10 Professional Automobile Scanners Reviewed

10 Professional Automobile Scanners Reviewed

Each day, the automotive industry comes up with something new like adjusting its productivity, lowering the consumption of fuel, detection of an error in the engine, considering weather conditions, accounting traffic, and much more.

Cars today are filled with different advanced technologies. And one of most useful innovations is the automobile scanners which helps in getting the complete details about the car, its general health, data codes and much more.

Automobile Scanner – An Introduction

An automotive scanner is an electronic tool that helps them in controlling the vehicles based on some programs and diagnosis. The scanner is an inner device that received various data codes along with other necessary information that helps in determining the health of the car.

The codes it comes with are also helpful at the time of fixing the vehicle. Through the scanners, the owners of the vehicles can look for an auto technician for repairing the problems in the vehicles rather than wasting bundles of money on the diagnosis.

Simple to operate, the scanners are the car computer devices or systems, which also advises the drivers automatically when there is something wrong with the car.

This automotive scanner is hardware that connects the onboard computer with the application on the computer regarding the vehicle. Through the car application, one can efficiently analyze every record of the car along with tips that are helpful for driving properly like safety belt error, fuel consumption indicator, possible ways to increase the lifespan of the car, etc.

The scanner helps the driver in knowing the vehicle with every minor to major information related to it.

Benefits of an Automobile Scanner:

A scanner is an automatic software that helps the user of the vehicle with various benefits. However, apart from all that, there are some other benefits of owning an automobile scanner.

  • Enables you to save money

Are you looking for a mechanic now and then for checking up your engine? Isn’t it costly? Indeed, this is genuinely adding bills to your pockets.

The automotive scanner is an excellent solution to all these. When you own a scanner, it means your car is going to carry out the diagnosis part on its own. This means you will not have to rush to the mechanic often for checking if there is any issue with your car.

Connecting the scanner would automatically inform you about any replacement, service, or damage if there with the car.

There are some of the issues of the car that can be handled on your own, and this can be possible only with the help of the scanner and not the mechanic.

Along with this, the scanners also help you with the exact issue with the car or the engine, which also helps you from the unwanted cost of repairs levied by the mechanics.

  • Helps you with serious problems

What do you think when the engine light warns you? There are two issues related to it.

The first is a warning that you should not drive the car anymore, while the second doesn’t come with such an emergency. However, without any scanner, you are sure to run for immediate repairs.

Only with a scanner, you would come to know through the codes whether you should run for direct maintenance and not use the car till that time.

Alternatively, use the car and make the fixing done some other time but not too late. The scanner helps in determining the problem and its severity for you to take better decisions.

Sometimes, some advanced scanners help in solving the issues on your own, which eliminates the chances of rushing to the mechanics immediately for a small reason.

  • A complete portable package

Many drivers prefer to check engine lights, especially, when they are traveling for long routes. Going on a road trip without that inevitably brings an end to your excitement as you wait for help with a broken car. The scanner helps you here also.

It provides you with particular codes while you are riding that would help you with the check engine light. It also comes with a tracking system that would indicate you the direction to the nearest repair shop for diagnosis.

The automobile scanners hence, are genuinely a complete portable package with sound peace of mind.

  • Increases the chances of self-fixing

Not every problem needs a mechanic hand to be fixed. Many issues can be handled at home on your own. However, without the scanner, you are sure to run to any mechanic and pay for it.

The scanner would help you with codes and other information with the help of which, you would be able to fix the issues on your own.

After knowing the defect from the scanner, you can also use Google to fix it as well. Hence, through scanners, you can also increase the chances of self-fixing for minor issues.

These are some of the benefits you can avail by getting an automobile scanner for your car. All you need to do is work on the codes that pop up, and you are done.

The scanners are getting much trendy due to the benefits it provides with. The market is full of a variety of automobile scanners, which come with different features and facilities which make them different from each other.

While some are the best for the old models, there are many that help in scanning the former as well as the newest vehicles.

Still confused for what automobile scanner to invest in?

Here are the top 10 scanners that are ruling the automobile world with their features that would help you in making your selection while window shopping on Amazon…




This automobile scanner ranks among the prime list on Amazon. The scanner comes with amazing features like exclusive design, helpful emission test, easy mil turn-off, extensive coverage, worry-free purchase, and much more, that makes it the best among the efficient scanners in the market.

Some attractive functions it carries include:

  • The scanner is capable of reading generic codes, manufacturer specific codes, and other pending codes
  • It is also capable of reading clear codes that are capable of detecting problematic codes as well as can turn-off the Check Engine Light
  • The user can also view live data, graphics, and other computer-based modules for getting the parameters
  • The facility of freeze frames is also available for detecting the DTC parameter
  • The scanner comes with the readiness status for a complete inspection
  • The scanner can also check the sensors of oxygen for knowing the efficiency of emissions and fuel
  • The scanner also comes with the information of the vehicle like the CINs, CVNs, and VIN

The product is available in different models that include TD300, TD309, AL201, Plus and Elite to select from.


