as keeping the proper type and amount of oil can improve operational efficiency and don’t forget to check regularly your car`s tire pressure.

If the engine strains to function, get an engine diagnostic scan to make certain that things like the valve timing, fuel pump and ignition are operating properly. Spending money on regular tune-ups is cheaper in the long run than the extra cost of gas plus wear and tear on the vehicle.

5. Drive Smoothly. Changing your driving habits is the cheapest and easiest way to improve fuel economy for any type of vehicle. Don’t race away from the traffic light – instead, make a gradual acceleration. When going downhill, let gravity instead of gas power the descent. Reduce your use of the air conditioner. Open the windows to let out hot air before turning on the air conditioner.

5 Tips On How To Get Better Gas/Petrol Mileage
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