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Morgan is a British motor company owned by a British car manufacturer Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan.

The company was founded in 1910 and employs around 177 people. The one thing that is so fascinating about Morgan cars is that wood is used in its construction and used for its body shell.

There is also a factory museum which shows the construction and the whole process of manufacturing cars and other vehicles. It also exhibits how wood is used to make body shells.

In 1909 HFS Morgan constructed a car for his own use, which was a single seat runabout. A year later he started producing for selling purpose and his company prospered tremendously.

The earliest cars were basically called cycle cars and were either two-seater or four-seater three wheelers.

Even though those cycle cars were economical, they were not that comfortable to use and also less attractive. In a few years’ time, the company grew and became so famous that the car they manufactured was the only one to be showcased at the window side of Harrods.

The Morgan company itself is so competitive and creative that they innovate new designs of the cars and then manufacture it uniquely.

Either it be a single seat runabout or a two seater cycle car, everything they made was unique and attractive enough to increase its sales.

Morgan also received a lot of trophies and awards such as for covering a great or larger distance or simply for the outlook of a vehicle.

The engines used in the manufacturing of vehicles are air or liquid cooled so that the car does not heat up really quickly.

Also after the First World War, a new rear wheel was introduced which could easily be changed and so won’t cause a problem to its users. Most importantly Morgan motorcycles consist of drip lubrication and certain necessary control mechanisms.

A Morgan racing program was also introduced in 1927 which further increased the company’s popularity and sales.

Morgan’s first four wheeler was called 4-4 because it consisted of four wheels and four cylinder engines. It got really popular and with time its popularity spread worldwide.

Later in 1950s a larger engine car was manufactured which had a considerably larger engine as compared to 4-4. It had a special engine and so was quite popular and special. The contemporary version of +4 was made with lightweight fibre glass.

This version was a limited edition and with improved performance characteristics. Recently an 8+ has been manufactured which includes a special ford engine.

Morgan’s traditional designs are expanded and innovated into contemporary designs. Third wheeler cars still being the most famous one.

The runabouts are also used today in many parts of the world, hence Morgan Corporation is expanded widely and so today it is considered one of the largest car manufacturing brands.

Including all types of traditional and contemporary styled vehicles, Morgan also manufactures sport and racing cars.


Common Morgan problems

Morgan has a really good track record when it comes to giving quality products and so it has been producing innovative and likeable vehicles.

The cars are quite user-friendly and the overall look is also very attractive.

However there are certain common problems faced by individuals who use Morgan cars and motorcycles.

The common problems are mentioned in the following paragraphs.


Morgan’s very famous three-wheeler has an issue with brakes and is most commonly reported. Also it has issues with compensator making it extremely difficult for its users.

Brake fails have been reported quite often and individuals suffer a lot whenever there is an issue with the brake system of the car.


As mentioned above, all Morgan cars are made up of wood, hence which can cause some problems.

It has been reported that the wood used starts to rot after some time which means that the quality of the material used is not good and up to the mark.

Also when someone buys an old Morgan, it might cause an issue with its ash frame since the car’s construction would be old and not up to date.

Morgan 4/4

This model of the Morgan company has complains regarding its engine. People say that the engine of the car lacks power and so it is a very common issue faced by Morgan users.

The problem occurs mainly when drivers try to speed up. Even after refueling the car, this problem would remain and so becomes extremely difficult for the drivers to increase speed.

However this problem can be solved by checking the engine regularly for any sort of dirt or hindrance. Engines should always be kept clean away from pollution and dirt.

Also it is important to replace seals and caps so that the parts and machinery don’t get corroded especially in a damp environment.


Most common problems faced by Morgan car users is that the vehicles are underused. This can result in seizing of brake calipers, if not used for a prolonged time.

It can also result in cracking and gasket drying. Cracking can further cause corrosion of the engine parts, making it more difficult for the Morgan users to drive.

Nevertheless, it is extremely essential for an individual to check the workings of the vehicle on day to day basis and not to ignore how important it is to not leave vehicles in such damp conditions.


In a nutshell, a very important thing to note is that the Morgan vehicles and hand-built and every car comes with some sort of British history.

The parts and machinery manufactured recently are durable as well as economical. Anyone can buy a Morgan car and is a huge profitable investment.

The options and choices it comes with are endless since the cars come in varying sizes and designs, a variety to choose from.

Because it has huge benefits, some of the common problems mentioned above should be ignored and not given much importance.

There are a lot of repair manuals available online that can help individuals repair minor flaws with ease and perfection, hence no need to go to go to a repair shop for such minor flaws and issues.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair manual” database on the web for all Morgan models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Morgan – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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