2) TUREAL OBD2 Scanner


Are you new to automobile scanner? Then this is the perfect scanner that would help you learn how to use it and get into the details it comes with.

This model by Universe is not only a scanner but also a Car engine fault cord reader, error codes eraser and a car diagnostic tool too.

The scanner comes with features like easy to use, advanced compatibility, multifunction, professional outlook and lifetime possibility of updating.

Some of the prime attraction of the product includes:

  • Capable of working on OBD2, CAN and EOBD cars, both domestic and imported, minivans, and trucks
  • One clicks key for having a quick test of emission for checking the Check engine light
  • Can automatically clear the codes, reset the monitors and turn off the MILs
  • Capable of reading the freeze frame data that reveals the conditions of the engine like engine coolant, fuel trim, etc.
  • Advanced in EVAP system, battery voltage monitoring, O2 Sensor test, etc.
  • Can retrieve information about the vehicle like CVN, CIN, and VIN

The only thing to look after while using this scanner is that it cannot work on cars that are hybrid or electric, it would only work on battery with 12V, and the protocol needs to be of 16 PIN OBD II only.


3) AUTOPHIX Code Reader


Started with 4.5, this scanner from Autophix is an advanced auto scanner tool with a cost-effective price. The scanner carries attractive features like no more inspections and checks lights; no OBD2 function can be used for multiple brands, free updating service for a lifetime, etc.

The scanner comes with some functions that make it the best which includes:

  • The scanner is much reliable with a great play and plug-in interface
  • The scanner comes with a large LCD for easy reading
  • Inbuilt OBD-II Library of DTC
  • The OBDII cable doesn’t require any battery or power supply
  • The scanner is convenient and small in size to fit your palm
  • It also brings clear and readable codes like pending codes, generic codes, specific codes from manufacturers, etc. that help in quick reading

This is among the professional tools that help in quickly detecting and solutions of engine problems effectively.


4) JDiag Car OBD2 Scanner


Are you looking for something that is compatible with Android phones, iPad, and iPhones? The JDiag Car OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner is your perfect answer.

The scanning tools work effectively on Bluetooth and provide you with the ideal results with functions like FasLink Echo Smart Voice, Smog check, maintenance data, clear and readable CEL codes, Mode 6, DTC Lookup, and much more.

This enhanced diagnostics tool gives the user effective information and facilities.

Some of the additional features it serves you with includes:

  • Enhanced OBDII functions for your vehicle and monitors
  • APP with user free specifications for high-speed communication
  • Compatible with all the vehicles supporting protocols like ISO9141, KWP2000, CAN, J1850PWM and many more
  • Surrounding voice control to help you control all the APP diagnostic car through voice, make the fix, etc.
  • Free software updates for a lifetime with new parameters and bugs

When compared to other similar scanners, the scanner stands different among others like BlueDriver, BAFX, Veepeak, and many more.


5) TekKamp OBD2 Car Auto Scanner


Smart and cost-effective! This is what truly defines this scanner. This scanner by TekKamp provides with effective reading, erasing and solutions to have at home.

With humanized designed buttons, the tool provides with total comfort for competitive advantages that have amazing features.

Some of the unavoidable features it comes with include:

  • The scanner doesn’t require any batteries. Simply plug it in and begin with the scanning
  • The scanner is portable as can be carried anywhere, easy to operate as well as portable and small
  • The scanner is among the top general socket that is from the standard category
  • It comes with compatibility which can be compared with a wide range of protocols and scanners like CAN, J1850 VPM, J1850 PWM, KWP2000 and ISO9141
  • The monitor makes it easy for you to read the codes through the check engine light of the IM monitor
  • The scanner is certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE


This scanner has been much purchased and used by the people who look for quick home-based solutions for any faults.


6) HDE U480 CAN-BUS Scanner


If you are looking for 100 percent solutions to every minor and major problem, HDE U480 CAN-BUS Scanner is the best for you to invest in.

The scanner also comes with an additional benefit of having an extendable memory for which also delivers quick results. The scanner has come up with amazing reviews below from the users.

  • The scanner detects both minor and major issues which not only saves your hard-earned money but saves your time too
  • Simply carry out the diagnosis of the problem through dashboard codes that are effective for any vehicle like Audi, VW, Seat vehicles, SCODA, and many more
  • The results are delivered on an LCD display screen which makes reading crystal clear with 2 line
  • The scanner also adds facilities like the clearing of codes, turning off the check engine warning lamp, and another monitor status for resetting
  • Helps in retrieving the VIN on the vehicles from 2002 and above which support the Mode 9

Compare Xtool Universal, Autel AutoLink, OBD2 OBD, and many more, and you would come to know that HDE U480 CAN-BUS Scanner is the best to have in your car.


7) WiFi OBD2 Scanner


Best for scanner supporting iOS, Windows, and Android, this scanner is much awarded for the feature that it provides with 3000+ database codes.

