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Anything that’s very technical. Including electronics, wiring diagrams, chip tuning, component replacing.

BA Falcon accelerator pedal position (APP) failure

BA Falcon accelerator pedal position (APP) failure

BA Falcon accelerator pedal position (APP) failure … are you sure? COMPLAINT Vehicle starts, runs up to 1500rpm and shuts down. DIAGNOSIS Scan tool displayed the following codes: P0121 Throttle position sensor – circuit range /performance P2110 Throttle actuator control system (TAC) – forced limited rpm (in this instance complete shutdown) P2127 Throttle/Pedal …Read More Continue Reading

How to Choose the Right Gasket

How to Choose the Right Gasket

A comparison between compression gaskets and liquid gaskets. The function of any car gasket is to ensure the safety of expensive parts and to make sure various parts run smoothly. If breaks and leaks are detected in any of these car gaskets, they need to be …Read More Continue Reading

Falcon with a Mind of It’s Own

Is your Falcon keeping you awake at night? COMPLAINT The vehicle horn/alarm sounding at night intermittently, door locks cycling, or the vehicle mysteriously unlocking at home. CAUSE This problem usually arises when the vehicle is at home and has been …Read More Continue Reading

Why Would I Buy an Oscilloscope?

Why Would I Buy an Oscilloscope?

For those who dream about being able to see a waveform, rather than a little window containing digits on a multimeter, this second part to the oscilloscope story will attempt to unravel the mystery of transforming a regular laptop, with its unlimited capabilities, into a …Read More Continue Reading

J1587 Introduction

J1587 SAE J1587 is a specification which defines emails being sent on a SAE J1708 system. J1708 specifies the information link and actual layers, while J1587 specifies the transportation, system, and application layers. J1587 resembles J1922, which defines emails for a J1708 system as well as the …Read More Continue Reading

How to Test Vehicle’s Sensors

After you retrieve the trouble codes from your vehicle’s on-board computer, you can now check the car sensors. Always refer to your service manual for specifications on your make and model vehicle. The first trouble code to check is the throttle position sensor (TPS). The TPS …Read More Continue Reading

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