Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Most Fuel Efficient Cars

When it comes to finding the most fuel efficient cars, the question becomes more complicated when you consider the different hybrids and other variations that have appeared on the market in recent years. The most economical cars today are generally the ones that have incorporated new technology that adds different elements to the traditional gasoline engine.

You can divide the most fuel efficient cars into two basic categories, those with all-gas engines and hybrids that use a gas engine and batteries to power the vehicle. There are all-electric cars as well as the new hydrogen fuel cell engines that may revolutionize the industry, but until both versions become as practical and affordable as gas powered or hybrid vehicles, most people will continue to buy these two versions for their needs.

Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars under $25,000

There are still plenty of gas-powered-only vehicles that are the best MPG cars on the road today, so choosing one while saving money on the purchase price creates the best combination of fuel efficiency and economy. What follows are the five best that include their combined highway/city MPG.

– Hyundai Veloster: 30 MPG
– Subaru Legacy 2.5i: 30 MPG
– Nissan Altima 2.5 Sedan: 31 MPG
– Kia Forte LX Sedan: 31 MPG
– Mazda3 SV 4-Door: 34 MPG

Each of these vehicles is far less than $25,000 and they still offer plenty of zip and room for your driving pleasure.

Top 5 Best MPG Cars

Of course, hybrid vehicles still offer the best in fuel efficiency, particularly the latest models which have really increased the amount of mileage that can be obtained. Here are the top five presented in reverse order according to their combined highway/city fuel mileage.

– Chevrolet Volt: 99 MPG
– Nissan Leaf SL: 106 MPG
– Ford Focus Electric: 107 MPG
– Mitsubishi i-MiEV SE: 111 MPG
– BMW i3 Giga: 139 MPG

While each of these vehicles are very fuel efficient, they are also considerably more expensive than their all-gas engine counterparts which do get considerably less fuel mileage.

Top 5 Fuel Efficient Sports Cars

The sports car or roaster is a very popular vehicle that combines a potent engine in a lightweight frame. While sporty in nature, there are several of these vehicles that deliver considerable fuel mileage. Here are the five best, most fuel efficient sports cars in reverse order.

– Mini Cooper S: 30 MPG
– Hyundai Veloster: 31 MPG
– Fiat 500 Sport: 33 MPG
– Fiat 500c Pop: 34 MPG
– Honda CR-Z EX: 35 MPG

Each of these vehicles performs admirably and offers excellent fuel mileage while retaining its sporty characteristics.

In the end, finding the most fuel efficient cars starts with looking at the type, size and price of vehicle that you can afford and then looking for the one that has the highest miles per gallon. You may find that the difference of one or two MPG is really not worth the purchase as the other models are simple better for your needs.

Most Fuel Efficient Cars
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