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Carsoft V7.4 Mercedes Diagnostic Scanner: Scan Tool for 1991-2003 Cars (OBD1, OBD2, EOBD)

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Carsoft MB (Mercedes Benz) will read and report 'dealer-level' fault codes, health and performance information about your Mercedes vehicle.

It's used by professional Mercedes car shops, garage owners, mechanics and car dealers around the world as #1 trusted professional diagnostic scan tool. (See below to find out why)

Carsoft MB can go deeper into each component of the car then any known OBD1/2 scanner on the market. That's because Carsoft specializes only in BMW/Mercedes cars for the last 12 year. They know these cars better then anyone!

All Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline cars are supported... no matter what country you live in. Only requirement is your Mercedes-Benz vehicle must be made between 1 Jan, 1991 to 30 April, 2003. (If car is made AFTER 30 April, 2003 - then get iCarsoft i980 scanner).


Supported Car Systems:


  • ABS: Brakes
  • ASR: Acceleration Slip Regulation
  • ETS: Enhanced Traction System
  • ESP: Electronic Stability Program
  • KI: Instrument cluster
  • BAS: Brake assist
  • EGS: Electronic gear system (Auto transmission)
  • S.I.: Service Interval


Analogue Diagnose: All analogue diagnosable ECU's.

Digital Diagnose: Please select from category below...

Models Supported:




Software Preview — and What It Can Do for Your Mercedes:


carsoft mercedes 7.4 software
Carsoft MB --- Ease to Use

Carsoft MB --- Ease to Connect

Carsoft MB --- Control Unit Info

Carsoft MB --- Fault Finding and Repair Assistance

Carsoft MB --- Live ME Data

Carsoft MB --- EGS Live Data

Carsoft MB --- MSM Live Data

Carsoft MB --- CDI Live Data

Carsoft MB --- Service Interval Adjustment

Carsoft MB --- Injector Test

Carsoft MB --- Engine Coding



Other Things You Can See or Do:


  • Read and reset faults for various systems. You'll also have access to inbuilt database called "Repair Assistance" — which will tell you exactly what the error means, where it's located and how to fix it.
  • Save diagnostic results for later use.
  • Car shop can print out a full professional car analysis report for their customers.
  • Manufacturer-information about each control unit (Airbag, ABS, etc...)
  • Reading/Erasing fault DTC codes
  • Read all locked/unlocked ECU data about the car
  • Mileage Indication
  • EWS Synchronization
  • Adaptation: Reset EGS adaptation values
  • ME Control Module Coding
  • Airbag Diagnosis and Coding




  • Laptop/computer (any brand or age).
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Supports both 32/64-bit.







  • Status Led's for Power, MCU and K-Line status
  • Rubber buffer rugged Aluminum casing
  • DB37 connection to vehicle 
  • Includes ALL necessary cables to get started — including Sprinter cable 
  • Cables are 1.5 meters long
  • Weight of entire package including cables: 2.0kg


What You'll Get In the Package:


  1. 1 x Carsoft MB 7.4 Main Hardware Unit
  2. 1 x RS232-to-USB converter. (This allows you to connect Carsoft to any USB port on your computer.)
  3. 1 x CD (Drivers and Carsoft MB 7.4 Windows Software)
  4. 5 x Cables to cover every possible Mercedes socket — including:
    1. OBD2 16-pin connection cable (all K-Lines wired) 
    2. MB 38-pin connection cable (all K-Lines wired) 
    3. MB Sprinter connection cable (all K-Lines wired) 
    4. MB 3-pin banana cable  
    5. RS232 extension cable



3 Reason Why You Should Trust and Order from Total Car Diagnostics...

You have free unlimited support for next 3 years with using this product: We know this tool inside-out because we're car mechanics and use it ourselves to work on customer cars. And this experience is passed onto you when you're dealing with our support. More importantly, we're here to stay as Total Car Diagnostics is a serious established operation with too many companies relying on our 30+ years of combined mechanical/technical experience. We're not going anywhere.
Product is manually tested for working condition before shipping: No dead-on-arrival situations.
Future firmware and software updates: If update comes out, you won't be left in the dark. We'll immediately give you the update link or instructions. So your tool will always be up to date with current date. *Disclaimer: This only applies if update is actually released by original creators. And/or if it's possible on this unit. For example, sometimes only way to update is to buy a new version altogether because actual internal hardware has changed from previous version.


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