How To Find Replacement Speakers for Your Car

How To Find Replacement Speakers for Your Car

Are your speakers losing their flavor? Can you no longer define the words from your favorite song through the crunch and fuzz that your speakers are putting out? Has it been so long since you’ve used your stereo that you can’t even count the weeks since the speakers stopped working?

Then it’s time that we discuss how to find replacement speakers for your car…

In today’s fast-paced world, a stereo can be more than just a luxury to us. It can help us concentrate and relax while were on the road. Music can also change or influence how our day is going to go, and there’s no better way to start your day than to turn that radio on and hear your favorite song in crisp, clean sense-consuming sound.

Here’s how you can find replacement car speakers.

Get out your phone, phonebook, computer and/or car keys — find out where they sell car speakers.

Let’s make a list of the places where car audio is available.

  • Car Audio Shops will provide you with a plethora of speakers to fit your car and your listening requirements. Audio shops are on my ‘highly rated’ list because they usually have a team of professional installers available to install your speakers or any other accessories that may catch your eye while you are there. My favorite shop is Seattle’s own Super Stereo Warehouse.
  • Dealerships are one of the few places you can find stock replacement speakers that were made specifically for you vehicle. I would still promote the audio shops over dealership for price and quality. Stock speakers are just not really made to hold up the way we use them.
    This is especially true for anyone who is very into turning the stereo up to the highest volume that sounds good and doesn’t burst the ear drums. However, stock speakers will always be the easiest to replace, as they are made specially for your vehicle.
  • Classifieds can be found in your local newspaper or even online. Check out craigslist or even your own MySpace classifieds. There are more than enough replacement speakers available for the taking. Some will be old and not any better than yours, and some may still be in the box, maybe used once, and are being sold for half the retail price.
    In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a used speaker as long as it has been taken care of and you don’t push it over its limits.
    No speaker should be turned all the way up to where it is cracking or creating a lot of fuzz. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin even a new speaker, and you might as well upgrade to a higher-rated speaker with more power if you need it that loud; otherwise you will continue to blow the speakers you put in.

Do your research to choose the replacement speakers that you feel will fit your budget and taste.

Check reviews, pricing and brands, or call around to your local shops and dealerships.

If you are into sitting in front of your computer screen for hours, there are a few other places that you can also find replacement speakers.

  • Search engines can help you find your next replacement speakers. You can search under car audio, car speakers, or car stereo. This one is sure to turn up lots of online distributors who are selling car audio at wholesale or discounted prices, although you may want to check out the reviews on their products and stay away from any products you can’t get any information on.
  • Review sites are the best way to decide which speakers you would like to replace your old speakers with. Here are some sites that are pretty easy to navigate and review most brands:

  • Speaker manufacturer websites are another great way to find those perfect new speakers for you car. You can look them up directly and usually save a few dollars by not buying from a shop or through another third party.
    Most of the manufacturer websites also have reviews of their products, and they can ship them directly to you. Here’s my preferred list of car speaker manufacturers:

    I have personally owned and installed at least one set of speakers from each of these manufacturers and can attest to their quality and price.

    You will see and hear of many other producers of car stereo speakers.
    Manufacturers such as Alpine, Kenwood, Jensen, Clarion and other commonly thrown-around brand names do make a decent product. However, their efforts are focused more on other aspects of your car audio and electronics (i.e. CD players, TV, alarms, etc.).

    Pioneer, Kicker and JVC can provide you with highly rated, capable speakers to replace the old ones in your car, and they also offer tons of upgrades available to you when you’re ready. Check them out!

Go out and buy your new speakers.

Have them installed by a professional, or install yourself.

Enjoy your new speakers and all the joy they give you!

Now it’s time to enjoy that crisp clean sound you’re getting from your car audio. Go ahead — turn it up!

How To Find Replacement Speakers for Your Car
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