OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

The engine is the heart of your car, and an OBD2 diagnostic tool is a doctor. These doctors are able to understand and accordingly fix the malfunctions of your car.

Like an operation theatre, when these OBD scanners record something, they turn on the operation theatre’s light which is check engine lights and accordingly later they also suggest possible treatments for your car’s engine.

These OBD2 diagnostic tools also have some advanced features which allow you to handle the programming of ECU, DPF, IMMO etc.

Although to leverage all these features, you need to choose from the most suitable OBD2 scanners available in the market.

These scanners are useful for technicians and mechanics too, as they offer the ability to look inside the system of the car and assess the issues prevailing in the components of the car.

How Does It Work?

In simpler terms, the OBD2 diagnostic tool is a sensor monitor that provides access to collect data from different components of the car along with its engine. Multiple commands can be sent via these monitors to different systems of the vehicle in order to quantify things like camshaft position and crankshaft, coolant and air temperatures, road speed, throttle opening, engine rpm etc.

These are simple yet specified software which is meant to supervise and regulate the operations of your car so that the functionality of the car would be maintained for a long span. These OBD2 scanners are even capable of rectifying the fuel mixture and ignition of the car on per crankshaft revolution.

Is IT Worth Spending On an OBD2 Diagnostic Tool?

Out of multiple reasons to purchase an OBD2 scanner, the most interesting one is cost-effectiveness while having a futuristic approach. Visiting a garage on very tinier issues are both expensive and time-consuming, and hence it is required to get an OBD2 scanner, which will read all your trouble codes and will tell you what’s wrong in your system and its severity.

Surely, the cost you pay on all the unnecessary visits would be higher than the one-time installation cost of OBD2 diagnostic tool. With these scanners, you won’t need to visit a mechanic every time your check engine light starts blinking, all you need to do is interpret the meaning of the code and understand the requirement to take your car to the mechanic.

Top Amazing OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

  1. Ancel BD310

obd-diagnostic-tool-1The Ancel BD310 is the best OBD2 diagnostic tool in all its aspects. The compact design makes it handy and the connectivity of this scanner via Bluetooth to your phone and tablet makes it more convenient. It will also boost the cockpit of the car as a supplemental display.

This convenient and compact OBD2 scanner would easily adjust into the glove box of your car as it is lightly weighted also.

This diagnostic tool comes with a 2.0-inch colour display screen, a cable measuring 56 inches along with a magnetic back to being placed on the dashboard of the car.

All these features and attributes make it one of the most desirable tools to monitor your car’s engine.

A combination of performance information is shown on the scanner. These details would include engine timing, coolant temperature, engine speed etc.

One can also get details in numbers and graph format for live parameters. With this scanner, one can also do a pre-inspection I/M readiness test.

  1. Autel AL619 Autolink Engine

 obd-diagnostic-tool-2The OBD2 diagnostic tool by Autel performs all the basic function of diagnosis, although its advanced features make it exclusive from all the others. This scanner helps in reading and removing the codes.

You can also utilize the O2 sensor test and get the details of the I/M readiness status of your car.

Apart from all, this diagnostic tool is also quite quick as you can read the errors codes for just 30 seconds, as it displays them for 30 seconds.

It allows you to take faster decisions and come up with quicker solutions. This diagnostic scanner works on all the vehicles made after 1996, irrespective of the nation it belongs.

The amazing thing about this car code reader is that it allows you to read the codes of your ABS as well as airbags.

Another advantage is that you can read the definitions of the code any time as it saves them in the library of the codes derived by the device.

The device is suitable for the latest updates, so when you buy one, don’t forget to get it updated.

  1. SeekOne SK860

obd-diagnostic-tool-3The SeekOne SK860 is one of the most preferred OBD2 diagnostic tools. Why? Because it has a large colour screen, different functions, ease of use and of course the most exclusive lifetime warranty.

The rugged design and smooth rubber bumpers make it a little heavy and bulky.

The easy connection could be established with your vehicle via a 58-inch cord. The 2.8-inch colour display is quite bright as well.

It is one of the rare budget scanners that come with a navigation system having 8 buttons, then an icon-based interface to provide ease in access.

The I/M pre-inspection readiness key is surrounded by fault code indicators having 3 lights. These 3 lights are

  1. Green: to indicate no fault codes are visible
  2. Yellow: to indicate pending problem codes
  3. Red: to indicate permanent problem codes.


  1. Autophix Code Reader OM126

obd-diagnostic-tool-4Apart from being an economical choice for OBD2 diagnostic tools, Autophix Code Reader OM126 comes with a feature of lifetime software updates.

With this, one can leverage the benefit of keeping the software updates as per current and upcoming changes in the model and other technological updates.

This is not a compact one but still has a rugged look and carriable.

The vibrant orange colour gives it a bright appeal and also make it easy to find.

The navigation lacks as the right and left arrow are not available, however, the 6 icon on its 2.4-inch colour display makes its way.

The readability of its IM readiness test results is simple and gives you the accurate condition of the components of your car.

  1. DodyMPS

obd-diagnostic-tool-5Might not be appealing from the front, but definitely functional for the purpose.

This is a robust OBD2 diagnostic tool that comes with a lifetime warranty, ease installation and software updates.

The black reader device has a small cutout with QR codes and LEDs to connect with the respective iOS and Android apps.

The ease comes with a simple download, installation and functioning which is followed by the scanner’s software connection with the app.

You can see the VIN code of your car by DodyMPS as it shows you over multiple windows too.

So these were some really considerable OBD2 diagnostic tools you can buy for your car. Driving is the routine activity you follow and is required to go with safe driving experience.

You need to have these diagnostic tools as they indirectly maintain your health by treating the errors of your car.

Buy the best OBD2 diagnostic tool and save your money, time and energy.

OBD2 Diagnostic Tool
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