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Opel is one of the world’s most renowned German automobile manufacturers. From 1st August 2017, it is a subsidiary of French Groupe PSA. Groupe PSA is a French automobile manufacturer and in March 2017, it acquired Opel.

The acquisition was from General Motors and European Commission Regulatory Authorities approved it in July 2017.

Opel is world famous for designing, manufacturing, engineering, and distributing its passenger vehicles which fall under the same brand.

The regions where it has significant presence are Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. In Great Britain, the vehicles sold under the brand Vauxhall are manufactured by Opel.

Similarly, Opel manufactures Buick brand vehicles which are available in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China. In Australia and New Zealand, vehicles manufactured by Opel falls under the brand, Holden.

The story of Opel started in the year 1862 by Adam Opel who first manufactured sewing machines. Then Opel started manufacturing bicycles in 1886 and finally in 1899, Opel produced its first automobile.

The company achieved the tag of share-limited in the year 1929 and in the same year, General Motors became its major stakeholder. In 1931, General Motors had full control over Opel.

After this acquisition, escalation in growth was witnessed and in the year 1935, Opel was the first German automobile manufacturer to produce over 100,000 vehicles in a year.

During the Second World War, Opel faced many challenges which included its relationship with General Motors being affected.

The company also produced many engines and military vehicles which served during the Second World War. Postwar, GM didn’t want Opel because of the weakened German economy; but the matter was shortly sorted out.

The growth continued and by 1970, Opel was amongst the two strongest brands of GM in Europe. In Great Britain, Vauxhall emerged as the third best selling brand. Later in the 1990s, Opel fell into the “cash cow” category for GM because its profit margins were similar to those of Toyota.

After the financial crisis of 2008, GM agreed to divest 55 percent share in Opel to Magna group but the deal failed to thrive. After that Opel did restructuring and different phase of investment went by.

Today, the brand sells vehicles in more than 50 different markets all over the world. Most of the GM’s modern, future-oriented, and fuel-efficient vehicles are architected by Opel. In fact, Europe’s business of GM is operated by Opel Group GmbH.

In Europe, Opel has over 35,000 employees and its 10 vehicles, component and powertrain plants along with 4 research and development centers are successfully being operated in six countries.

Some of the famous and successful models of Opel are Buick Regal, Buick Cascada, Buick LaCrosse, Saturn Astra, Cadillac Catera, Opel Corsa and many others.

The major markets where Opel vehicles are being sold are North and South America, Europe, parts of Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, Chile, and Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Opel has won many Car of the Year awards and the company also has a presence in the motorsports world.

Common Opel Problems

Opel is a German Brand and German vehicles are famous for their superior performance and durability. The cars produced by Opel are good in quality, style and provide value for money. Some of the most common problems that Opel owners face are mentioned here.

The symptoms of these problems will help you in identifying the problems in your car using your repair manual.

  1. Clutch: This problem was reported in Vauxhall Astra model after two years of usage. The car was experiencing persistent judder for many weeks.
    The reason for this judder might be a faulty clutch. Replacement of clutch kit will solve the problem and your car will run smoothly. Always prefer genuine parts while replacements.
  2. Steering: In some models of Opel Corsa, the problems with steering have been reported. The car owners observed knocking noises while going over speed bumps or when they slowed down their cars at traffic lights.
    This type of strange noises on the steering could be because of faulty engine steering racks or loose steering knuckles.
    It is advised to take your car to a reputed garage where the problem could well be identified and solved by a qualified and experienced auto technician.
    You can also take a look at your car’s repair manual for this reason.
  3. Mass Airflow Sensor: This problem has been reported in the Vauxhall Astra mode whereas the following problems occured:
    1. Quite difficulty in starting the engine
    2. After starting, the engine stalls soon
    3. When engine is idle or under load, it drags
    4. While accelerating many owners experienced jerking
    5. Engine hiccups
      These problems occur because of faulty mass airflow sensor. As it ensures that ECU (Engine Control Unit) should get the perfect mix of air/fuel timely, its failure disrupts the vehicle. This kind of problem could be solved by lightly scrubbing (cleaning) the sensor connectors and if it doesn’t work, the part should be replaced.
  4. Failure of coil pack: In the Vauxhall Astra model, complaints about starting the car have been reported. The owners complained that the engine misfires and hesitates to start.
    The reason for this problem is failure of coil pack. The spark plug receives the power from ignition coil and start the engine. The only solution to this problem is to replace the old part with a new one.
  5. Brake Fluid: In the Vauxhall Zafira models produced in the year 2007, some car owners reported the brake fluid disappearing quite quickly; which means there is some leak somewhere.
    bove discussed problems The leakage could be from the pipes that connects to the ABS pump. These pipes usually have a flared sort of end, tightening the nut can compress the end and it should be sealed. This can stop the leakage of brake fluid.


The above discussed problems are some of the common issues people experience after enjoying their Opel rides for many years. In case you are also facing any such issues, you can quickly act upon them and save your vehicle from major damages.

There is nothing better than using the car repair manual for the optimum results.


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