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Skoda Auto is part of the German Volkswagen group and one of the biggest car makers in Czech.

The company was founded in the 1900s by Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin in the town of Jungbunzlau in Bohemia which is today called Mlada Boleslav.

The rich history of this company dates back to when one of its founders Vaclav Klement logged a complaint about the quality of bicycle that was being produced.

He decided to team up with the other Co-founder and together they started manufacturing quality bicycles and also repair under the trademark “Slavia”.

Four years into the business, they started making bicycles with additional engines, what has been since called motorcycles.

The motorcycles gained a lot of popularity, in addition to multiple racing awards. This motivated the company to venture into the car making business.

In 1905, the company made its first car which it called Voiturette A. This car was largely successful and is what ensured a stable position for the company in the wildly competitive international automotive industry.

The first merger of the company with Skoda Plzen in 1925 was the beginning of the dilution of the Klement and Laurin brand. The mergers are, however, what has made the company to stand the test of time.

The company underwent several changes from 1925. These eventually culminated in its integration to the German manufacturer Volkswagen, in 1991, after a series of economic and political changes.

The German Volkswagen group bought the majority shares from Skoda Auto in 1997, but their headquarters still remains in Mlada Boleslav, with the subsidiaries being in Vrchlabi and Kvainy.

Skoda Auto has always operated as a lone Czech company. In addition to their manufacturing plant, the company also runs a vocational school of engineering.

It has also been, for the longest time, the main sponsor of Ice Hockey World Championship, a supporter of Czech Philharmonic and the official partner of Tour de France, among other projects that it’s involved with.

Skodovka has several subsidiaries that help in the manufacture of their cars in different subsidiaries around the world.

The large circle in their winged arrow in their logo is symbolic of their versatility in production.

The wing also indicates their technological advancements. The arrow shows their high productivity of work and progressive production and the eye is the indicator of their precision of production.

They have two main colors in their logo. Green means that they subscribe to ecological production and environmental production and black color means that they stick to their 100th tradition.

In 2009, Skoda Auto was reported to have sold 680,000 plus cars in more than 100 countries, making it the biggest Czech exporter.

Its production accounts for 7% of the exports in the Czech Republic with its revenues amounting to about CZK 188 billion on 2009.

The reputation of Skoda has been built in its production of well-built, reliable, spacious, value-for-money cars.

The company’s SUV cars, in particular, the Kodiaq, have been the latest car magnet with its authoritative road presence, stylish package, and Skoda’s signature clean-cut lines.

Common Skoda Problems

Like with all other manufacturers, Skoda suffers its own share of setbacks.

  • Starter Problems– your Skoda car can fail to start due to a couple of reasons. The most common reason is usually insufficient battery capacity. Although it is generally advised that you limit the use of car lighter or appliances powered by the car battery, sometimes a starter problem can be more complex than low battery capacity.
    If you experience multiple starter problems, it’s best to let a professional take a look at your vehicle.
  • Headlamp failure– Users of different Skoda models have complained of headlamp failure, especially the Xenon lamp. Although all models come with an operating manual containing the procedure for replacing outdoor lighting lamps, replacing a Xenon lamp is more complicated and might require professional help.
    If you are not experienced with bulb replacement procedures, you can either take your vehicle to an authorized Skoda service provider or any other car technician near you who can help you out.
  • Vehicle Electronics Failure – The kodia Octavia has been reported to have different electronics failure problems. Users have experienced problems with the rear parking sensors, problems with the radio and also the incorrect operation of individual controls.
    Most of the problems with the vehicle’s electronics can be solved by contacting Skoda Assistance.
  • Problem with the coolant– If your Skoda model has a problem with the coolant, the coolant warning light will illuminate. This is an indication that the coolant level is low or the temperature is too high.
    The first step you should take following this warning is to check the coolant condition in the buffer box in the engine compartment. Replenish the fluid if you discover that it’s insufficient.

Tips for Engine Fluid Replacement

Please note that you should only open the reservoir cap after the engine has completely cooled down to avoid any injuries.

Use a properly diluted mixture of antifreeze and water to replenish the fluid.

Don’t add any additives if you lack emergency anti-freeze agent.  Simply use water and then head to a specialist workshop as soon as possible to rectify the ratio of anti-freeze to water.

  • Illuminating LEDs on the Instrument Panel – there are different warning lights with every Skoda models. Luckily, every vehicle also comes with an operating manual which you should carefully read in order to understand the different warning lights.
    The red indicator light is a threat, and the vehicle is signaling for your urgent attention. The yellow light is a warning. In the event that you don’t understand a signaling light, you should contact a qualified vehicle technician who can help you understand and solve any problems that may be arising.


Skoda vehicles are reliable and easy to maintain. However, all models are not the same and problems like gas sensor and electrical issues might appear in some models and miss in others.

The best way to keep your car in its best condition is to go for regular car service and to contact a car specialist or Skoda dealer whenever you notice any problem no matter how small.

Make sure you have a repair manual so that you can understand and fix minor problems.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Skoda models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Skoda – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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