Professional Grade OBD-II Code Readers Are Not In The App Store

Professional Grade OBD-II Code Readers Are Not In The App Store

There is something grand about modern technology. In today’s world, you could have a smartphone in your pocket that is more powerful than the whole lot of 1990s computer systems.

In fact, some of the latest models are more powerful than even entry level laptops. You’re going to find that power is the name of the game when it comes to mobility.

Now, let’s consider that notion in regards to vehicles. When you buy a brand new car, you are going to find that there are a lot of things that are standard.

There’s a lot of standards that come with these things, that you would not get any other time.

Consider just 20 years ago, and you’ll find that the newest vehicles had some great tuning.

However, they pale in comparison with options that are available today.

Today, you are going to find that there are a lot of solutions that have full blown computer systems inside of them.

That includes GPS, as well as satellite receivers, and even internet. That’s right, there are options that come with wireless internet protocol, standard.

Imagine surfing the web in your own car, instead of having to find a coffee shop or anything along those lines.

This is a great time to be alive, but you’ll find that with high tech, comes a lot of issues as a result.

When it comes to owning a car and making sure that you maintain the car over time, you will need to figure out what mechanics are using to diagnose issues.

Take your modern car to a dealer, and they’ll use a code reader to figure out what is wrong. These are usually attached to laptops, or even mobile phones.

However, when you break down software and solutions that are supposed to help you see what is going on with your car, you’ll find that OBD II code readers and scanners are absolutely great to utilize.

What To Avoid When Dealing With Code Readers

Now, you may be interested in purchasing one of the many OBD options out there.

However, when you search for these, you’re going to get hit with a lot of Apps in all mobile stores.

Whether you have an Apple product or an Android model, you’ll find that apps that are supposed to figure out what is wrong with your car are all over.

The thing is, they aren’t as good. In fact, many people consider the apps that you’ll find today, as “child’s play” in comparison to the best OBD II solutions.

As you break down the options that are available today, you have to take into consideration that apps are limited in features, reach, and may not even be compatible with your car.

This is not obvious at first glance.

Avoid anything that is only within the app store, as you’ll have to purchase separate things to help you read the right options within your car.

You also want to avoid readers that are cheap, and don’t work with the software that you have on your laptop.

If you go with something inexpensive, and hasn’t been updated in a while, you may not get anything moving forward.

That’s something that is definitely worth considering overall. Make sure that whatever you decide to buy has up to date information.

Reviewing The Modern OBD Solutions

Perhaps the best thing that you can do is look for modern options that have a lot of reviews. There’s a lot of different options to consider on the market today.

These options are definitely interesting to consider. Searching for OBD solutions can give you a lot of solutions, but you need to look for honest reviews.

To do this, make sure that you read more than just the product pages for these online. Look for solutions that are found within blogs, forums, and specialty stores.

You want to look for things that don’t have rave reviews. Rave reviews are interesting, in that they are either honest or they are being paid for.

The problem with paid reviews is that they don’t really focus on the right things. They don’t really focus on the bells and whistles that come with you would expect form an advanced reader.

When you break down reviews, look for honest options that are not overtly positive, but aren’t negative either.

There should be a balancing act in regards to this. If you are reading reviews and people are all jovial about the product, and don’t really talk about the features, then you know it’s not a legitimate review.

People that use these things will tell you exactly how and why they used them, and whether or not they worth your time.

Testing The Options

When looking for OBD II code readers, make sure that you test out several. Look at purchasing from a store that allows you to return options overall.

Testing these will help you determine whether or not your car is compatible with the reader that you want to use.

It’s easy to get caught up with the wrong options, and end up without a return. Take your time, focus on finding solutions that are in fact compatible with your car.

When in doubt, look for forums, reviews, and more that speak about compatibilities overall.

If you find that you find one solution that is better over others, then stick with it. Remember, you want to look for something that works, is updated often, and has some support behind it.

There’s nothing worse than buying technology that doesn’t work, or isn’t updated. You’ll find that this can cause you a great deal of stress, especially if your car doesn’t send the right codes moving forward.

Overall, it’s easy to find OBD apps, but remember, they are not going to be as good as standalone solutions.

If you’re going to really check your cars diagnostics on a professional level, mobile apps are NOT as good.

They just aren’t. Test out commercial grade solutions and you’ll definitely be glad.

Apps aren’t going to help you out with many of today’s most common makes and models.

Professional Grade OBD-II Code Readers Are Not In The App Store
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