Things to Know While Buying and Using Vag-Com

Things to Know While Buying and Using Vag-Com

Car diagnostic tools are becoming very popular these days because they work like a professional mechanic while identifying the problems in your vehicle.

Vag-Com is a kind of auto diagnostic kit that allows you to know the problems in your car, which you can remove as soon as possible to get it again in full working condition.

In this way, it helps you in repairing your car yourself instead of running to the mechanic even for minor repairs. It also helps you to know the status of your car so that you can make changes to improve its running condition efficiently and safely. In this way Vag-Com improves the life of your vehicle along with saving lots of money. The information provided in this write-up will help you in knowing this car diagnostic device more closely.

Introduction with Vag-Com

You should exactly understand Vag-Com and its working before buying it. You should know certain things about the working of your car and OBD to understand this diagnostic tool.

The abbreviation OBD is used for On Board Diagnostics that means the diagnosis of the problems in your car even while it is running. The tools used for this purpose provide report regarding any kind of problem related to the dashboard of the vehicle along with the status of the vehicle even while it is running properly. It means that OBD describes all the information regarding the lights and other accessories available on your dashboard. It tells you what is happening in your car and what needs to be repaired or replaced by checking it from its engine lights to brake light and so on. It will not be easy for you to know such problems without using an OBD tool unless you have to stop on roadside due to some breakdown.

Moreover OBD is supported by a particular set of guidelines provided by the manufacturers of the cars. Most of the recently manufactured cars comply with the standards of OBDII for the purpose of diagnostic reporting.

Normally, instead of drivers, such diagnostic tools are used by the manufacturers as well as mechanics to know what is going wrong in the vehicle and how it can be corrected. When something goes wrong in a car then all of its parts must report the status of their performance in the form of fixed error codes as per the standards of OBDII instead of the model of the car. These error codes also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes are numbers containing four digits that can help in knowing current condition of the vehicle by learning to read them by plugging in the OBDII connector provide in most of the modern vehicles.

Now after understanding OBD it will be easy for you to understand what Vag-Com is. It is a diagnostic tool which can be used with OBDII connector to get the code if the problem in your vehicle along with getting useful insights and instructions by using a software. It enables the car owner to use the power which is normally used by the mechanics.

Tips to buy Vag-Com

While buying Vag-Com you should keep in mind that it is available online with various packages all of which may not be suitable for you.

For example, earlier RossTech used to provide commercially used package of Vag-Com. Though it was a great package but most of the people could not buy it due to its higher price of $600.

Originally it was made particularly for the owners of the vehicle of Volkswagen Group and for this reason its name included Vag. On the other hand you can also get various cheap alternatives coming from various countries like China. You can find number of them at a very low price of $10 if you search for Vag-Com on search engines or on the sites of online merchants like Amazon or eBay etc. but if you are buying a diagnostic tool for the complete diagnosis of your car then you are recommended to buy Vag-Com instead of those cheap alternatives as their compatibility with your vehicle can be doubtful.

Importance of diagnosis of total car

In order to understand the importance of total car diagnosis should compare both types of diagnostic tools. The cheap models can be equally good to that offered by RossTech for the starters as the chip used in the cheap models is the same. But it was provided by a third party whose motive was to save money instead of providing quality. The quality of a system is more important to provide accurate results if the software and hardware of the two systems is exactly same.

Moreover the total car diagnostic system of Vag-Com can be used for any type of car regardless of its brand as it is highly flexible and uses universally recognised standards of OBDII. Along with it Vag-Com can find as well as suggest solutions for the problems in your car anytime as it reports for more than 17,000 different types of issues. The software used in it is not only easy to use but can also be used instantaneously. It repays the value of your money by helping you in identifying the problems in your car even if you are not familiar with it.

Tips to use Vag-Com

The usage of Vag-Com is easy. Initially you will have to connect main device to the OBDII connector of your car by plugging in it. Though it is very easy but if you find it difficult then you can consult the manual provided with it by the manufacturer.

After plugging it in you will have to combine the device with the Bluetooth of your computer. It will help the Vag-Com to send four digits Diagnostic Trouble Code to your computer for you to read. If you do not know how to read these codes even then you should not worry as you can install a relevant software on your computer to help you in this regard.

Thus, Vag-Com scan tool is a very useful car diagnostic tool which can inform you about wide variety of problems that can happen in your car even while it is working normally.

Things to Know While Buying and Using Vag-Com
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