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When one hears the name Ram Trucks the first thing that comes to mind are the heavily built long-lasting Dodge Ram trucks that remain a must-have accessory for most Americans.

The trademark Ram belongs to the Dodge family of motor vehicles and has come a long way to become the esteemed brand it is today.

The story begins with two brothers, Horace and John Dodge who founded the Dodge Brothers Company in Detroit in the early 1900s to build machines that would make a difference in the world.

Initially the company supplied special chassis components and precision engines and assembled vehicles for different manufacturers. After seeing the genius in their design, the brothers started producing automobiles in 1914.

Their first car was the ‘Dodge Model 30’ which had an all-steel body, sliding gear transmission, 12-volt electrical system and a 35 horsepower engine.

The Dodge brothers earned nationwide recognition and respect as the producers of the best quality motor parts, trucks and transmission systems.

Unfortunately, in 1920, tragedy struck the Dodge household and both brothers died of short illness in January and December of the same year.

With the company founders out of play, their widows sold the Dodge Brothers Company to Dillon, Read & Company.

The new owners tried various ways to keep the company profitable but eventually bowed out and sold it to Chrysler Corporation in 1928.

Chrysler tried to make the Dodge trademark fit perfectly within their portfolio by dropping some of the poor performing Dodge models and selling the stronger performing models albeit at a lower price.

The Dodge models mainly consisted of full-sized passenger cars, compact cars, midsize cars and trucks.

These models performed reasonably well and in a bid to revive their company’s performance, Chrysler founded a separate Dodge division that would deal specifically with Ram trucks.

This division was known as Ram and was officially brought to life in 1981.

The Ram branded hoods on the trucks caused so much excitement amongst consumers that their popularity superseded the expectations of Chrysler.

Market sales for the Ram brand were so good that in 2010 Chrysler established a new subsidiary known as Ram Trucks to specifically deal with the increased demand and recognition.

Unfortunately, Chrysler Company went bankrupt during the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010 before being formally acquired by Fiat S.p.A in 2014.

Ram models continue to sell in the market today and are still considered one of the best car models in the 21st century.

The trading company is now known as FCA US LLC which is a representation of the Fiat and Chrysler vehicle models.

Common Ram Problems

  1. Rare Axle Faults

There has been a problem noted with the 2009 – 2012 Ram Truck models that could be very risky to vehicle owners. Some vehicles are installed with an undersized spline and thus the rare axle pinion nut may become loose over time.

This may cause the axle to lock up causing the driver to loose full control of the vehicle and lead to an accident.

Vehicle owners are required to carry out a thorough inspection of their vehicle axles and have any loose nuts tightened or replaced.

  1. Airbag Fault

Pre-2010 Ram Trucks were installed with a dual stage driver frontal airbag for extra safety. The system operating these airbags may be faulty causing them to fill with moisture over time.

This problem may cause the airbag to rupture leaving the driver or passenger susceptible to injury during an accident.

The airbag may be filled with fragments of metal that could injure or kill a passenger if the airbag deploys during an accident.

Vehicle owners with dual stage driver frontal airbags installed should visit the nearest service and maintenance professional and have the bags replaced.

  1. Engine and Battery Mounting Fault

Some Ram Trucks were designed with a battery harness that keeps the battery in place during motion.

This harness may touch or rub against the right engine mount causing an electrical fault.

This kind of electrical fault may make the vehicle stall or may even cause a fire if the conditions are right.

Service and repair professionals should examine the battery harness and have it correctly routed and secured as soon as possible.

  1. Electric Power Steering Fault

If the circuit board controlling the electric power steering (EPS) system is contaminated there may be a short resulting in the loss of power steering functionality. This is extremely dangerous especially if the vehicle is in motion.

The driver might be unable to control or steer the vehicle correctly leading to an accident.

A thorough check-up by a service professional is recommended upon which the EPS system should be replaced.

  1. Ignition Switch Fault

When the vehicle ignition switch is faulty there is a possible loss of electrical contact which may cause the vehicle to stall.

This system’s failure may also affect the airbag control system, stability control system, anti-lock braking system and the instrument panel cluster.

Such impacts may cause the vehicle to lose complete function and even cause an accident. Vehicle owners are required to replace ignition systems if found to be faulty.

  1. Brake Light Fault

Ram Trucks with a trailer attachment have been noted to have this recurring problem. When the brakes are applied, the exterior brake lights of the trailer may fail to illuminate.

This essentially means that drivers behind the truck will not know that the truck driver has engaged the brakes and may crash into the vehicle.

Usually the problem is associated with a physical damage to the bulbs or electrical fault in the lighting system.

Vehicle owners are required to change faulty bulbs and have the lighting system diagnosed by a professional.


The Ram range of trucks has come a long way since the 1980s and has proven to be a formidable competitor in the world of sports utility vehicles and heavy duty trucks.

Owning this machine is a great experience and as such, vehicle owners need to have a service and repair manual as well as carry out periodic maintenance to ensure their vehicles remain in the best condition always.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Ram models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Ram – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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