Top 2 approaches to Jam GPS Tracking Devices

the single thing that may be certain with technology usually whilst advances, our privacy retreats. Many high tech products are excellent at spying, probing and prying our everyday motions and activities, and from now on it really is much easier than in the past for normal citizens to get into the game as well.

GPS monitoring technology is not any different. This technology allows businesses, parents and jealous ex-lovers to track our motions as easy as signing into a GPS monitoring system, and as inexpensive as a monthly cable services bill.

As an individual, how can you get the privacy right back? You will find 2 efficient methods for taking yourself off of the GPS radar grid.

1. Purchase a GPS Jamming Device

GPS Jamming products work off of the concept that if the signal cannot attain the GPS monitoring device, then no monitoring usually takes spot. GPS Jamming products work by delivering away a more powerful localized signal that effectively blocks the incoming monitoring data therefore the monitoring device cannot see the signal to be able to store the coordinates in to the device.

No monitoring information is then taped in device while there is absolutely nothing to record. GPS jamming products work within a small area and therefore are efficient in cars in jamming the signal to the automobile’s monitoring device, or they may be utilized on your individual jam any GPS device you will be holding (like a cell phone).

The main issue by using these products usually many localities ban the sale of the products because they are transferring indicators at frequencies that the FCC doesn’t like. And even though the unit are just with the capacity of a brief length, owning the unit is still prohibited.

It really is just like having radar detecting gear in localities which have managed to make it illegal. You’ll find locations online willing to offer these jamming products to anybody willing to use the threat of getting caught with one.

2. Utilize Good Old Tech

One other way to jam GPS indicators is to use good old fashioned technology… material foil. When you can find the cables in GPS monitoring device, it is possible to put the cables in a steel foil (aluminum foil or some other type of material foil) and you will be able to block much of the signal entering the unit.

The issue is that you have to know where in fact the GPS monitoring device is along with understand where in fact the antennae cables take the unit. If the device is in some hidden area of the vehicle, you may have some digging doing and discover it, plus it are hard to encase the cables in foil.

Sadly, the methods in which you regain your privacy regarding being tracked through GPS monitoring device. And even though your options are limited, they truly are efficient. The solution you employ to help keep your privacy are based on in your geographical area and the regional laws in your town.

Top 2 approaches to Jam GPS Tracking Devices
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