Can You Use an Engine Scanner App to Diagnose Your Car?

Can You Use an Engine Scanner App to Diagnose Your Car?

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can turn your device into a full-fledged diagnostic tool with an engine scanner app. The choices for iOS users are a bit limited compared to Android, as many of the apps have connectivity issues or are not compatible with many scanner models.

Fortunately, there are a few excellent options, such as OBD Auto Doctor and EOBD Facile. Besides being an excellent iOS app, OBD Auto Doctor also allows you to email codes to a gmail account.

OBD Car Doctor Pro

If you have been wondering whether you can use an engine scanner app to diagnose your car, then you should try OBD Car Doctor Pro. This app is designed to help people who are new to car repair, while also giving them the in-depth functionality they need. Its user-friendly interface, real-time data reporting, and live statistics for all vehicle systems make it an excellent choice for the novice. The following information will help you determine whether this app is right for you.

This free app has numerous features, including the ability to clear diagnostic trouble codes. It is also able to monitor engine performance, and can reset trouble codes. The app supports both Android and iOS devices, and it is available in most regions worldwide.

It performs basic OBD II functions, such as clearing the check engine light after a repair, and reading most trouble codes instantly. The app also lets users dabble in advanced diagnostics by displaying real-time data and freeze-frame data.

OBD Car Doctor Pro is compatible with a few different types of wireless adapters, including Bluetooth. However, users have reported frequent problems with their connection and have to purchase the pro version. Bluetooth compatibility is another major drawback. Users have recommended EOBD Facile, which is one of the best OBD2 iPhone apps available. It allows users to see their car’s fault codes in real time, enabling them to anticipate problems before they become too costly.

EOBD Facile

If you own a Mac and are looking for an app that lets you diagnose car problems, you should try the EOBD Facile engine scanner app. This app can read engine and transmission fault codes from your car and displays the information in real time. You need an ELM327 interface to connect to your car’s OBD port. This app has over 15,000 entries, and you can use it to test your car’s acceleration and performance.

The reports generated by EOBD Facile are easy to understand and written in a professional language. The app also provides information that can help you fix errors more effectively. The EOBD Facile system also helps you find the best repair methods for your car’s specific problem. And since it’s available on a wide range of platforms, you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing a complicated software.

Its advanced features include a GPS tracker, allowing you to keep track of your car while driving, and showing you the DTC/CEL/fault codes. Moreover, it is compatible with tablet devices and vehicles with Bluetooth OBD2 adapters. It can also help you find a reliable hybrid repair shop near you. And if you’re not confident about your car’s diagnostic capabilities, you can download an ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 adapter and start testing.

Torque Lite

If you want to use an OBD2 or Bluetooth adapter in your car, you can get the free Torque Lite engine scanner app for Android. The app uses GPS to track your car and shows DTC/CEL/fault codes, which can help you save money on repair bills. This Android app is compatible with most vehicles built after 2000 and supports both Android and iOS devices. You can customize the gauges and widgets with your own settings, and it has a library full of DTC definitions and fault codes.

You can choose from a variety of themes and display options with both versions of the app. The Torque Lite engine scanner app is easy to use, and it is available in English, German, and French. It is also compatible with the majority of vehicles manufactured after 1996. It has a few disadvantages, however, such as being small and not able to provide live data from all car models. Also, the software doesn’t capture all the errors, so you can’t diagnose your vehicle while driving.

Unlike other engine scanner apps for Android, the free version of the Torque Lite app can be installed on your mobile device, and works with a separately purchased OBD2 adapter. It reads the error codes from your car’s control unit, and you can search for them online. Torque Lite costs free, but you can purchase the pro version for $5. To get started, you can download a free trial version.


If you’re looking for a great engine scanner that can work with multiple vehicles, BlueDriver is your best bet. It features a VIN search function and an impressive feature list. This app also features trouble codes and reset capabilities, as well as best-in-class report sharing and a flashlight button. Unlike other engine scanner apps, this one doesn’t require in-app purchases or additional costs. And, if you find it cheaper than the usual retail price, you can get it for a fraction of what it normally costs.

The BlueDriver app offers a variety of features, including an OBD-II scanner. You can also probe additional modules, including ABS sensors and body control sensors. However, it doesn’t have the auxiliary module scan capability that some other apps do. However, the app is great for checking engine codes and other vehicle systems. It is also compatible with many more vehicles than other scan tools. The app also supports many vehicle makes and models, and has a user community-sponsored fix database.

The app offers a comprehensive database of over 30 million fixes. It compares trouble codes to known solutions based on real-world experiences and insights from mechanics. The database is updated weekly, making it easy to use even for non-experts. If you are unfamiliar with auto mechanic terminology, BlueDriver will translate the complicated information to a simple explanation for you. It will show you what needs to be fixed and where to get the replacement part.


While most car owners are more familiar with the general capabilities of an OBD2 diagnostic scanner, this app can also be used for a wider range of car models. It has an extensive range of diagnostic tools and can even read and clear manufacturer codes. It can diagnose various warning lights, eliminate annoying beeps, and give you dealer tools right in your glovebox. Compared to many other car diagnostic apps, the Carista app has a very high degree of customization.

However, if you drive a BMW or Audi, you will want to use a different app. Carista offers some features only for certain car brands, which makes it particularly useful if you own a newer model. For instance, the Carly app can show you the engine’s RPM, which can be helpful if the vehicle is performing poorly. The app does not work with older BMW models. If you drive an old BMW, you may need an adapter to use Carista, and vice versa.

Fortunately, the Carista engine scanner app is easy to use. Once connected, the app automatically scans for trouble codes and displays them on your screen. You can also perform advanced car diagnostics with the app’s ECU coding feature, which allows you to change the vehicle’s CPU. And because it works over Bluetooth, you won’t have to worry about interrupting your WiFi. The Bluetooth connection is ideal for analyzing the diagnostic data and fixing the car.


The FIXD engine scanner app is a must-have for those who are looking to repair their cars. It can be used to check the engine and the car’s trouble codes, and the app also has videos to show you how to use it. This app is designed to work on both gas and hybrid vehicles and is compatible with vehicles built after 1996. If you’re wondering whether the FIXD app will work on your vehicle, you may want to look at the FAQ section for more information.

It works by pinging the same blocks as your car’s computer and reading the data and errors from them. Unlike other diagnostic tools, this app works on a mobile device so you can use it on the go, at home, or while traveling. In contrast, diagnostic tools may take an hour or more to complete. Moreover, the FIXD app cannot be used when the car isn’t running, so you may not be able to use it if your car isn’t running.

The FIXD engine scanner app works by plugging in the OBD port of your car and running the corresponding app on your smartphone. Its display is proportional to the size of the phone, so the larger the screen, the better. In addition to decoding errors, FIXD also gives you a cost estimate from a mechanic. It is perfect for those who drive a lot and need to diagnose and repair their cars quickly. Once connected to the vehicle, the FIXD app scans the vehicle and explains the problem to you.

Can You Use an Engine Scanner App to Diagnose Your Car?
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