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What Can Total Car Diagnostics Do For You?...

...and why so many car companies, home car owners, DIY car enthusiasts and serious technicians trust us...

We empower home car owners, mechanics, technicians, garage shops, engineers, ECU car chip tuners and Auto repair centers — to significantly cut down on maintenance, repair costs, energy, time & money to solve various problems... and all other frustrating experiences involved with dealing with vehicles — by providing cost-effective advice, tools and recommendations.

For example, our support center receives over 300 emails per day, with common questions like:

  • What is best OBD2 (OBD II) scanner for X situation?
  • What OBD scanner should I buy?
  • How to get started with car tuning?
  • Difference between OBD2 Bluetooth and OBD2 USB Scanner?
  • Can I trust brand X car diagnostic tool?
  • What is best OBD2 software for Windows/MAC?
  • What is difference between EOBD, OBD, JOBD, OBD II, OBD I?
  • etc...

So in a nutshell, by these kinds of questions, you could call us Car Doctors. And we prescribe performance and diagnostics. 🙂

Our collective help is based on 60+ years of experience dealing with every imaginable vehicle situation.

From car tuning ECU chip performance, OBD2 diagnostics, repairing common issues related to electrical wiring, engine,  transmission, ABS, airbag, immobilizer, dreaded malfunction indicator lamp issues, etc.

On top of that, we perform good old fashioned workshop car service and mechanic work via tools like TOAD, SnapOn, Autel and Launch.

For technical car data we use Mitchell on Demand, Autodata.

And for car tuning we use Ktag and Alientech KESS.


In summary, we can help you with 3 things...

  • OBD Scanners

    Gives peace of mind to home car owners and professionals by offering easy-to-use-and-understand, yet super-powerful OBD diagnosis scan tools. These scanners/readers dig deeply into vehicles various systems or components and show hundreds of health/fault/performance data and reports. This data either can save you lot of time, money and energy in repairs/maintenance OR it will prevent a future unexpected brake-down altogether by seeing early warning signs.

  • Advising Auto-Mechanics

    Help auto mechanics, technicians and service centers to make a lot more money in their automobile business by offering world-class car tuning and diagnostic tools that get the job done quicker and easier then existing solutions on the market. These tools are created in spirit of extensive collective experience using nearly every known chip tuning and scanning solution and software made since 1996. This translates to you receiving tried and tested  profitable recommendations.

  • Chip Tuning

    We give car enthusiasts the “know-how”, resources, software and tuner kits… to squeeze more performance (torque, BHP) out of their vehicle by tuning or modifying the ECU chip (brain of the vehicle that tells it how to run). Better yet, tuning also benefits by cutting down excess fuel consumption by up to 15-25% depending intensity of your modification. (NOTE: Tuning is like programming. For geeks only.)

Stop being ripped-off by unfair mechanic bills. TOAD and OBD2 USB/Bluetooth adapter hands you equal power to mechanics $3000+ automobile scanning devices...

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What Is OBD?

...and why you should care that your car has it?

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, which is a computer system found in modern vehicles. Main purpose of an OBD (including OBD II, OBD I, EOBD) system is to monitor emissions and diagnostic related information in the vehicle - which is monitored by thousands of sensors throughout.

Therefore OBD2 data can provide a plethora of benefits for both home vehicle owners and technicians, because it provides an instant analysis of vehicles condition... without having to guess or manually search for the problem (called DTC) when MIL "check engine" light engages on the dashboard.

This also means an OBD 2 diagnosis scan can detect fault errors early - before serious damage occurs to the vehicle. When a fault is detected, the OBD2 system can provide information about the cause of the fault, including a snapshot of the conditions, leading up to the fault.

OBD-2 diagnosis also provide real-time sensor readings from the vehicle, letting users record and measure variables like vehicle speed, engine RPM, 0-60/100, torque strength and calculate fuel economy/usage.

To get started, you simply plug a OBD2 16-pin diagnostic connector (either USB, Bluetooth or WIFI) - which is located on the driver side below the steering wheel. Using a OBD2 scanner/scan tool, code reader, or OBD-2 software - you can access the OBD-2 computer system.

There are two basic types of scan tools: Stand alone handheld (and) PC/software-based. Stand alone scan tools are typically handheld devices that do not require a computer or mobile device for operation. They are often limited in functionality, lack advanced diagnostic features, are not upgradeable, and come with a high price tag.

PC/software-based scan tools require a laptop or mobile phone or tablet with OBD software to read OBD diagnostic data.

The scantool connects to the laptop or mobile device (Android, iOS) using either ELM327 USB, ELM327 Bluetooth or EL327 WiFi version. PC/Mobile-based scan tools are very flexible and powerful because they harness the power and upgradeability for future vehicle support.

