Hacking Car Performance Is Easier Than You Think

Hacking Car Performance Is Easier Than You Think

There are a lot of people that have purchased cars in the past decade and are fine with the performance. But there are some individuals that are looking at this, and are not so happy with how things have turned out. They assume that they can be going faster, with improved gas mileage and more. Hacking car performance is something that may spring into the mind, but overall, few people invest in it. Those that do invest, find themselves going faster, with better gas mileage, and overall performance. If that’s something that appeals to you as a driver, then it’s imperative that you look into how to really hack into the system of your vehicle.

The Normal Maintenance Route

It’s important to understand that anything done from ECU chip tuning to just minor maintenance and updates, requires a bit of work. You cannot just wake up one day and decide to have this done and that’s it. You’ll need to rethink how you’re going to drive and what the wear and tear of your vehicle may entail. When you modify anything to the manufacturers’ settings, there is a tradeoff. That comes with more than just driving your regular routine. Some people forget this, and end up dealing with a variety of issues as a result.

The normal maintenance of your vehicle is important, as much as any changes that you make. If you’re going to go this route, make sure that you at least have a few things in place. For instance, change the oil at the appropriate juncture. For the most part, people are recommended to get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the make and model of their automobile. Aside from that, you’ll want to use the proper gas type, and of course inflate the tires to an appropriate level. Under inflated tires messes with the MPG, and the systems of the vehicle at large.

Aside from normal maintenance, you can hack the system in your vehicle through the chips that are in the engine. While most modern cars have this, some older vehicles have this as well, but it all is a matter of balancing normal wear and tear with maintenance elements that you shouldn’t neglect. If you have neglected taking care of the parts of your car, then a hack will not work. But if you’ve been diligent about the care and maintenance of the auto, then you’re ready to seek out a solution that could very well give you abettor overall performance.

Hacking Technology

To understand what ECU chip tuning is, you’ll want to first think about how a computer works. When you purchase an entry level computer, you will have a motherboard with several pieces that can connect to it. Most people purchase an entry level solution, then upgrade the RAM chips. This is the memory processors, and can help with performance. This is a simple solution that the motherboard can handle, and can be updated by a novice as well as an expert. Once these are installed, the chips help maintain faster speeds, and more overall structure.

The same idea that goes into a RAM upgrade can go into a regular vehicle. You will find that modern cars after the 1996+ have a chip set that can be hacked. Now, this is not hacking the traditional sense. This doesn’t’ mean that you will be writing software or anything like that. Instead, you’re going to be focused on improving the performance of the car through a change in the overall computer elements of the vehicle.

The changes can be done through purchasing a chip tuning kit. These kits give you several components that you can update, and upgrade, as well as ensure that things can be returned to normal manufacturer settings. This may seem complex, but when you buy a kit, you’ll have all the components that you need. Just follow some simple instructions and you’ll be all set to move forward.

Upgrading Elements

When you upgrade your car’s ECU chips, you’ll find that you can go faster, further, and without worry about MPG fails. Your MPG will rise, and your speed will seem smoother overall. The downside for some, however, is the fact that you’ll need to be vigilant about the fluids in your vehicle. You need to make sure that you have all major fluids in place, and that they don’t dip too low. Other than that, you’ll need to also look into getting better gasoline. You cannot just put any old option into the car if you’re going to change the performance of the automobile.

If you change the performance settings, and you want to get better overall, you’ll need to add premium gasoline as the engine will need it. If you don’t change this, your engine could fire off at the wrong time, causing damage to the pistons and more. There are a lot of vehicle owners that have burned their engine or have caused problems because they didn’t switch to premium gasoline after trying to hack the system.

System hacks like this are possible because the manufacturers of cars don’t set the interior chips to maximum. They set them to an agreed upon standard, but there is room for improvement. There is a way to overclock the computing elements and allow for above average performance. This is left in place by the automobile industry, in case modifications and fixes need to be made. The average consumer doesn’t care about this, which is why many won’t modify anything and will just hit the open road.

For car enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their machines, this is a great way to do it. You’ll find that it’s easy to do with a kit, and you can get maximum performance through just a simple changeover. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you are vigilant about the maintenance of your vehicle, and don’t just assume you’re turning things into a Nascar racer. That’s not really what this type of hack does. However, if you want better gas mileage, and performance overall, then ECU chip tuning is the way to go.

Hacking Car Performance Is Easier Than You Think
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