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Toyota’s history dates back to 1933 in the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works division, which was under the supervision of Kiichiro Toyoda. The company was dedicated to manufacturing high-end automobiles.

Prior to that, Kiichiro Toyoda, who was the son of the founding father of the company, had traveled abroad to Europe so as to learn more about automobile production.

In 1930, he was researching about gasoline powdered engines, which were being used in automobile production at the time.

The Japanese government encouraged Toyoda Automatic Loom Works automobile company to start car production, as they needed domestic vehicles to use during the battle with China.

Their first automobile was produced in 1935 which was an A1 passenger car with a type A engine.

This engine, which they had made the year before their first automobile production, was also used to make their second vehicle, the G1 truck later in the August of 1935.

In 1936, manufacturing of Model AA passenger car commenced.

Toyota Motor Company was cemented in 1937 as a separate and individual company.

Toyoda comes from the family name (“Kanji”) that founded the Automatic Loom Works Company, which was then evolved to Toyota which means “Katakana.”

With supplying truck vehicles for the Japanese during the time of Pacific War, Toyota continued to expand their automobile production even after the war.

However, they had a rough time in 1947, so they started manufacturing Commercial Passenger vehicles. The first of the kind was an SA model.

Two years down the line, the company became bankrupt; but was saved by a conglomerate of banks. The following year got worse despite producing 300 trucks.

Soon they were almost out of the automobile business.

As a means of saving the company, they announced wage reductions; but the workers were furious and stood against it.

They demanded the current director, Toyoda to resign so that the company could go ahead with their initial plan. Kiichiro Toyoda was later succeeded by Taizo Ishida.

Thanks to the 5000+ vehicles ordered by the US Military, the Toyota Company was back to life and in business.

Toyota spread out its wings in 1960 and started establishing connections with outside countries. Its stronghold was with Australia between 1963 and 1965, as they exported the largest number of vehicles there.

By the time the decade long was over, Toyota was widely recognized as a company that had distributed its 1-millionth unit.

Toyota Moor Corporation ventured into the European market in 1962 with the Toyopet Tiaras sold in Finland, but the plan did not work well due to the import of the crown model by a Denmark automobile supplier.

In May 1963, Toyota asked them to be their main distributor in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The company suffered a decline in sales during the high fuel crisis in the US from 2008 and 2010, like most of their competitors. Early 2010, they recalled eight of their vehicles which had problems with accelerator pedals.

Later came a lawsuit in December 2012 over unintended acceleration in their vehicles. They settled with US $1 billion.

It has been a smooth and rough ride for Toyota; but all in all, they are still a strong company and producing a variety of passenger cars.

Common Toyota problems

Different Toyota car models are economically affordable and they have plenty of vehicles that you can choose from.

With each car, there are some troubles that you may experience; but they never get too serious if checked out early enough.

The repair manuals for Toyota cars are specific to each type and there are procedures to follow when repairing.

Whenever your car experiences a problem, do not just ignore and say it will go away with time.

Visit your car dealer as soon as possible, and let the real issue be handled and solved. Some common problems associated with some Toyota car models include;

Motor mount wear: this is common with the Toyota Camry make. The motor mount is basically the part that secures the engine to the car. If it wears out by any chance, you can imagine the extent of damage it could cause. T

he motor mount may wear out over time due to friction and if the car has a higher mileage.

The problem is easily notable as the car starts to have a shaky feeling and if the wearing out is too much, then the shaking may attribute to vibration.

If this problem is not checked out, the end result may be an engine damage which is quite expensive to repair and can cause serious problems.

Steering problems: ever had a difficult time steering your Toyota Vios? Well, that may be because the steering system is faulty.

The steering system in the Toyota Vios make uses a hydraulic fluid for the steering on the wheel. So, if something is up with the hydraulic fluid, it definitely will be reflected when you are steering the wheels.

The common characteristics with this issue are funny noises with the steering and in worst cases, a damaged system where you cannot control your car.

So, take your car for servicing regularly and follow the manual to ensure that these system is in good condition.

Speed control issues: the speed control issue is common with various Toyota cars, including the Toyota Corolla.

Speed control can result into unintended acceleration, a case which was experienced with a number of cars in 2010 and they were taken back for repairs.

When you do not have control over your car’s speed, it can lead to grave issues, including unwanted accidents that you have no control over. So if you note at any point that your car seems to be increasing in speed without your command, don’t think twice. Take it to your retailer or contact Toyota for more advice on repairing it.


Repairs are important for any car no matter how good it has served you. Regularly taking your car for servicing and maintaining it in a good state will go a long way in ensuring you will tackle common problems with it earlier.

Toyota branded cars are very convenient but to enjoy their services for longer, you need to have the repair manual by your side. This will be beneficial in familiarize yourself with problems you can expect with your car.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair PDF manual” database on the web for all Toyota models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Toyota – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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