31 Genius Ways to Making Your Car Look Like NEW Again

31 Genius Ways to Making Your Car Look Like NEW Again

Remember the way that your car looked when you first took it home from the dealership? That new car smell, dust-free dashboard, and spotless carpet- chances are your car has not looked like that in quite some time! We’ve got some good news though. With our car cleaning hacks, you’ll be cleaning your car like you have never cleaned your car before. These tips won’t just help you deep clean your car like a pro but will also help you save some cash.

Let’s Get Started
Make sure that both you and your car are prepared. There’s a reason the professionals work under strict conditions!

Park in the shade – You do not want the hot sun beating on your car as you are cleaning, especially because any water you put on your car will evaporate much  faster

Organise your supplies – Save time by making sure that everything you need is set up and ready to go

Don’t forget to close your windows – Especially when working with cleaning materials, you do not want to get those in your interior

Retract your antenna – It is quite easy to bend or break your antenna if you are not paying attention

Have your windshield wipers up – Make sure that they face away from the windshield. This ensures that you can clean the entire front window where lots of grease and dirt build up

How To Wash A Car – Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Car

You might know how to wash a car, but do you know how to wash a car like a professional? While the car’s interior is likely most important to you, the outside of the car is what everyone else is going to notice first.

1) Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Stuck Bugs from Your Car

You can use used dryer sheets to remove old bugs from your car. The power of dryer sheets in order to remove bugs from your car is impressive; just make sure that you spray down your car before you start wiping.

Use Dryer Sheets to Remove Stuck Bugs from Your Car

2) Use WD-40 To Loosen the Bugs

If you have left the bugs on for too long, chances are they are almost impossible to get off. WD-40 is an oily substance that will help remove the bugs more easily; use the spray can as instructed on the label, let sit for about 10 minutes and you should find that the bugs come off a tad more effortlessly. However, do not apply on your car windows or windshield.

Use WD-40 To Loosen the Bugs

3) Use Two Buckets – One for Soapy Water and One for Rinsing

This is a common mistake that you will never see the professionals make when hand washing a car. If you are rinsing the car with the exact same water that you have just used to soap it, chances are you are going to scratch the vehicle’s surface with the dirt that is now in the water. Also, using a clean rinse bucket will ensure that no soap or other residues are left afterwards.

Use Two Buckets – One for Soapy Water and One for Rinsing

4) Headlight Hack: Use Tooth Paste

If your headlights are not offering you a great deal of light anymore, use some regular toothpaste and rub it across the headlights with a cloth. This will help remove the cloudiness from your headlights.

Headlight Hack: Use Tooth Paste

5) Roll Down Your Windows Before You Begin Wiping Them with Glass Cleaner

Most people tend to forget that there is also grime atop their car windows;

this is dirt you cannot see if the window is not rolled down. Roll down your window to ensure that you get the entire window.

Roll Down Your Windows


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31 Genius Ways to Making Your Car Look Like NEW Again
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