The scanner helps in reading vital information like fuel pressure, speed, engine coolant temp, fuel consumption, engine RPM, Air intake temp, Mass air flow, intake manifold pressure, and much more.

Some of the unavoidable features it comes with include:

  • Accurate and intelligent scanning with effective OBDII Car Code Reader with higher quality generic and codes with a huge database
  • The scanner is easy to connect with devices like iOS, Windows, and Android with high performance as you start the car
  • The scanner comes with both paid and free Apps that are available for professional compatibility
  • The scanner works with upgraded versions and advanced features like short term fuel, vehicle speed, calculated load value, timing lights, long-term fuel trim, etc.
  • The scanner also provides with 100 percent satisfaction after the sales are made
  • Along with Bluetooth, the scanner also works effectively on Wi-Fi
  • The scanner brings to you the sensor data that is actual or current

This WiFi OBD2 Scanner with Chips brings to you protocols that are supported by vehicles like SAE J1850 VPW, ISO15765-4 CAN, ISO14230-4 KWP, and many more.

The chip it brings in comes with an expandable memory that adds to the advanced feature.


8) Foseal Car WiFi OBD2 Scanner


Wifi support, code reader adapter, and what not do this tool bring to you.

This improvised scanner introduces you to the whole new world of scanners for your vehicles like the calculated load value, air flow rate, oxygen sensor voltages, engine RPM, and much more to look for.

The scanner also serves with the quick ignition coil, O2 sensors, spark plugs, gas cap, and what not.

This scanner supporting devices like iOS and Android is filled with specifics like:

  • Improved with advanced certificates like EMC Certification, FCC Certification, ROHS Certification, etc.
  • The scanner helps you with clear trouble codes that are easy to read for both manufacturer specific codes and generic codes
  • This OBD fusion is much compatible with every device of Android and iOS
  • From old to new, the scanner works with every vehicle like Toyota, Audi Subaru, Chevrolet, BMW, Honda Mazda, Kia Benz, VW Ford, and many more
  • The scanner comes with sensor data for real-time that includes Engine RPM, Vehicle speed, timing lights, long-term fuel trim, absolute throttle position, etc.
  • Above all, the scanner comes with a warranty of 18 months with money back solutions for your car problems

This scanner comes with advanced solutions to your problems to avoid unnecessary repairs and helps in fixing them on your own with mechanic codes.


9) Autel AL301 AutoLink Fault Code Scanner


Considered to be the most powerful scanner, this one is also easy to use for those who don’t want to get into any complex process of using the scanners.

The scanner helps in clear and readable codes for solving any diagnostic trouble.

Whether your car model is based on the computers of 1996, or you are using the latest one in the market, Autel comes with compatibility with every kind of vehicle in just two steps.

Here are some surprising benefits of having one of the Autel scanners at your home.

  • Compatible with the old 1996 models as well as the latest ones too
  • Supports codes like pending codes, generic codes, particular manufacturer codes, etc.
  • Capable of reading, erasing and displaying DTCs, I/M monitor status, etc.
  • Quick and easy to use with merely a single plugin
  • Available in two different models namely AL301 and MD805 to select from according to your vehicle requirements

Compared to other competitive scanners like MaxiScan, Manfiter, Golvery, and many more, Autel comes with a comparable price too along with advanced updating facility which adds to invest in this scanner.


10) Portta OBD2 Car Scanner (Discontinued. Alternative is Total Car Diagnostics ELM327 WIFI)


We recommend Total Car Diagnostics ELM327 WIFI instead, as above product is discountinued. Last but not the least in the top ten list, Portta Scanner comes with excellent compatibility with both Bluetooth connection as well as Wi-Fi.

To the surprise of the users, the scanner also contains a mini Bluetooth option that is particularly included for the Android users.

Here are some of the essential reasons the customers prefer this scanner.

  • Clearing of troubling codes for turning off the MIL
  • Storing unique identifier with EEPROM
  • The setting of the CAN and filtering the commands
  • Quick and easy switching of fixed and variable CAN length messages
  • Sending remote frames of CAN
  • Removes the unwanted spaces for accurate data transmission from ECU responses
  • The setting of the maximum number of obtained responses


The only back point of this scanner is that it doesn’t support iOS systems which means, you cannot use it with devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. The scanner works best with tablets and Android phones. Also, while connecting, it is essential to keep the car turned on, or it would fail to connect.

Apart from all these, some other scanners that are also used by various users include Golvery Car WIFI Scanner, Eunavi Car Scanner, Yoolight Wireless Car Scanner, ZadaUS Car Scanner, TapOne Scanner, and many more.

The scanners come with different features as well as some common features that help you to select the scanner according to your vehicle and your requirements.

So, are you thinking of getting one Automobile scanner for your vehicle?

If yes, go through the specifications in the above list and invest in your favorite one!

10 Professional Automobile Scanners Reviewed
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