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SsangYong or “double dragons” is a renowned auto manufacturer in South Korea.  The company is registered as SsangYong Motor Company, with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

The cars for this company are marketed all over the world except for North America.

Founded in 1964 as a result of the merger between two companies, Dongbang Motor Co. and Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop, SsangYong Motor Company have climbed the ladder to become South Korea’s 4th largest car producer.

The company is famous for its top-tier SUVs, buses, and luxury units, trucks and vans.

It is also famous for using the latest technologies and innovations in car manufacturing which ensure enhanced comfort and safety while driving the SsangYong cars.

The company was known as Hadonghwan Motor Company from its initiation to 1986 when SsangYong acquired it. After the merger, the company was involved in building tracks, buses, and jeeps for the American army.

In 1976 it ventured into manufacturing a variety of special-purpose automobiles.

In 1977 they changed the name yet again to Dong-A Motor but later in that year the company was acquired by SsangYong Business Group who changed the name to SsangYong Motor in 1986.

The company acquired a UK based specialty company, Panther Westwinds in 1987.

The popularity of SsangYong brand was at its epitome in the 1980s when they ventured into four-wheel-drive vehicles.

In 1991, the company partnered with Daimler-Benz AG who gave them the rights to manufacture Mercedes-Benz technology SUVs.

The first of this lot was the SsangYong Musso which was first sold by Mercedes-Benz before being marketed and sold by SsangYong.

Towards the end of the century, SsangYong became a popular SUV manufacturing.

It developed a variety of full line automobiles including the Korando, Actyon, Kyron, and Rexton. The company’s Chairman W model also became a top seller in in Korea in its niche and is still competes with other luxury vehicles all around the world.

The first front wheel drive monocoqu automobile by SsangYong was the SUV Korando.

These models, together with others by SsangYong have incorporated the ECO-friendly diesel technology through the creation of an “advanced world class common rail engine”.

This modern technology is what gives SsangYong a competitive edge over its competitors.

SsangYong’s market strategy focuses on mature and existing markets. It continues to colonize emerging markets in China, India, Central America, and Eastern Europe.

The SUV product range is currently the company’s strongest selling product and the company may continue to measure up to the competition in the manufacture of SUVs technically cooperating with Mahindra and Mahindra.

SsangYong is currently manufacturing only seven car models.

These include sports truck, 29 concept cars, a compact SUV, midsize SUV and small SUVs.

Current models include Rodius (MPV), Acton Sports (Sports truck), Small hatchback SUV (Actyon), compact SUV (Korando), Luxury SUV (Actyon) mid-size SUV (Kyron), Rexton W (Luxury SUV) and the Chairman W (luxury sedan).

Some of the concept cars currently being produced are the specialty Jeep (Korando RFT) and the Istana Camera Ven (camera van with a semi-high roof)

Problems with SsangYong Cars

  • Fuel System Problems

Problems related to the fuel system have been reported with the SsangYong Rexton and the SsangYong Actyon models.

The symptoms of such a problem are stalling of the vehicle and taking a long time to start.

You can also experience sputtering at high speeds, a decrease in power when accelerating, and the vehicle losing power under duress. Fuel system problems are mostly about a faulty fuel pump.

It’s important to get your car checked when you experience any of the symptoms so that the problem is arrested at the earliest possible time.

  • Cylinder head gasket leakage

This is a common problem with the SsangYong Actyon. Users have complained of oil leak from the cylinder head gasket.

To solve this problem, you should first remove the cylinder head cover and the vacuum pump.

Next, repair the cylinder head and the unlatching pace of cylinder camshaft. Sometimes you will also find that there is oil leak at the DI engine when the car is idle.

If you are not handy with engines, you may fail to solve the problem satisfactorily. In that case, go over to your mechanic or repair center and have your car examined.

  • Whistling of the Turbo charger during acceleration

This problem has mostly been reported with the SsangYong Actyon. The problems manifest itself in a whistle (beep) sound from the turbo charger area when accelerating.

The noise tone can actually be distinguished from any other type of tone. The possible cause of this problem is a loose exhaust manifold or a gas leakage from the turbo charger mounting area.

This problem can be confirmed by disconnecting the VGT vacuum hose by hand.

If you realize that the noise is diminished then this means turbo pressure generated has been reduced which confirms your hypothesis.

To solve this problem, an expert mechanic will clean the turbo chargers carbon deposit and re-tighten the exhaust manifold.

  • AC/ Heater Problems

AC and heater problems have been a complaint with owners of SsangYong Stavic and Rexton.

Users complained that the air conditioning system stopped working when the car is at high speed.

This problem might require a replacement of the vicious clutch fan or the temperature gauge or both.

It’s important to consult the nearest SsangYong customer care center or a reputable car technician who can help you find a lasting solution to the problem.

In general, very few SsangYong models receive complaints concerning the breakdown of components.

Most of the problems logged are with the older models. The company strives to find a lasting solution to the problems reported so that new models that are being manufactured are near perfection.


Every car is unique. Because of this, you may experience hick-ups with your model that no other user has experienced before.

In such a case, you can contact SsangYong customer care center for a solution or go to a reputable car expert. You can also take help from the car repair manual.

The earliest you get a solution to any problem with your car, no matter how minuscule, the more you will be prolonging the life of your vehicle.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Ssangyong models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Ssangyong – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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