Benefits Of Cold Air Intake

Benefits Of Cold Air Intake

One of the most common and cheap performance upgrade in auto tuning is the cold air intake. It is said that a high performance air intake can boost your car’s horsepower between 5 and 10 percent. The benefits of cold air intake in cars has been a debate among car enthusiast for many years now.

So How does cold air intake give your car the benefits of better performance and gas/petrol mileage?

The main part of the air intake system is its metal or plastic intake tube and conical filter with many grooves and folds designed to draw in air in all directions. It delivers cooler air directly to the engine and the more oxygen your engine gets, the better the combustion. Cold air means more power and when the engine runs at cooler temperature, it has a longer lifespan and prevents overheating.  A well designed and engineered cold air intake means better performance and more mileage. It also enhances the look of your car`s engine bay and comes with different colors, size, style and designs to match your engine compartment.

A standard intake system tend to be restrictive in order to reduce engine noise and maximum air filtration thus sacrificing engine power and efficiency making you open the throttle more when accelerating. It is also disposable and requires replacement every time you do your car scheduled maintenance.

Another benefits of Cold Air Intake system is that they last longer and only requires re-oil and cleaning once every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Performance cold air intake filters are very durable and has an average lifespan of 1-3 years.

Because more air passes to through the engine, it will give a roaring sound every time you accelerate fast that most car enthusiast will love and enjoy.

When choosing the right performance air filter for your car, you should take in to account that it might void your car`s manufacturer warranty. Different manufacturers will offer different levels of warranty and insurance so make sure you ask your dealer first before making any changes to your car parts.

Most of the cold air intake systems are sometimes sold with the dealer with extensive warranties and engineered to a specific vehicle design and easy to install and are street legal.

The benefits of cold air intake system are usually felt at lower revs on initial launch with a noticeable throttle response. But be mindful that it depends on the type of engine and the type of weather you are living. Hot weather climate usually benefits from this system.

This video explains more about the cold air intake process…

Benefits Of Cold Air Intake
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  1. Cold air intakes is generally affordable modification (commonly few hundred dollars) and simpler to install than most aftermarket engine modifications. No, they won’t add quite as much horsepower as other engine mods, but they will help boost engine output nevertheless.

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