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Vector Motors Corporation is an American car manufacturing company. Its history dates back to 1971, but it is also associated with the Vehicle Design Force founded in 1978.

Vector Aeromotive began car manufacturing from 1989 and continued till 1993.

They did not manufacture a lot of vector cars but a few years later, Vector Motors Corporation was back and they are still manufacturing top-notch cars.

The founding father of the company, namely Gerald Wiegert teamed up with Lee Brown to initiate the production of Vector car.

One of its main components was the DOHC Porsche engine. They made their first prototype in 1976 which was exhibited at the Los Angeles Auto show room.

However, the prototyped car did not enter into the production phase. In 1977, Lee Brown left the designing team and Wiegert renamed the Vehicle Design Force to Vector Aeromotive.

It was then used in the assembling of the Vector car which was known as Vector W2. The car series that was produced thereafter were branded as Vector Awtech AWX.

The most popular of this series was the AWX3 GT that was exhibited at the 1993 Genova Motor Show.

Vector Motors Corporation is based on producing supercars and its competitors are Ferrari, Lotus and Lamborghini.

The idea of the W2 make was first crafted in 1978 and its production started in 1979.

It was put into a lot of testing considering that it was meant to travel at 100,000 miles. It was featured in some of the American Auto magazines, including the Motor Trend Magazine alongside the British Auto TV show, Top Gear.

After the W2, there was the W8 make, which was a modified version of the W2.

Two W8 samples were designed but only one was manufactured. The production process of the Vector Motors Corporation used to take time to complete since everything was manually done.

The Vector WX-3 coupe and WX-3R had a similar design to the W8 and there was only one prototype of each.

The WX-3 was presented to the world in 1993 and an Indonesian Company showed interest in it. The Board took note of their interest and when they asked him to give up the company’s control, he refused.

He was later fired. Two new makes were created i.e. the M12 (1995) and SR V8. The company went under the Indonesian rule and it faced a financial crisis.

They sold the company off and Wiegert bought it back and that’s when the company became Vector Motors.

Wiegert planned on bringing back the Vector fast cars back with a Vector WX-8. He revealed in 2016 that he was working on a new super car.

In 2017, close to one year later after his announcement, he exhibited the Avtech at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. Wiegert is the chairman and CEO of Vector Motors Corporation.

The WX-8 was exhibited in 2008 at the LA Auto Show.

Common Vector problems

The Vector fast cars are world-class vehicles, especially considering their good reputation and the quality of components used.

Although they are good cars in general, there are a few problems you may experience with the older makes as well as the newer ones. However, most of the problems can be solved using the repair manuals.

  1. Heating problems: this is a common problem with most cars, including the vector makes. The result is usually a clogged coolant that does not regulate the amount of air getting into the engine of the car. There are various ways you can cool off a heating car with the immediate thing to do is determining the cause of the overheating.
    If it is something blocking the vents, that needs to be cleaned up using the guide from the manual on car maintenance.
    If the problem is too serious then you would have to take your car back to your car dealer, or opt for a repair shop where a mechanic can fix it up for you. You can also make use of the car manual.
  2. Failed seatbelt system: jamming of seatbelts as well as non-functioning seatbelts is a common issue of many Vector cars. The seatbelt is an important part of car security, as it reduces the impact of an accident on the passengers and the driver.
    So if you have a non-functioning seatbelt, it will be hard to enhance your protection and in case of an abrupt braking, you are most likely to sway to and fro your seat before stabilizing. That can be dangerous as you can lose control and cause an accident.
    If you are not tying your seatbelt, also known as the safety belt as it is not working properly, have it replaced and get a new system.
  3. Faulty brake system: fast cars’ brake systems tend to wear out too much often considering the power they use while on the road. If the driver is moving around a corner, they tend to brake with a little more pressure which may cause a strain on it.
    Before getting into any early models of the vector fast car series, you need to have the braking system checked to diagnose its condition.
    If it is showing signs of faultiness and after a test drive you can feel the full effect of the brake, you need to have it checked as soon as possible. For cars with an already faulty brake system.
    You need to replace it and get a new one. Thereafter, ensure you take your car for full servicing to ascertain that all parts are in good condition and functioning as they should be.


The Vector makes have a powerful feel and a firm grip, making them ideal for car racing. Fast cars are great cars for the fun ride and the new experience of fast speed.

However, you need to ascertain that all the parts are working well and there are no problems with the crucial parts.

With the repair manual of the car, you can confirm that the car is in a good drivable state and that it cannot cause uncalled for accidents. In case of something that does not seem right, have it checked out immediately.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair PDF manual” database on the web for all Vector models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Vector – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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