Get the Right OBD Software and Get to Know Your Car Better

Get the Right OBD Software and Get to Know Your Car Better

Ever thought of acquiring OBD software or are you curious to know how it works? Like other motorists or car owners, you probably have experienced your car’s performance degrade without explanation, the fuel mileage go up, or it failing inspection. Or maybe the “check engine/ service engine soon” warning light appeared on the dashboard and you didn’t know what caused it and how to deal with it. Truth is such issues make many drivers uneasy or worried since they indicate an underlying fault that will affect the driverability of the vehicle. And considering many people lack the necessarily skill or experience they either took it to a mechanic or continued to drive it in this state. However, do you know you can know the state of your car’s engine by simply using On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) software?

What is On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Software?

On-Board Diagnostics software is a program that is designed to help people understand the state of a car engine. Unlike earlier vehicles which were very mechanical, modern cars have become more computerized and operate based on computers. The built-in computer based system is what is referred to as OBD and monitors every element in the car’s engine, braking system as well as airbags. Over time it stores fault codes that may come up and this helps determine the faulty part. Earlier systems were referred to as OBDI while the latest types are known as OBDII and are more advanced and comprehensive. The software is installed in a computer such as desktop PC, laptop, net book or even tablet and displays data and diagrams relevant to the health of the car.

How does it Work?

The software serves as the link between the OBD and the interface (computer, laptop). A user is first required to install it and then use a cable to connect the OBD to the computer. To initiate the communication, the cable which normally has 16-pins is connected to a specific port on the car. It may underneath the steering wheel, or somewhere near the dashboard. In addition to having an ELM327-based adapter, the car also needs to be OBDI/II compliant. After launching the software, all the information/data will be relayed through the cable and will be displayed on the computer or laptop. It will appear in text, numerals as well as graphs. Besides a serial port, the connectivity is also possible via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

What Does It Diagnose?

OBD software such as that found here, can be described as your mobile mechanic. It performs everything that your local mechanic would but in a faster and more accurate manner. Notable functions include the following:

  • Advanced diagnostics on engine performance: It measures and verifies the engine torque and power.This helps to know the current state and also in planning for a performance upgrade.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The software helps determine the current fuel mileage and compares it to the recommended/standard consumption.
  • Finding fault: Hooking up the software helps identify any underlying faults both visible and invisible. This helps ensure the car is working optimally.
  • Clearing Codes: After identifying and correcting a problem, it’s vital to clear the codes. This can be done using the software. The codes are usually displayed in numbers and each has a specific meaning.

Who Needs It?

Simply put, software for On-board Diagnostics is your mechanic at hand. Unlike the traditional mechanic, you don’t need to take your car to the repair shop or dealership. You also won’t pay for labor or storage charges. Generally, the software can be used by anyone who desires to get acquainted with the engine’s state, performance, emissions, understanding and clearing fault codes, or even those seeking to boost performance. Common users include repair shops, mechanics, car enthusiasts, as well as the ordinary Joe. The general recommendation however is to go for products that are user-friendly, simple and clear and compatible with most cars.

What are The Benefits?

  • Easy and simple to use: Courtesy of their simple design and use of graphs, charts and texts, the software can be used by anyone including those who are not very familiar with cars.
  • Versatile: They analyze and detect a range of problems such as engine performance, torque, power, emissions, fuel efficiency, abs, airbags and more.
  • Cost effective: The only cost incurred is installing it.
  • Provides real-time /live data and this gives the true picture.
  • By storing previous information, it becomes easy to trace a recurring problem.
  • Time efficient: The diagnosis can be performed anywhere and at any time.
  • Compatibility: Software such as TOAD applications are designed for desktop PCS, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. It’s also suitable for most cars in the market.


Why Choose a Reputable Brand?

There are different types of software in the market for diagnosing engine faults and clearing codes. However, they are not built in the same way. Some come with limited features, others are too complex or detailed, while others only work on limited car models. It is recommended to invest in types that have a good reputation, are user-friendly, easy to use, and versatile and are compatible with most cars. A good option is the TOAD application as mentioned above that come with the following advantages:

  • Thoroughly checks your car’s health
  • Diagnoses both previous and current problems
  • Edits/tunes ECU data for any car
  • Optimizes car’s performance and fuel efficiency
  • Built-in custom charts, dashboards, gauges and graphs make it easy to understand the issues
  • Analyzes dynamometer, Torque and horsepower data
  • Reveals and solves any issues at no cost
  • Accurately checks top speed, 0-60 MPH acceleration, and CO2 emissions

You don’t need to feel uneasy while driving your car because the “Check Engine/ Service Engine Soon” light is displaying on the dashboard.

You shouldn’t continue paying high pump prices because the engine performance has deteriorated.

Also, you don’t have to risk failing the MOT tests because your car’s emissions are below standard. All you need is relying on a quality and reputable software to check the health of your engine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time using it or you lack experience. You also don’t have to worry about paying high prices for it.

What you need is reliable software such as TOAD which is regarded as among the reputable and practical products in the amrket. Within minutes you’ll be able to identify faults and also erase any error codes. Why not visit TOAD to get an idea on OBD software and make a purchase?

Get the Right OBD Software and Get to Know Your Car Better
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