Hacking Your Car For Maximum Performance

Hacking Your Car For Maximum Performance

When you purchase a vehicle you will find that there are a set of standards that come with it. This includes the interior, and under the hood. You will find that all the elements are basic to say the least. Even if you bought a sports model, you will find that the manufacturer has a set element in regards to the engine, the dashboard, and performance overall. You can drive with this set of standards in place, but you will find that these standards can be hacked. That’s right, you’re going to find that hacking your system is a lot easier overall.

Computer Terms

Let’s first consider computer terms. You may have heard of hackers already. These are usually negatively portrayed in media. When you break this down, you’ll find that there are a lot of nefarious individuals that steal credit card information, and much more. You’re going to find that this is fascinating in regards to computing. However, when it comes to cars, you may not exactly know it’s all about. In order to fully understand this, you need to consider what white hat and black hat options.

White hat is a good solution, in which people use their skills to help with breaking nefarious rings of code, destructive issues online and much more. Aside from the white hat options, you’ll find that there are black hat options. The black hat solutions are negative. These are the hackers that are going to try and steal your information. Hacking doesn’t always mean a bad thing, sometimes it’s a positive thing. It’s all in the motives and results.

Car Terms

Now, in regards to cars, you’re going to find that hacking is mentioned in relationship with chiptuning. This is something that you’re going to want to look into if you want an upgrade with your car’s standards. Your car right now only gets a certain amount of miles per gallon. It only goes to a certain speed, and much more. These are ok, but if you want to max them out, you’ll need to tune things differently. In the 90s there was a change in the way that companies made cars. They put in chips into the engine so that it run a certain manner. Now, you could go all your life and not know anything about this. Many people do. Many people don’t realize that there’s a computer system in their cars. The more complex this has become, the harder it is to fix, and even update. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to do so, it just means that you are going to find that it’s difficult if you’re not aware of what this is or how to get through it.

The Mechanic Side

There are some mechanics that will help you with chiptuning. They may charge you quite a bit, however. The costs associated with having a professional do anything with your car is going to be quite pricey. The reason why this costs so much is because you have to deal with the computer systems in place. The computing elements that are found within the vehicles that are driven today, finances can be rough. You’ll end up spending several thousand dollars in regards to getting this done. Now, there are things that you can do to help you fix things correctly.

If you’re going to go with a hack that improves your car, you’re going to possibly use a kit to fix things up. This will help you take the standards that are within the make and model of your automobile and turn it up quite a bit. Turning this up will give you better performance overall. This is important for sure, but remember, there are some tradeoffs to this, as you aren’t just changing a few numbers or anything at all.

The Trade Off

The major trade off of to this solution is in regards to gasoline and other things you put in under the hood. You’ll need to spend a great deal of money because you cannot go with regular unleaded. You need to go with premium offerings, as well as update the oil, and other fluids under the hood. If you don’t work with these upgrades, you run the risk of blowing out the engine, or misfiring one of the pistons. The tradeoff here is more maintenance, more attention to the finer details, and more money spent on gas.

Some people may not think that this is worthwhile, but it’s important to understand this is a tradeoff that helps. Your car will run faster, smoother, and without worry. However, you’ll need to treat it a bit better overall. This trade off won’t be a disaster, it’s just a matter of keeping your vehicle in tip top shape. Done right, this will improve your MPG, and much more. Done wrong, and you’re going to ruin your vehicle’s performance.

Is Chiptuning Worthwhile?

It’s easy to say that this is not worthwhile. Many people don’t want a better car solution, because they are stuck with status quo. However, if you have spent a great deal of money on a high performance car, you want to make sure that you are running at top shape. That means that you’ll need to hack things a bit. You can’t do this without working on tuning things differently. The chiptuning solution can be done with a kit. The kit gives you instructions and pieces to modify the engine’s tuning, so that you can move forward with relative ease.

At the end of the day, you’re going to need to figure out whether or not you want to run your car at the very best possible, or if you’re ok with standard elements. Think of it like a computer RAM upgrade. You can work fine with the entry level options, but with a little upgrade, you could very well be running at high efficiency, and power. This is a great thing. There’s no other options that work quite as well as tuning the chips. Sure, you can have additives and better fuel, but you’ll need to modify the proverbial brain of the automobile.

Hacking Your Car For Maximum Performance
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