VAG-COM Diagnostic System

VAG-COM Diagnostic System

In the wake of technological advancement, there has been a need for improved tools that need to perform some fundamental tasks in our automobiles.

These tasks include; diagnosing issues, diesel timing, modifying convenience alternatives such as , coding an ECU or keys to the car and monitoring of many vehicles sensors used in diagnosing issues.

Therefore it is crucial to have a tool that will perform a good number of these functions with ease the same way other valuable electronic diagnostic components do.

VAG-COM System

VAG-COM Diagnostic System, VCDS, is an MS Windows- based software developed by Ross Tech, LLC whose primarily task is for diagnostics as well as adjusting the Volkswagen Group vehicles such as , Audi, Volkswagen passenger vehicles, SEAT and Skoda automobiles.

VCDS has become one of the most advanced and comprehensive diagnostic scanner tool, chip tuner and component modifier for the above automobiles today.

Furthermore, vag diagnostics ltd works with almost VAG vehicles built from 1994 to 2021 including:

  • Audi A1 2010+
  • Audi A3 Cabriolet (8P chassis) 2008+
  • Adi TT 8N 1999- 2000 and 8J 2007+
  • Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza, Seatle Leons and many Volkswagen.

HEX CAN VAG interface inbuilt with Ross Tech VCDS 12.12.0 software uses a third party manufactured chip using identical firmware code that gives your car total diagnostic.

VAG-COM comes with original genuine and license-activated Ross-Tech VCDS 12.12.0 software. Consequently, it is neither cracked nor modified.

VCDS comes in its original software with all features available.

The best thing with VAG-COM software is fully unlocked such that you can access all manufacturer codes on your cars such as ABS, airbag, air condition, immobilizer, electronics, transmission any many others.

This software must be installed on the PC’s hard disk since it might not work properly if it is run directly from other media.

On installation, an appropriate interface connection should be established between the computer and the car.

Before starting the program a test confirmation if it can use the port should be done to make sure VCDS can reliably access all the control modules that it should in your car.

VCDS software works with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 as well as10 of both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Additionally, there is a room for an upgrade when new versions come up and come be conveniently uninstalled if a need arises.

VCDS Cable Features of VCDS cable

Supports component activation allows for full actual data access read/ reset services, Light parameters, view/ change block learn values are there in Contains added data types such as 0B and 0D provides for automation in transmission contains basic settings such as via and change module defaults car stereo and central locking system present support code modules inbuilt DTC memory that reads and clears diagnostic codes engine diagnostic provides modification behavior on headlights immobilizer adaptations, immobilizer and alarm system present provides an automatic communication system for all control modules; function supported such as fault codes, Security access and adaptations and output tests and basic settings compatible USB drivers with the latest PCs that use Fresco Logic USB3 chip-sets supports steering calibration, CAN, Petrol, Gas and Diesel with additional tools such as Throttle body that reads and clears its faults and programs its modules users are also able to access all diagnostic-capable vehicle systems including in automobiles not protected by generic OBD-II and EOBD because it uses the manufacturers’ protocol commands. VCDS software can be used as either as either a software or hardware package and also a user can build his interface hardware.

VCDS to a larger extent can be used in interfacing cars that use generic OBD-II and EOBD protocols which allow for minimal diagnostics.

The computer requirements for VCDS The computer should run Microsoft Windows, a laptop, Netbook or tablet computers are the best for its proper functionality.

The computer should have at least 500 MHz Pentium- 2 or AMD equivalent with the RAM’s 28 MBshould use operating system of Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7 to10 USB interface of at least 1 GZ Pentium II with RAM’s 256 MBwith a strong machine that can support the preferred operating system.

The screen resolutions should range from 640 X 480 to 800 x 600 is recommended VCDS software is not supported by windows with visualized environment such as Virtual PC on MAC.

Consequently, VCDS will not work with PCs with specs lower than the recommended. VCDS required less than 100 MB of disk space making storage a nonissue.

