Top 5 Jaguar OBD Scanners

Top 5 Jaguar OBD Scanners

Jaguar OBD scanner

A good Jaguar OBD scanner can do a lot more than just read the codes on the instrument panel. In fact, it can diagnose a wide range of complex defects. This article will discuss some of the top models in this category. These scanners are easy to use and come with all the necessary hardware. Here are some of the best Jaguar OBD scanners to consider:

Toad Pro

A TOAD Pro Jaguar OBD scanner has the ability to read and record data in real-time from the ECU, transmission, and emissions systems. This helps you identify possible faults and repairs before they escalate into expensive repairs. The TOAD scan tool also records and saves live data for later analysis. Unlike other OBD scanners, the TOAD Pro Jaguar OBD scanner also supports all the latest emission standards.

The software included with the scanner allows technicians to connect their laptops to the car’s On-Board Diagnostics port. Once connected, they can download fault codes directly from the ECU. The memory function keeps the codes stored even if the scanner is unplugged. This scanner is compatible with nearly all models of cars. However, some manufacturers keep their private codes secret and encrypt their diagnostic data. Therefore, frequent updates are necessary. These updates are also available for commercial trucks and buses.

This scanner is easy to use and has a good price. It includes the latest software and supports updates. Using it on both PCs and MACs makes it compatible with multiple operating systems. The Toad Pro Jaguar OBD scanner is available at a very affordable price and comes with all necessary hardware. You will be able to scan the engine with the software without any hassle. A few users have reported crashes with TOAD Pro.

Autel MD802

The Autel MD802 Jaguar OBD scanner is a relatively affordable tool with easy-to-read screen and many features. It can erase various error codes and reset service, oil and brake lights. The device is compatible with both MAC and PC computers. The user manual is easy to read and includes a list of commonly encountered problems. If you’re looking for a high-quality Jaguar OBD scanner, the iCarsoft LR II is an excellent choice.

The Autel MD802 is a high-end OBD scanner for Jaguar vehicles. It performs deep system coverage and has advanced functions. Its multifunction features let you see and test vehicle information, and you can even clear trouble codes with one click. It’s a versatile tool for mechanics and DIY specialists. Its easy-to-use menu makes it easy for even novice users to use, and it’s equipped with an advanced one-click trouble code removal feature.

Another key feature is the software. The MD802 Jaguar OBD scanner supports 45 different manufacturers and offers convenient oil service reset functions. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty. The manufacturer also offers free updates for one year, which is a plus. However, some users may find the software a little confusing to install and update. In addition, the Autel MD802 Jaguar OBD scanner has issues with an external power source that may be hindering the scanning process.

iCarsoft i903

The iCarsoft i903 Jaguar obd scanner is an affordable and easy-to-use scanner that is capable of detecting many common and complex defects. It is also a fast code reader and clears a wide variety of error codes. It is highly affordable and comes with all the hardware required for its operation. This scanner is highly functional and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The iCarsoft i903 Jaguar obd scanner supports all types of cars and is compatible with all countries. However, it is essential that you know what your car makes and model is. If you don’t, it will be hard for you to diagnose problems in your Jaguar. In this case, you’ll need to check its OBD-II connector before purchasing the scanner.

Nexas ND602

The Nexas ND602 Land Rover and Jaguar OBD scanner is a highly capable diagnostic tool for the vehicles of both brands. Its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities cover more than 170 systems and features include fault codes and data stream reading. The ND602 can also erase trouble codes and perform oil service, battery registration, DPF regen, and EPB tests. It is compatible with many popular cars and is an excellent option for DIY car repairs.

Unlike other brands, the Nexas ND602 is compatible with almost every model of Jaguar since 1994. Its advanced features include OE-level diagnostics for all electronic systems. This scanner supports LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER, and JAGUAR vehicles from 1999 to 2018. It covers more than 100 ECU systems and has special functions to assist the user. The Nexas ND602 Jaguar OBD scanner is the best option for Jaguar owners and professionals who want to be able to perform diagnostics on their vehicles.


The XOBD Jaguar OBD scanner VAs tool is a car diagnostic scan tool that has been designed for the model of Jaguar and Land Rover. It connects to the OBDII connector to check the vehicle’s health and offers additional features. It also supports the Land Rover brand and all its lost teclas. In addition, the JLR VAS tool can also be used to diagnose vehicles by other manufacturers.

The XOBD Jaguar OBD scanner VAs tool is a hand held diagnostic scan tool developed for the vehicle’s OBD port. It connects to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and is powered by the vehicle. In addition to this, the tool is updated regularly with new functions and car models. A stand-alone key programming device was also developed for the model. It has the advantage of being upgradable online to support new functions and models.

Moreover, the JLR Vas Tool supports toggle between customer and tight tolerance modes. It also allows steering and chassis alignment. It can also perform language conversion for Navigation and KM systems. This tool has a display in English and Chinese. It supports pre-delivery inspection and the coding of brake system from 2010 to 2015. It also supports the most recent versions of Jaguar and Land Rover. It is a good choice for the Jaguar.

iCarsoft LR V2.0

If you want to save money and time, the iCarsoft Jaguar OBD scanner is the ideal choice. It can read and clear trouble codes on most systems, and it features the Print Data function, which lets you print out the diagnostic data. With this device, you can get the best diagnostic data for your car in seconds. Read on to learn more about the iCarsoft Jaguar OBD scanner V2.0!

This device works on all major vehicle systems, including Jaguar and Land Rover. It can read and clear trouble codes, reset traction warning lights, and parking sensor warning lights. The iCarsoft LR V2.0 also includes features to clear EPB/SBC trouble codes, read live data, and bled ABS brakes. It is an indispensable tool for car maintenance. This iCarsoft scanner will give you a peace of mind, and will make you a happy car owner.

The iCarsoft LR V2.0 is a professional vehicle diagnostic device that works on most 2001 and later European OBDII compliant PETROL and DIESEL vehicles. The iCarsoft LR V2.0 can also read trouble codes on most electronic systems. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for any novice to diagnose problems on any car, regardless of age. And the iCarsoft LR V2.0 is so easy to use that it will take just minutes to use.

Top 5 Jaguar OBD Scanners
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