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Volvo cars usually identified as VOLVO in their car’s logo is the world-famous automobile manufacturer from Sweden.

Its business is present in various parts of the world. The company’s headquarters are in Gothenburg and the main business of Volvo cars is producing, distributing and selling the cars.

The company was founded in the year 1927 and according to the statistics available in 2016, out of its total 31,416 employees worldwide, 61.4 percent were in Sweden.

It is often related to the conglomerate AB Volvo, which is also a Swedish manufacturer mainly dealing in heavy truck and construction equipment. The two companies became independent when Volvo cars was sold by AB Volvo to Ford Motors in 1999.

And since 2010, it is owned by a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturer, Geely Holding Group.

Both Volvo cars and AB Volvo share the same logo and works together in operating the Volvo museum.

Earlier Volvo cars was a subsidiary of SKF, a ball bearing manufacturer. But SKF sold most of its shares after the listing of AB Volvo in Stockholm stock exchange.

Volvo cars is involved in the manufacturing and marketing activities of SUVs, station wagons, sedans, and compact executive sedans.

Globally, the company has around 2,300 dealers and approximately 100 national sales companies.

Although, Volvo cars can be seen in many parts of the world but some of the major markets it is present are United States, Sweden, China, and other EU countries.

Volvo cars have always been known for their reliability and solidity. It has always maintained the government’s strong safety regulations and is much ahead in safety engineering.

Many safety developments and features Volvo added to its cars which include laminated glass in 1944.

After that many other safety features were introduced. Another major safety feature was added in the year 1991, when its model 960 featured a first ever three-point seat belt for the rear seat’s middle portion and in the middle armrest, child safety cushion was integrated.

Another safety feature introduced in 1991 was SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) in its 850, 740 and 940/960 models.

From the beginning only, it is consistently adding new safety features to the cars every 2 or 3 years.

The best time Volvo motors saw was in the year 2015 when the company first time sold 500,000 cars in in its 89-years of history.

The maximum sales happened in Europe with over 269,000 vehicles being sold and it was over 50 percent of the total sales volume from the globe.

The sales in US were high because of the revival process and despite facing the challenging sales environment, China reported a 11 percent growth in its fourth quarter.

This year, Volvo has announced that all the new models will be fully electric or hybrid electric from 2019.

This will bring an end to company’s nearly a century’s production of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

The cars of Volvo come with automatic transmission and Volvo has always been very active in the motorsport world.

Common Volvo Problems

Volvo cars are globally famous for their high safety standards and reliability. It is very rare that any major problem occurs before covering several thousands of miles.

Owners worldwide remain highly satisfied with the performance of their Volvo cars. But, as you know that when any vehicle spends few years on roads, some common problems develop.

So, it becomes important for current Volvo owners to understand these common issues which will help them in detecting any problems at an early stage and a quick action can be taken to resolve them.

  1. Transmission problems: In the model V60, some transmission problems commonly occur. The car is serving from last 20 years and is famous as reliable, and a fun vehicle. There are some owners who reported the problems like grinding gears or erratic shifting.
    This is not a major problem and can be easily solved by general maintenance which includes a transmission fluid flush.
    While resolving it, your car might require a transmission software update.
  2. Power Steering Leak: This problem is common with the Volvo S60 models. The problem was the leakage in the hose that carries the fluid in the power steering reservoir to the power steering system. This is a very minor problem and can be fixed very easily.
    You just need to get the hose replaced which is inexpensive.
  3. Water Logged Fuse Box: This is a common problem in Volvo 240 and it is hard to believe that such a reliable model from Volvo can have such a major electrical failure.
    The problem reported was water being leaked from the fuse box which is located under the dashboard on driver’s side.
    In such cases, the wet fuse box might result in the shorting of various electrical systems.
    If you have this model, regularly check fuse box every year and make sure that no moisture of any kind exists there. If you find any corrosion on any of the fuses, get them replaced immediately before they cause any big trouble.
  4. Cooling Fan Failure: The problem with cooling fan is common with Volvo XC60 which is a very versatile car and performs well in all-weather types. The owners of this model often face the issue of a failed cooling fan. In the beginning, it may result in an increase of the engine temperature which further leads to overheating and finally engine damage.
    The problem should be treated at an early stage so that any adverse situation can be avoided.
  5. Drivers airbag problem: In the same model, XC60, problems with airbag of driver’s side were reported. These cars face a short circuit within a connecter halting the airbag system service message. If you are facing the same issue, get your vehicle checked because while collision, the airbag on driver’s side may not deploy.



So, these are some of the common and basic problems that car owners of Volvo face. If you are aware of these problems in advance, you can attend them before they create bigger difficulties for you. However, most minor problems can be solved with the help of car repair manual.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Volvo models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Volvo – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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