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To a lot of people, the name Samsung will not come to mind when talking about automobiles. The company is more popular due to their electronic products and phones than they are because of their cars. But Samsung does actually make cars.

It’s a South Korean firm, and although it’s not well known like other Korean car firms like Hyundai and Kia, Samsung has really done well in the car manufacturing industry.

Samsung automobile was established in 1994, but the company didn’t take-off in car manufacturing until 1998 when their first car was introduced.

At the time of the firm’s establishment, South Korea was in an economic downtown and the company decided to seek a partner who would help financially to boost the company’s stance. They finally struck an agreement with Renauult, a French car marker.

Renault acquired 70% stake in the company in 2000 and injected about $512 million.

We all know that Samsung has a great reputation in producing high-end phones and household electronics.

The company decided to bring the aura of quality into their car manufacturing and it has greatly paid off.

Samsung has great models of cars any one would love, plus the fact that the firm harnessed their resources to gain competitive edge in the industry. The company’s products are synonymous with quality from assembly to production and to finishing.

The founder of the company, Kun Hee Lee, ventured into the car making industry because the parent Samsung Company already has complete knowledge over the electrical aspects of manufacturing.

But he soon found out that car making encompasses mere electrical configurations. In view of that, he decided to sell off the company to those who already have the full knowledge of exquisite car manufacturing.  The company decided to partner with Renault, even though other car makers like Hyundai and Daewoo were interested in partnership.

The company chose Renault because Samsung has a close relationship with Nissan, and Renault already has a major stake in Nissan. That’s the main reason why most Samsung models are an adaptation of the previous Nissan models.

For example, SM7 looked more like Nissan Teana while SM5 closely resembles Nissan Maxima.

As it stands, the license agreement made between Samsung and Renault allows the latter to have a greater influence on the brand name till 2020 when the agreement will expire.

In the meantime, the Samsung brand in collaboration with Nissan has produced some of the finest cars in the world today. These models of cars are designed with state-of-the-art technology, even though they maintain very simple design.

Simplicity, durability, and energy efficiency are three words you will always link with the Samsung brand of cars.   Right now, Samsung is at the forefront of the present technological craze to make cars only powered by electricity.

This area should not be a difficult area for the company to break into, because of their already strong influence in the electronics market.  In the nearest future, we may see more electronically engineered cars and, surely, Samsung sill be one of the car manufacturers leading the chase in that regard.

Some Common Problems of Samsung Automobiles

Just like individuals, cars also experience occasional hiccups and require a little checkup on their health to keep them at optimum performance. There is definitely no car ever made without problems or technical issues experienced along the line.

So a Samsung car has its own share of technical and electrical faults as well. But these issues are occasionally not noticed with new cars except on the old ones that have covered a considerable level of distance.

For Samsung automobiles, riders normally start noticing some issues after the car has covered about 60,000 kilometers.

Let’s see some of the common issues associated with Samsung automobiles and proffer solutions from the repair manual.

  • Noisy brakes

Noisy brakes usually occur when a break pad is faulty, loose, or worn out. If the problem is the break pad, it will be better to replace it since prolonged use without fixing the problem can cause more damage to the break system.

  • Engine overheating

This is a common problem experienced by many car owners, so it’s not just unique to Samsung cars. Overheating can be a result of several factors, but the most basic reason could be a faulty coolant. Check to see whether the radiator fan is working properly. Look at the fan thermostat and motor connection and replace anyone that’s faulty.

  • Faulty Air conditioner

Some users will notice that their air conditioner is turned on but not blowing any cold air.

The most obvious reason for this is there is no refrigerant left in the unit. This might be because the system is leaking somewhere. Once you fix this and refill, your air conditioner should be working properly.

  • Car won’t start or takes too long to start

A dead battery is the major reason why a car will simply not start.

Solution: When starting the car, find out if the car is completely silent when you turn the key. If the car doesn’t make any sound, the obvious problem is the terminal cable connection. But if the car cranks over but still will not start, you need to check the engine’s fuel supply or spark plug.

  • Uneven tire wear

Having a tire wear can be dangerous on the road because their grip on the road will slack.  It’s therefore necessary to have a quick look on your tire regularly to find out if any tire is worn out.

Solution: The most ideal way to keep your tires on a good level is to rotate the tires and get them aligned. If you rotate them often, they are likely to wear evenly. Again, it’s also important to get them checked for alignment from time to time.


On a final note, Samsung may not be a popular car brand but the company has already made its mark in the industry by introducing a new wave of cars that meet the needs of certain consumers in the market. But the car doesn’t come without problems after some extended use.

It’s always better to fix any minor issues in your car on time in order to prevent additional damages that will make you spend more and keep you at more risk.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Samsung – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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