How Can a Gas Mileage Device Help You Save Money

How Can a Gas Mileage Device Help You Save Money

If you happen to see those “fuel booster” products before, chances are you’re now stopping to take a serious look. But which products really make a difference and which are just useless ways to spend more money?

Here are some of the new devices that claim gas mileage improvement:

Fuel Additives have long been on the market at both automotive stores and discount retailers. Prices vary, as do the claims of success. There are brand name fuel additives as well as those created by entrepreneurs. Whatever you buy, just keep this in mind – once it gets into the fuel tank, it better be safe or you’re in for a monster repair bill!

Oil Additives improve the flow of the oil, which is important for smooth engine functioning. Additives are designed to improve the lubrication.

Fuel Magnets are something people swear by. Magnetic energy is used for healing the body so why not the gas tank? The claim is that the magnets help reduce the jumble of fuel molecules so that the fuel flow is more efficient. Fuel magnets are cheap and easy to install, but you have to decide whether you see any notable improvement in fuel economy.

Vortex Generators sound like science fiction but are actually methods to inject air. The theory is that by making a small wind tunnel effect, the fuel will mix better and burn more efficiently. Air injection products come in a variety of price ranges and complexity with unproven results.

Mixture enhancers are attached between the intake manifold and the carburetor. This device works by improving the air to fuel mixture with vaporization.

Fuel temperature devices intercept the fuel on the way to the carburetor. The device either heats or cools the fuel, which is supposed to expand it. Some of these have been EPA tested but many are not tested. Another approach to altering the fuel delivery is by adding metals. The theory is that these loose metallic pieces increase the ionization of the fuel.

Acetone can be used as a fuel additive. Acetone is found in paints, pesticides, lacquers and nail polish removers. It’s cheap and accessible in drug stores or home improvement stores. A little dab is all that’s needed, with only a small amount added to the gas tank. The claim is that acetone improves vaporization so that the fuel is fully combustible.

Attachments and accessories of all types are hitting the market as eager inventors try to produce the next hottest fuel saving device for gas price weary consumers. Be careful of devices that alter your engine function or pour inside the gas tank or oil reservoir. Don’t rush to save a few bucks on gas only to spend hundreds on repair.

How Can a Gas Mileage Device Help You Save Money
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