Must Have Car-Related Equipment and Accessories

Must Have Car-Related Equipment and Accessories

A huge number of car-related accessories, gadgets and equipment are designed to make the life of a motorist easier. Some of these products achieve this goal. However, many more inferior products enter the market but provide very little value for car owners. Continually buying the latest car products often ends up being a waste of money. However, there are certain car accessories and equipment every car owner should having in their vehicle.

Car Diagnostics Tools

Computers are playing a bigger role in how cars operate. This means they need other computers or software to detect and fix any problems that occur inside a car. A wide range of affordable car diagnostics tools are currently available. These diagnostics tools can be used by motorists, car experts and car related businesses to detect, identify and recommend repairs for a huge number of car components.

However, the old adage ‘buyer beware’ is particularly true when it comes to these types of products. It’s estimated that 99% of cheap, imported scanning devices you find on websites like eBay only support half the data higher end products like the ELM 327 USB car scanner supports.

This scanner is faster, detects more problems, is more accurate and is more secure than the imports being sold online for less than $15. It’s compatible with almost every type of car and is easy to operate. You simply connect the ELM 327 device to your car and a laptop that runs a high quality OBD software system such as TOAD (Total OBD and ECU Auto Diagnostics). The interface displays information about the status of every component in your car. If it detects a problem, it notifies the user and recommends a solution. This is an extremely powerful way to take control of the maintenance of your car and has the potential to greatly reduce the cost of car repairs.

Jump Leads

A flat car battery is a common problem most motorists have experienced at one time or another. You may have forgotten to turn off your lights when you parked your car and now it won’t start. This often happens at the most awkward times when you’re in a hurry.

The quickest way to start your car and recharge your cars battery is to use jump leads. You will also need the help of another car. Jump leads are probably the most basic type of car accessory available, but they are often the most important. Essentially they’re two thick cables with clips at both ends of each cable. One cable is marked ‘negative’ and the other is marked ‘positive’.

Tire Changing Equipment and Tire Pressure Gauge

Punctures are another unwanted car-related problem that occur at the most inconvenient times. Without the proper equipment you won’t be able to change the wheel affected by the puncture until you get help from someone else. This problem gets worse if you’re driving in an isolated or dangerous area and need to change the puncture quickly.

Always make sure you bring a jack and tire changing tools with you on at all times, especially when you’re taking long journeys. The main tire changing tools you need include the jack and tire iron. Also check that you have an appropriate spare wheel in case of emergencies. Finally, your car’s tires should be checked regularly. A range of portable tire pressure gauges are available that make this job easier and more convenient.

Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker Tool

Safety should be a priority when you own a car. The possibility of being involved in a serious road accident is low. However, you should always include accessories that will help you if the worst happens. When you’re in a car crash, every second counts and the way those involved react can be the difference between life and death.

Seatbelts are installed in cars to improve safety. However, in some circumstance they have the opposite effect and trap a person in a crashed car. If you can’t release the seatbelt quickly, it can have serious repercussions for the person trapped by the seatbelt. A range of small seatbelt cutters are available that are easy to store in a car and extremely effective if this were ever to occur in the future.

Sometimes when a crash occurs, you may only be able to exit through a window. However, most car windows are extremely difficult to break. Occupants of a car could sustain more serious injuries doing this. Window breaker tools are designed to safely break a car window in an emergency. This tool is also small and easy to store. It’s often combined with a seatbelt cutter into one multi-purpose safety tool.

Dashboard Video Camera

Most accidents occur quickly so you don’t always have the time to know exactly what happened during such an incident. What actually happened is often one person’s word against another. If an accident goes to court, the facts can often become blurred and you could lose a case for an accident you did not cause.

However, installing a dashboard video camera will remove any uncertainty surrounding an accident or other driving related incidents. These cameras give you an accurate recording of crashes, dangerous driving or other dangerous situations you may find yourself in while you’re on the road.

With hundreds of car-related products available, it can be difficult to know what is important and what’s not. The most important items every car owner should have include safety items, products that make repairs easier and products that help you react quickly if any problems occur while you’re driving your car.

Must Have Car-Related Equipment and Accessories
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