The Future of Tyres

The Future of Tyres

When thinking of safety and functionality  of a vehicle, it’s just as important to have a look at the tyres.

Like every part of the automotive industry, tyre manufacturers are working hard to meet the demands of today’s drivers. First and foremost , products need to be safe, functional, eco­ friendly and affordable, while manufacturers still need to turn a profit Innovation is key, and a number of manufacturers are leading the way across all categories.

Structural changes like three-dimensional block design improve stability at high speeds, whereas changes in materials can reduce environmental impact and improve mileage.

Twin air chambers and self-inflating tyres can prevent unwanted tyre changes on the edge of busy motorways , and reduce blowout related traffic  accidents.  It’s creative design like this from research and development teams around the world that  is fostering a competitive and ever-changing industry.

It is important that drivers are aware of the options that are available to them, as there is no such thing as a one tyre fits all solution . Every car is different, and every driver uses their car differently. Everything from average speed to the surface you leave your car parked on should affect your tyre purchasing decision.

According to David Basha, National Marketing Manager at Kumho Tyres Australia , changes in the way tyres are produced are ongoing and this is saving money and lives.

“When people think about changes in the way cars are being improved they usually look at the cosmetic appearance of the car alone,” he explained .

“But the tyres hitting the market now are using the same technologies and innovations as the race cars on international racetracks. As an example we’ve just released a tyre, the PS91, which has super high performance capabilities and mimics a racecar tyre but has been tailored for Australian roads. ”

David’s advice is to research the options , invest in the safety of you and your passengers, and enjoy your car the way it was designed to be enjoyed; with the optimum set of tyres fitted.

The Future of Tyres
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