PC-based scan tools have several important advantages:

  • Large, easy-to-read screen
  • Unlimited storage for data logging
  • Wide selection of diagnostic software that can be easily online updated
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Cost a small fraction of the price of comparable stand-alone scantools

Total Car Diagnostics personally always advises PC/Mobile based. Unless one is not computer friendly. PC based scan tools (like T.O.A.D) can:

  • Turn off the check engine light, and erase stored diagnostic information
  • Check emissions readiness
  • Read and erase trouble codes (generic and manufacturer-specific)
  • Display real time parameters
  • Record data for later playback
  • Plot data in the form of graphs & maps
  • Display customizable Digital Gauges
  • Serve as a dynamometer
  • Provide a drag strip feature
  • Analyze and solve engine misfires
  • Generate printable diagnostic reports
  • Access manufacturer-specific information
  • Do lots of other cool and useful things that makes owning a car way more enjoyable and privileged

In our research, none of the stand alone scan tools available on the market today (even ones in $3000+ range) can reasonably compare to the features of modern PC/Mobile based solutions. However we will say that no ONE scanner does it all. There is no such thing as "THE BEST". Therefore mechanics may eventually own 2-4 scanners/readers in their workshop for cumulative benefits of individual scan tool.

Here's what else a reliable PC/Mobile based scanner solution like TOAD can do for you...

  • Live Data

    Monitor real time data (while car is moving or when ignition is ON) like: Engine Temperature, O2 Value, RPM, Speedometer, LAC Value, Battery Voltage, Ignition Angle, etc…

  • Service Lights

    Reset or turn-off Warning, MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light/Lamp), Oil Inspection & Service Lights that mechanics would otherwise charge $250+ p/hour.

  • Measure Fuel Economy

    Know cars exact fuel consumption under various conditions (uphill, downhill, even). With this data you can know what steps to take to reduce fuel consumption – therefore save hundreds of dollars a year on ever increasing fuel cost.

  • "Hack" Performance/Torque

    “Hack” your car’s performance, optimize fuel consumption, perform live diagnosis and fix common problems that mechanics usually charge thousands.

  • Check 'Emissions-Test' Before Rego-Renewal

    Time for an inspection before registration renewal? OBD test will allow you to check your emissions status before you go wait in line to pay for the test, so you can be confident that it will pass!

  • Test If Various Systems are Working

    Good OBD Software will have Actuation Function. This let’s you activate and test various car components to verify they’re actually working properly on physical level.

What Others Are Saying About Our Products...

TOAD's functionality is worth every penny.

This has taken the place of my $130 scanner, mostly because it has so many more features than the typical scantool. TOAD also allows you to see live sensor data, which is much more useful in pin pointing failures or potential failures. IE, I'm planning to tow a trailer near weight capacity on my vehicle... and this app will allow me to monitor EGT's as well as transmission temps to avoid damage.

Tim Froster

TOAD embarrassingly trumps our $3000 Scantool...

I work as an auto mechanic, and we have a snap on solus machine that cost us $3k... TOAD does a better job of talking to car ECU's and helping diagnose emissions issues than the snap on machine, and has saved my butt at work several times while working on cars. Definitely a huge advantage using this. I certainly recommend this for mechanics. It may be a little too much for home user, as long as they are willing to invest an hour.

Mark Henry

....more horsepower and better gas mileage!!!

This was probably the best money I've ever spent on my truck! Before I installed the programming in stock form my truck got 15.5 mpg and 325 miles to a tank of gas in mixed driving... Now it gets 18.5 mpg and 360-400 miles per tank of gas in mixed driving! Thanks bullydog for making such a great product with great tech support.

Erick Schulze

Helped to increase Torque

My truck only has 79,000 miles on it and with this and a specter intake it runs a lot better and gets amazing gas milage over stock. Increase in power and it helped to increase my low end torque.

William Smart

Never Get Ripped Off Again!

With TOAD You Can Diagnose & Hack Your Car Performance In 10 Minutes - with Push of a Mouse-Button!

Until now, car owners were helpless victims when it comes to knowing their cars health, saving fuel, getting more torque, power... and especially victims to expensive overcharged mechanical repairs. They'll now know exactly at push-of-a-button, what's wrong with their car and how to fix it in most cost effective way. They'll walk armed with this knowledge, and never get ripped off again by auto mechanics!

Still Have Questions about Our Products & Services?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Is My Car Supported?

Go here and click on your country to find out.

What if it doesn't work on my vehicle?

All Total Car Diagnostics products are covered with a 1 year money back guarantee. Meaning you can return the product within 365 days from time of purchasing it. As long as it's still in original condition, we'll issue you a no-hassle, immediate refund.

What Do I Need To Run TOAD Software?

All you need is a computer (laptop/tablet) powered by Windows. And the connection interface which you'll get when you choose to own TOAD.

What's so special about your software compared to competitors?

We've been in auto-industry for over 15 years. Our 60+ years of combined experience means our software is some of the most powerful OBD scanning software in the world. That's why companies like BMW and Toyota use us. We're not your "one-guy-in-his-bedroom". We're a serious company that constantly innovates. What's more, all our products get lifetime free support. Meaning you can submit a ticket to us anytime, and we'll provide you technical support.

Want peace of mind of car's safety & reliability throughout or even before your next trip? Or need a reliable, consistent and comprehensive Engine Scan Tool within a professional environment? TOAD is the ever-evolving answer...

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