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iCarsoft i930 Land Rover Diagnostics Scanner for 1996+ Cars (OBD2, EOBD)

Product Code: icarsoft-i930
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iCarsoft i930 scanner for Land Rover cars is a multi-system diagnostic tool designed to communicate with the main systems (engine, chassis and body) of your Land Rover vehicle - such as: SRS airbags, ABS Antilock Brakes, Electronics, Alarm, engine & transmission modules, etc...

It'll support all cars from 1 Jan, 1996 - .

You'll get exact same information as Land Rover dealers are able to access and charge their customers up to $250 per scan. So nothing will be left out.

Here's 3 Reasons Why We No Longer Recommend iCarsoft i930...

...instead, through our extensive field testing and comparison — we recommend AutoCom which is far superior and in similar price range. Learn more about it here.

3 Reasons Why: (1) AutoCom provides on average 40% more information then iCarsoft i930 scanner, (2) It has much wider car model compatibility, and (3) It's software/firmware is consistently updated with new car models.


iCarsoft i930 is already used and endorsed by professional Land Rover car shops, garage owners, mechanics and car dealers around the world. And now you too are about to own the same scan tool and have total peace of mind over your Land Rover vehicle(s).

What's more, Total Car Diagnostics will give you exclusive free lifetime internet updates - so your unit will always support the latest year cars and fault codes.

iCarsoft i930 supports all Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline cars - in all countries of the world. Only requirement is your Land Rover should be OBD2. (Go here then click on your country to see after what year your car should be made for it to be OBD2).


STOP! A Quick Reality Check...

Total Car Diagnostics iCarsoft   VS.  Cheaper Online/eBay Sources
Feature: Total Car Diagnostics iCarsoft Other Online/eBay Sources
Warranty: 3 Years (Broken? Return for replacement.) No Warranty (Broken? Tough luck!)
Lifetime Support: Yes (We breathe cars, fix cars for a living. And even use iCarsoft on our customer cars. So we know iCarsoft units in and out. And this knowledge is passed to you.) No (Most of these sources are just re-sellers in it to make quick-easy cash. That's it! By virtue of that, you're buying from an inauthentic place.)
iCarsoft Relationship: We get exclusive rights for lifetime firmware updates to iCarsoft units. These updates are passed onto you. In most cases, these re-resellers have no exclusivity with iCarsoft. So your chances of getting free iCarsoft firmware updates are 50%.
Tested Yes (All units are tested on car before shipping.) Unknown (Maybe?)
Price: Higher You get what you pay for! Typical of short term pleasure at expense of long term disappointment.


Here's video of iCarsoft in action...



Features/Benefits — and What It Will Do For You...


  • Supports all Land Rover models. Including...
  • Range Rover Sport (watch video)
    Range Rover (watch video)
    Range Rover Evoke (watch video)
    Freelander 1 (watch video)
    Freelander 2 (watch video)
    Discovery 2 (watch video)
    Discovery 3 (watch video)
    Discovery 4 (watch video)
    Defender (watch video)

    See here what car/year and systems are supported on each model. (Note: List may be outdated, so it actually supports cars until )

  • Supports over 30 manufacturer-level diagnostic systems (as seen in video above) - including:
    • Engine, Auto/Manual Transmission, ABS, SRS (air bag), Body, EPS, Chassis, Immobilizer, Instrument Cluster, Tyre Pressure Control, Parktronic System, Keyless Go
    • Air Conditioning / Climate Control Systems
    • Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems
    • Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems
    • All body modules: OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s
    • Drive Authorization System
    • Electronic Ignition System (EIS)
    • Headlamp Range Adjustment
    • Seat Electronics
    • RVC, RST & Various Roof modules
    • Automatic Clutch System (ACS)
    • All systems list: Engine, Transmission, ABS Brake, AC/Heating elctronics, Immobilizer, Self leveling suspension, Airbags SRS, Steering wheel electronics, Steering assistance, Central locking, Instrument cluster, Gateway data bus, Navigation, Central control module, Parking aid, Electronic control, Headlight range control, Radio, Tyre pressure monitoring, Access & permission, Display & control unit, Parking brake, 4WD electronics, Electric roof control, Left light control, Right light control, Rear spoiler, Emergency call module, Driver door electronics, Passenger door electronics, LR door electronics, RR door electronics, Media player, Electronic central electronics, Lane departure assist, Information electronics, Battery control, Interior monitoring

  • Supports protocols: OBD-2, EOBD.
  • Supports all vehicles made between 1 Jan, 1996 -
  • Read & Clear DTC's (including Manufacturer Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • View & Graph Live Data in Color Graphing with fast refresh rate for better graphing and live data readings.
  • Component Testing
  • Clear adaptation
  • Datastream Graph Display
  • Can be used as a mobile diagnostic and "Road Test" Tool.
  • Fully compatible with T4 Product Platform - will integrate with T4 EAM, T4 Wheel Alignment, RAVE
  • Supports all 96MY onwards J1962 diagnostic
  • Support for: ISO9141, CAN, J1850 PWM/VPW
  • T4 protocol handling for legacy support to the following cables:
  • DTC0061, DTC0062, DTC0063, DTC0064, DTC0065, DTC0064 + DTC0057 adaptor
  • Full J2534 host and interface compatibility
  • Supports ALL 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs, including MIL, Live Data, Freeze Frame, I/M Readiness, O2 Monitoring/Testing, Vehicle/VIN Information
  • Resets Oil Service Light, Service Mileage, Check Engine Light, and Service Intervals
  • Replaces and re-calibrates brake pads safely
  • Free lifetime online software updates. (Only available at Total Car Diagnostics. On other sites you only get 1 year).
  • Languages Supported: English, German, Dutch
  • Prints data via PC




  • FULL COLOR, 2.8” LCD SCREEN: 302 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Upgrade (can update firmware from internet)
  • Operation Temperature: -20C — 75C
  • Storage Temperature:  -40C —  120C
  • Power: 8V — 24V



  • 135mm (L) x 85 mm (W) x 26mm (H)
  • Net Weight:  250g
  • Gross Weight: 450g




  • Any Land Rover OBD2 vehicle.


What's Included In Your Package:


  • iCarSoft Professional Diagnostic Scanner Tool
  • Hardcopy User's Manual
  • 6-foot (2 meter) OBD-II cable
  • CD software (allows you to update your unit over the internet to support latest updates/cars)
  • USB cable
  • Nylon carry case


3 Reason Why You Should Trust and Order from Total Car Diagnostics...

You have free unlimited support for next 3 years with using this product: We know this tool inside-out because we're car mechanics and use it ourselves to work on customer cars. And this experience is passed onto you when you're dealing with our support. More importantly, we're here to stay as Total Car Diagnostics is a serious established operation with too many companies relying on our 30+ years of combined mechanical/technical experience. We're not going anywhere.
Product is manually tested for working condition before shipping: No dead-on-arrival situations.
Future firmware and software updates: If update comes out, you won't be left in the dark. We'll immediately give you the update link or instructions. So your tool will always be up to date with current date. *Disclaimer: This only applies if update is actually released by original creators. And/or if it's possible on this unit. For example, sometimes only way to update is to buy a new version altogether because actual internal hardware has changed from previous version.


“ To Get Started... Click on "Add to Cart" Button Above And We'll Have This Package Shipped to You By Either Today or Tomorrow...”

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