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ATTENTION: Home Car Owners, Auto Repair Shops, Car Mechanics and Technicians...

From desk of CEO — Alex E,

You're here because you're after genuine, high-quality diagnostic tools and tuning kits for your vehicle(s) . Every tool in our store is tested and used in one of our shops — and backed by a 1-3 year warranty for your protection.

So yes, we ONLY offer what we believe in. This is not another endless cheap China online store whose sole purpose is to make money. We breathe this car stuff passionately every single day for over a decade. So it's in our interest to gain your trust and to come back later.

What's more, we could easily offer over 1000 products here. But that won't happen because anyone knowledgeable within this field knows less then 1% of auto tools are worth your time. 99% is rebranded garbage, knock off's or quickly assembled junk to cash in from unsuspecting customers. We only offer the 1% of the absolute BEST and worthwhile tools.

Anyway, if you're a car owner, DIY enthusiast, professional auto mechanic or technician — then you'll find tools within 2 categories here:

  1. Quickly, easily and thoroughly diagnose your vehicle(s) various systems for faults, emissions, bottlenecks and performance checkups.
  2. Use performance tuners that'll let you make fast, safe and instant changes to vehicles ECU chip (brain that controls how car runs — like it's horse power, torque, RPM). In this category you can boost performance, dramatically cut down fuel costs, and prolong engines life span.

In summary:

  • If you're a home car owner/DIY'er — owning a scan tool will almost guarantee saving you thousands of dollars in costly dealer repairs. Because you'll know what the problem is, where it's located and what's the solution. Armed with this knowledge — you can negotiate for the best repair price, or even repair it yourself. And when it comes to turning your car, instead of paying an average of $2000 for a tuning service — you can now do it for under $200 right from your laptop at push-of-a-button. And we offer all the tools to do this right here.
  • If you're a car shop (technician, mechanic) owning a powerful, thorough and professional scan tool is guaranteed to significantly cut down your time, money and frustration finding the fault, or discovering root cause of the problem. You'll quickly see cars overall health status, know at a glance what and where improvements are needed. And most of all, you'll make a lot more money in your business by doing more jobs FASTER, with more accuracy and less effort.

Lastly, if you're skeptical buying from our shop — you can read more about us. We have 1.5 million+ customers like yourself all over the world using our free product support, receiving software/firmware updates, and trust our product recommendations for their unique situations. You're dealing with long term, profitable and stable company.

Your next step is to start exploring this shop for what's best for you. Go ahead... We can't wait to serve you! :-)

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AllData contains detailed information for maintenance, wiring and repair work for all brands of cars..
$995.00 $2,997.00 67%
Based on 4 reviews.
Autel Scanner MD802 MaxiDiag is a complete all-in-one diagnostic scanner targeted for busy techn..
$297.00 $397.00 25%
Based on 21 reviews.
AUTOBOSS V30 scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology, providing deal..
$1,597.00 $2,500.00 36%
Based on 6 reviews.
BMW C110 is a manufacturer-level professional handheld diagnostic scanner that supports all BMW/MINI..
$127.00 $198.00 36%
Based on 5 reviews.
CarBrain C168 scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology, providing dea..
$497.00 $680.00 27%
Based on 5 reviews.
  CarProg FULL v10.93 is a universal diagnostic, tuning and adjustement tool for car radios,..
$297.00 $995.00 70%
Based on 11 reviews.
Genuine ELM327 WIFI 2.1 Scanner: Universally Compatible Diagnostics Scanner for OBD2 Vehicles ..
$47.00 $80.00 41%
Based on 15 reviews.
FGTech Galletto 4-Master is a high-speed and secure ECU chip re-reprogramming software/hardware tune..
$247.00 $347.00 29%
Based on 7 reviews.
ULTIMATE CAR TUNING In 4 Easy Steps: (1) Plug It In (2) Download Map From Car (3) Edit Map (4)..
$297.00 $2,997.00 90%
Based on 6 reviews.
KTAG by Alientech is a powerful chiptuning tool that will let anyone (without any chip tuning expe..
$297.00 $5,500.00 95%
Based on 3 reviews.
The KWP2000 Plus ECU Flashing Kit (Latest 2016, OBD-II compatible version) lets you improve your car..
$67.00 $97.00 31%
Based on 7 reviews.
LAUNCH X431 CREADER CRP129 is a compact diagnostics hand-held scan tool developed for on-the-go, imp..
$267.00 $497.00 46%
Based on 19 reviews.
MOTO-1 is a motorbike OBD diagnostic scanner used by motorcycle manufacturers, mechanics, DIY 'ers a..
$1,400.00 $1,700.00 18%
Based on 0 reviews.
MPPS is a chip tuning kit that can download your car's ECU map file to the computer. Which can then..
$97.00 $147.00 34%
Based on 10 reviews.
VAG-COM no longer available here. We recommend TOAD-Scan.  ..
$97.00 $650.00 85%
Based on 64 reviews.