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Interesting Facts About SEAT You Probably Don’t Know – Common Problems – and PDF Manuals for Download…

When it comes to car manufacturing, the name SEAT may not be much familiar to people. But SEAT is actually one of the oldest car manufacturing companies out there.

It’s a Spanish automobile company established in 1950 with the aim of providing reliable and efficient automobiles for their customers.

Maybe the main reason why you have not heard much about the company is the fact that Volkswagen (at least you should be familiar with this one) bought the company in 1986 and SEAT has since been a subsidiary of the German automobile car company.

Even though Volkswagen is the current owner of SEAT, the design and look of the brand has not changed a lot. The brand still maintains that aura and strong design that had attracted people to the brand in the first place.

SEAT is still headquartered in Martorell Barcelona, where it began its first operation. The company has harnessed its resources and has been able to stay ahead of competition with industry leading manufacturing techniques.

This explains why SEAT is still the only Spanish car maker with the resources to design all its cars and accessories in-house. While some other well known car makers outsource some of their product’s accessories and even assemble some parts elsewhere, SEAT produces every part of their cars within.

Production and sales of the SEAT brand of cars started moderately with about 500,000 units a year. But today the company produces and supplies more than 6 million cars worldwide each year.

As stated earlier, SEAT produces all parts of their car brands within the Martorell industrial facility. Its service center, research and development center, as well as customer service unit are all located within the industrial headquarters.

This was a planned arrangement to have all their resources pulled together to achieve good synergy.

Another interesting feature of SEAT facilities is the fact that their assembly plants are some of the newest and more advanced facilities within the Volkswagen subsidiary group.

This has given the SEAT brand an edge and the ability to design high quality cars perfect enough for the brand as well as other brands within the Volkswagen unit, such as Audi.

For instance, the design and production of a lot of Audi models such as Audi Q5, A3, and A1 were all done at the SEAT plant in Martorell.

SEAT Leon is the flagship product of the SEAT brand. The company is having great plans to make this model one of the best models that has come out from Volkswagen Automobile.

And Volkswagen has already mapped out plans to sell the model in three separate versions: as a station wagon, a three door model, and a five door model.

Volkswagen has really invested hundreds of million into the SEAT project and it is already seeing that that investment has started paying off.

These models are not just available in the American market but also in the European, Africa, and Asian markets. We are surely going to see some updates and upgrades from the brand in the near future.

Problem of the SEAT brand and possible solutions

Although SEAT is a properly designed car brand with durable materials and all the accessories in the right places, it can develop minor faults in the long run.

Car companies strive for perfection when making their cars, but there is no such thing as perfection in the automobile industry.

There have been so many returns and withdrawals over the years because of faults and mechanical concerns. Moreover, if your SEAT car has covered a respectable mileage, it’s susceptible to some mechanical or electrical problems.

Let’s find out the most common problem with the SEAT car brand and see how it can be fixed using your car repair manual.

  • Rattling of the interior trim

It’s a common thing to see your SEAT car trim is rattling while driving.

To solve the problem, try to find out exactly which trim is rattling and adjust the trim. This should certainly fix the problem.

  • Loud and disturbing sound from the exhaust pipe

If you suddenly start noticing your car’s exhaust is making some loud noise, the main problem could be clogging of the EGR valve with carbon.

The warning light from your engine management system should be on at this time to indicate the problem. Fixing this problem is not difficult. Just clean out the carbon buildup in the EGR to resolve the problem.

  • Rough idling/running

This problem is more common with the older versions of SEAT as the issue has been corrected in the newer versions. If your car’s coil pack fails, the most basic symptoms will be rough idling or rough running.

Solution: The coil pack is faulty and replacing it with a new part will most certainly solve the problem.

  • Cracking of the washer jets

This is a common problem with some models of the SEAT brand. If you notice that washer jets are no longer spraying liquid on your car’s windscreen but the pump is still working, the problem might be a broken pipe.

Solution: Find out where exactly the pipe has cracked and get it replaced with a new one.

  • Low oil levels

Some SEAT Ibiza car owners have come across a situation where the valves did not work as they were supposed to do. As a result, the car began experiencing low oil levels.

To solve this problem, you have to check the valves properly and find out if there are defective valves. If this is the case, complete replacement of the valves will be the most ideal thing.

Although this might be a little bit expensive, you shouldn’t worry about the cost if the SEAT car is still under warranty from the company.


The SEAT automobile is a unique car brand with high level manufacturing capabilities. It’s one of the very few car makers with all the technology to completely manufacture and assemble its own brand of cars without outsourcing any parts.

This surely speaks a lot about the company’s commitment to remain steadfast and committed to manufacture high quality cars with state-of-the-art technology.

Yes it may have some problems, just like many other car brands, but it’s not really difficult to fix most of these issues using the repair manual.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Seat – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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