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The Xedos is one of Mazda’s car models. There are two Mazda Xedos models known as Xedos 6 and Xedos 9.

Retracing the steps back to Mazda, it is a Japanese automobile company that was founded in 1920.

The company has a wide range of car models they have launched over the years including the Xedos brand. This range of cars are mainly executive cars whose origin dates to the 90’s decade.

The Mazda Xedos 6 was introduced in 1992 and productions run through to 1999. The Xedos is popular in the Europe market as a Mazda creation.

For other markets, Japan and Australia, the car was referred to as Eunos 500.

Throughout the lifetime of the model, 72, 101 Xedos 6 and Eunos 500 were manufactured.

The Xedos 600 prototype was showcased in 1991 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was under the Mazda CA platform that was also responsible for the Mazda Capella.

The Eunos 500, sold in Japan and Australia were sold under the Eunos brand and not the Mazda brand as it was expected.

The left-handed drive version was manufactured in 1993 with its market being Europe’s mainland.

The exterior design was great but most discredited the interior saying it was too dull.

It was likened to a small jaguar car, only with a taste of Mazda. The car was also to be launched under the Amati 300 name, but that did not see the light of day.

The Xedos 6 (Eunos 500), was also associated with the BMW 3 series in terms of size and the engine.

It basically had two engines, the 24 valve V6, used when the car was launched and 16 valve L4, used from 1993. Engines for the Eunos 500 was different from those used in the Xedos 6.

The Mazda Xedos 9, also known as Eunos 800 was first produced in 1992. The manufacturing of the cars ceased in 2002.

It was the second of the proposed executive luxury cars under the Amati name. It is also referred to as the Mazda Millenia.

Mazda Xedos 9 for European markets, Eunos 800 for Japan and Australia markets and Millenia for the US market.

The make is in its own line of production with no replacement or predecessor. When the Millenia was introduced in the US in July 1997, the Eunos brand was continued.

In the Australian market, there was a limited production of a variation of the Eunos 800. That is the Eunos 800M SP and the base 800.

Despite the modifications in the exterior and body design, it had the same engine to its inspiration.

The Amati lifetime was short lived despite announcements of the model in 1992 that was to be introduced at the end of 1993.

However, in that year, 1993, instead of an introduction, new of its cancellation were made. The reason being a recession.

In the US market, the launch of the Millenia in 1994 was based on a model of 1995. It replaced the 929 model.

The models offered in the US market were; the base, the mid-level Millenia and the S model.

Manufacturing of the Mazda Xedos 9 ceased in 2002 when a new make known as the Mazda 6 was launched.

Common Xedos problems

The two Mazda Xedos car models experience a few problems here and there with some of its part. They are not peculiar problems as they are also common with other cars.

The need for car repairs are essential to ensuring safety on the road. On top of that, there is the need for an awesome car experience that you get with a good car without problems.

A clanking noise at the back or knocking sound in the front is a clear indication your car is having problems. Then what next?

The first thing to do is take the car for repairs if it’s nothing too serious.

For minor issues, you can solve on your own using the manual guide. It is informative and very helpful in situations when you want to give your car a full servicing job.

Here are common problems with the Xedos car makes;

  1. Front suspension problems: a front suspension can be diagnosed from the feel of the car on the road. A car needs to be smooth and very relaxed on the road. If you hear of some knocking sounds from down there, that might be a suspension problem.
    These was a common problem with the Xedos 9 (Millenia with the Miller engine V6). The problem was mainly heard off in low temperatures. If the problem is not handled with immediate effect, it can lead to a crashed car.
    Suspension problems can be a little difficult to diagnose, so, when you do, make sure repairs are done in no time.
  2. Transmission issues: ever tried changing gear but the car is problematic? Well, that is a transmission issue.
    The gear, despite being well engaged can display some issues with transmission from one gear to the next. The problem was mostly demonstrated in the Xedos 6 and it made driving a little bit hefty. This is because it becomes hard to drive with the right gear.
    Stalling can be a major system of transmission issues and can result in a dangerous car accident if one is not aware of the issue.
    So, keep an eye on the transmission effectiveness with your Xedos 6 an in case of problems, have it rectified.
  3. Failed coolant pipes: the coolant pipes are essential to keep the engine functional. These was a common problem with the Xedos 9.
    Failed coolant pipes can cause issues with the engine so, the minute you suspect there is an issue with the coolant, have it checked out.
    If the engine temperature is higher than normal, it can be an indication of failed coolant pipes. These problem can result in burst pipes or an overheated engine that can lead to other major car problems.
    Always keep an eye on the coolant and clean them from time to time to prevent damage.


The Xedos make of the executive cars did not last for a lifetime. But, considering they were Mazda products, they had a great build.

Generally, they were good cars and the problems are not so common. If you maintain your car in good condition, it can take you for years without any issues.

With the car repair manual guide, you can keep your car in a better state by checking the parts often.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Xedos models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Xedos – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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