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The history about Zastava automobiles dates back to 1960, when the company was first founded.

Fast forwarding to the future, the same automobile company, was also initiated on October 14th of 2008.

The company is a subordinate of the FIAT Chrysler Automobiles Serbia. The manufacturing plant of the automobiles is located in Kragujevac, Serbia.

During the 50’s regime, after World War II, the company was rebranded as Zavodi Crvena Zastava (Red Flags Institute).

The employees who worked at the time expressed their desire to make automobiles.

In 1953, 162 Willy’s Jeep were sold under Kragujevac lines.

In 1954, August 12th, the company signed a deal with Fiat.

Three months down the line, the plant would be used to assemble Fiat 1400, Fiat 1100B and Fiat AP-55 Campagnola.

From 1955, the plant would then manufacture automobiles with both Fiat and Zastava brands for the Eastern Europe market.

By then, their total vehicle production numbers had risen to 1044 and in 1958, it totaled up to 3596.

In the 60’s, their annual automobile production numbers kept rising through the roof.

The decade started off with Fiat 1100, then the 1963 Fiat 1500 and 1300 series i.e. the sedans and wagons respectively.

The production of these two great series of cars ended in 1979.

The 1300 was one of the best cars ever assembled by Zastava.

The most iconic automobile for Zastava was the Fiat 600. In 1962, the first of Fiat 600D “Zastava 750” was produced.

The first official exportation business was in the year 1965, where 6000 cars were sent to Poland.

This was the decade when Zastava signed a new agreement with FIAT to expand their production and technological collaboration.

In 1969, the truck department fell out and moved forward to produce Italy’s Om trucks. The 750M opened the 70’s decade and it encompassed of a new 767 cc engine.

There was also the deal on manufacturing Zastava 101 (Fiat 128). It has an all new look that resembled the hatchback outlook.

The car was only produced for the Yugoslav and Italian markets. It was popularly referred to as the sto jedan.

In 1970, Zastava special cars were produced. It was known as Zastava 750S.

The Zastava 850 model was launched in 1980 and it was sold to a Turkey Company known as Tofas.

They continued the production of the car all the way to the 1990s.

The Zastava 102, was Zastava’s second huge deal. It was rebranded as Yugo 45.

In the late 80’s the car was exported to American markets while it underwent some remodeling.

The Yugo original model (102) in the US market was renamed as Yugo Koral and the 101 was renamed to Yugo Skala.

In 1988 Zastava Florida (Yugo Sana) was launched. The Balkan crisis of 1990 affected the production of the automobiles as they experienced some issues with supplies and exports.

From 1992 to 1995, there were no Zastava cars produced at the time. In 1999, the plant was bombed down during the Kosovo War.

After the war, the automobile company was revived in 2008. In the early 2000’s their showcased their new Yugo models that had a new elevated and modern design.

The new models were granted a FIA certificate. Currently, Zastava is back to exporting cars and are looking forward to making a new deal with Fiat.

This is on launching a new model that is yet to come.

Common Zastava car problems

The Zastava cars were good with a few downsides. Most of them made it while others were not so lucky. If you own a Zastava car model, the old or new versions, there are a few problems you may encounter.

They are not dominant in all the cars but in some they are more prevalent. Car troubles are common to any owner of an automobile.

The most important part is diagnosing the issues and seeking solutions.

With a manual guide, it makes it easier to identify issues and needless say, there are car repairs for any sort of problem with your car.

No more worrying about your crashing down on the road or a rough experience with your car.

The common car problems with some of Zastava car models include;

  1. Poor electrical system: this was a common issue with the 1989 Yugo Koral make. Electrical problems are a result of components wearing out.
    You should keep an eye on the wires used in your car to make sure that it works properly.
    A poor electrical system can cause sparks while you are on the road and in the worst case, lead to a fire breakout. If you try starting your car and it does not start properly, the cause may be an electrical issue.
    Take the car for repairs and have the components changed or install a new electrical system.
  2. Exhaust problems: the 1983 Yugo 101 demonstrates some problems with the exhaust pipes. The problem occurs often and you would have to have repairs almost every two years.
    Exhaust problems can be as a result of clogged or blocked pipes that need constant maintenance.
    If your car exhaust is not working, ensure you check it out and if the problem is not so dire, you can use the manual on how to clean it up.
    A problematic exhaust can lead to internal car issues since what is supposed to be expelled sticks within the car.
    If this is the case, then consider a full replacement of the part.
  3. Cooling problems: these is a common problem with the Zastava 600d. The cooling pipes installed on the engine would develop some complications and fail completely.
    A broken cooling system can mean trouble for you as the engine does not cool down in the right way.
    This can results to a heated engine and if you tried touching the pipes or engine, you would feel their hot.
    To ensure you do not affect the engine functionality, constantly check for any cooling problems. For damaged cooling system, the best way to deal with the issue is repairing the part by installing a new system.


Car problems are nothing an owner cannot handle.

With the right car repair manual guide and possible solutions for various problems, you can repair your car anytime you experience issues with it.

The Zastava car models were not a bad make and if you are looking for a vintage car, then it would be a great pick.

Familiarize yourself with possible problems you might experience with a specific make and be on the road to a better ride.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Zastava models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Zastava – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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