How to get started with VCDS…

Importance of User Manual It is important to read the users manual so as you not by any chance screw things up. Follow the instructions which will help your install the cable drivers and VCDS software connect the cable to the PC after turning it on Use the end of the cable and plug in your car’s diagnostic port and when the green LED on the cable lights up, it shows that the cable is connected properly.

Once this is done, you become responsible for your car. It is advisable to copy the vehicle’s current coding and save to a text file before making any changes.

V/W and Audi vehicles have dozens of different control modules that exist, with newer cars having more modules.

With VCDS, you can you can automatically determine which modules are installed in a particular car and can also perform an auto scan of those modules making the auto scan quicker.

During the auto scan, VCDS is capable of cycling through the open controller and fault codes screens for each controller before going back to the Auto scan. On completion, clicking on the control modules opens fault codes that allow you to do away with them.

VCDS can perform varied common vehicle specific diagnostic procedures which include; TDI timing checker Automatic vehicle transmission Xenon Headlamp adjustment service Interval Reminder that includes oil mileage interval, the mileage service interval and the service time interval Performing Throttle Body Alignment (TBI) How to code new Airbag (SRS) controller after installation stresses on how to lower or raise the zero position for the level control module in VW or Audi vehicles provides explanation on what fuel does and its role in our vehicles These with others appropriate procedures should be done after referring to a factory repair manual.


The VCDS software is available at affordable prices of approximately $249- $699 which is cheaper compared to most of the valuable electronic diagnostic components which are only available to approved dealers such as the VAS 505 X series diagnostic tools.

With VCDS, various small independent repairing outlets perform some paramount tasks that your vehicle may need.

VAG-COM Diagnostic System
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10 Responses to VAG-COM Diagnostic System

  1. I have used vag diagnostics ltd before, but have a question,. We own an Android vag diagnostics unit. It can read ross tech error codes no issues. But shows error when coding. Is something incorrect with the unit or need to get genuine ross tech cable?

  2. There are few function missing in vag diagnostics ltd kit, but still useful for general audi/Volkswagen/seat diagnostics. Works on Win 10, vag diagnostics ltd plugs into computer, drivers install from vag included software.

  3. I bought vag diagnostics because it was recommended over other vag based choices. It was able to turn off the annoying fog light when cornering. I was assured that this model would do this for my 2015 SEAT Leon – but it doesn’t. Although worked on sisters 2017 Audi a5.

  4. I need vag scan tool for Seat car as I need to do the throttle adaptation & other basic component settings. Might even give the RPM slight touch up or changed few data parameters depending on the tune part of the seat diagnostic software.

  5. My 2009 VW Jetta has need to be checked for it’s safety. I have to buy a vag diagnostics ltd (Alibaba Express) diagnostic system.

    It is not available for treatment-related issues of the system like ABS, security airbags, and so on. So I’m look at vag-com diagnostics by Ross Tech.

  6. Got the vag diagnostics ltd. A working product. I got it in 10 days from Australia, from total car diagnostics. It’s working on 2010 Skoda with the abs and traction light on I use the VCDS software and vagcom scan the code and found out was a problem with the rear wheel sensor change the sensor and erase the code very easy and simple

  7. Greetings will the vag diagnostics ltd cable you’re advertising, will it work so a throttle body adaptation can be performed? Application is for a 1999 Audi A4 2.8L. Friend got it working on 2005, but that’s way of from 1999, so like to know.

  8. I was looking for vag com 12.12.0, however realize the scan tool and software is outdated by now. Also found ver 12 doesn’t support coding. So got the latest from totalcardiagnostics (ver 20 as of writing this, and long coding works properly).

  9. i have a esp problem on the dash it started when i purchased the car the dash light would come on and off if u were to drive at night half the dash would light up and go of again i decided to find one on ebay tryed it and it wouldnt start. i put back the original one back the car started the steering wheel u couldnt move which was stiff i manage to get it home the steering was hard to drive for nine miles it free it self but on the way home the eps light was on after finding out that the imomobilier was on the clocks , ive had a few replacement on the car brakes calipers and disc including sensor still the same problem

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