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Scion is one of the latest car brands owned and managed by Toyota Automobiles. The brand was developed to cater the young customers, looking for unique types of car design that represents their generation.

In 2003, Toyota decided to introduce a car brand that will suit customers looking for a more simplified vehicle with unique trim levels. And so, Scion was developed. Since its development, the brand has gone on to become the favorite car brand for a lot of people who want a more personalized kind of car.

Going back to history, the first idea by Toyota to introduce a car that befits the young generation actually came in 1999 with “Project Genesis.”

The project was initiated to bring up car models with coupe and compact designs specifically targeting the younger populace who are more technologically driven.

This initial effort by Toyota introduced models, such as Toyota Celica and Toyota MR-2. But it was not as successful as the company projected, prompting the cancellation of the project.

In response to the aborted project, Toyota yet again launched another marque project it called “Project Exodus”.

The website, logo, and brand design of the new brand of cars were contracted to French Machine (a US based digital design company).  This new project later became what we now know as Scion.

Scion xA is one of the first Scion models designed and manufactured to meet the riding needs of the younger population. It was introduced in 2003 and became very popular in the US and other European countries at that time.

In 2004, Scion xA and Scion xB were introduced into the market.  Later in 2005, the Scion xD was unveiled as an upgrade of the previous xB model. Although Scion began production as early as 2002, its cars were only available in the US until the company decided to expand its marketing operations to other parts of the world.

Scion had five different car models in 2014, the new generation xD, iQ, xB, tC, and the Scion iST model.

The iST model in particular was designed with the same platform as the Toyota Yaris but comes with a rear wheel of Toyota sports car.

In 2015, the company released the iM hatchback model into the market while the previous models were discontinued.  The iM model is seen as the very last Scion model unveiled before Scion was discontinued by Toyota.

The company had announced that all other new models will now be redesigned and unveiled by Toyota, its parent company, starting from 2017.

Scion was launched in a bid to take their marketing efforts toward the generation Y demographic. While launching their models into the market, Toyota decided to use viral and guerilla marketing techniques to woe customers.

This yielded results to a certain level, but the economic recession witnessed by the US and the entire world at the time of its launch largely affected its sales. This was the major reason Toyota had to discontinue the production of new Scion models.

The brand has produced some of the best quality cars in the world, but it seems Toyota is not really making headways in its bid to break even.

The parent company had already announced that by 2017 it will keep the design and production of the Scion models, but rebrand them as Toyota cars.

Scion Problems and solutions

All cars have their issues, which could be electrical or mechanical. There are certain problems common with most cars, but most of these problems can be effectively resolved using the repair manual.

Scion has its own issues and the rest of this article is going to look at certain concerns related to Scion and how best to solve these issues.

  • Car’s speedometer going back and forth

This is a problem that usually occurs after an extended use of your Scion car (let’s say about 60,000 miles).  The major problem here is the speed sensor and replacing it with an aftermarket model will certainly solve the problem.

  • Jiggle/squeaky noise from the dashboard

Some Scion car owners have had this problem where their car’s dashboard makes some squeaky noise. This usually happens when the car is going on slow speed or is coming to a stop.

Solution: The most obvious reason for this issue is missing screws or loose attachments. Check the glovebox, heater ducting, air conditioner, as well as the panel mounting to see if there is any area that’s not properly placed or if there is any missing screw somewhere.

  • Car shakes when it slows down

Some users have experienced that their Scion car makes a little vibrating movement when slowing down. This can be a result of several factors. It could be that the car’s engine is misfiring or the clutch is slipping.

To solve this problem, a proper inspection on the engine and clutch areas should be done.

  • Air conditioner doesn’t blow cool air

If the car’s air conditioner works but does not blow any cold air, the refrigerant level in the air conditioner might be empty. Just refill the refrigerant and find out if the air conditioner system is leaking somewhere.

  • Car’s engine becomes hot on acceleration

Hot temperature on the engine is very common among many brands of cars and not just Scion alone.

To fix this issue, you need to check the coolant level of the car’s radiator. If the level is low, you just have to refill to the right level with proper mixture of water and anti-freeze in 50/50 ratio.


The Scion brand of car has surely improved the automobile industry by producing some of the best models available today. Although the company has transferred production and design to its parent company, some of their older models are still very impressive.

If you own a Scion car, then you should understand that regular check and prompt repairs are the best ways to keep your car at optimum performance. Once you notice something that’s not right with the car, it’s always advised to check it out using your car repair manual.

This will keep you safe and help you avoid bigger problems that may arise when you will least expect it.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Scion – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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