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A motor corporation named under Mitsubishi is a multinational automotive manufacturer.

The corporation is internationally known and its headquarters are situated in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is basically a Japanese founded brand.

It was originated in 1917 by Mitsubishi shipbuilding Co, Ltd and started with a seven-seater sedan.

At that time it proved to be quite expensive as compared to other American or even Japanese branded cars. However it got discontinued in 1921 due to several reasons.

Then in 1934 the shipbuilding was merged with the Mitsubishi Airline Co, which used to manufacture engine and other parts of the aircraft.

After its merging, the company as a whole became a largest company in Japan to not just manufacture automotive parts but also engine, railway and aircraft parts and machinery.

Right after the Second World War ended, the Mitsubishi company manufactured and started its small three-wheeled cargo vehicle and a scooter named silver pigeon.

In 1950, the unified corporation was split into three different regional companies, West japan, Central Japan and East Japan Heavy-industries.

Now these three zones would look at the manufacturing of the automotive parts in their subsequent regions.

This division proved to be quite successful since it divided the work and so the production and manufacturing increased.

In 1963 the departments were extended in each of the regions to increase the output and production of the vehicles.

In 1964, Mitsubishi produced its largest passenger luxury car called sedan.

The term Mitsubishi includes two parts: Mitsu (three) and hishi (water caltrop), meaning rhombus which is also denoted in the company’s logo and emblem of three red diamonds.

One of the expansion strategies was to increase exports by making alliances with foreign companies that are well established and internationally known.

With this strategy the growth of the vehicles increased and so does the annual profits. In 1980s the Mitsubishi Corporation started their first national television advertising campaign, in order to increase their dealer network and contacts.

In 1988 the company started their operations in some parts of Southeast Asia to further expand.

Apart from four wheel drive vehicles, the company was also busy producing heavy machinery and trucks. In 1990s their most profitable vehicles were: Diamante and Pajero.

One of Malaysia’s leading car manufacturer Proton was said to be initially dependent on Mitsubishi motor for the production of self-developed vehicles. They also started a partnership with the company.

In 1998, an Indian manufacturer Hindustan had also a joint venture with the Mitsubishi Corporation in order to improve their production and ties with the company.

There were also some Chinese joint ventures with the company, hence it got expanded worldwide.

In 2014, Tetsuro Aikawa was appointed as the president of the company and he is the only one to spend more than a decade serving the company.

He was involved in both the product development and manufacturing.

Recently the company started their electric mini cars as well as lithium-ion battery pack cars. Last but not the least, the corporation is spread in almost 160 countries worldwide.


Common Mitsubishi problems

In 1991 the Japanese asset price bubble collapsed and so contributed in resulting economic crisis in the region of South East Asia.

The collapse was due to the equalization of United States dollar with Japanese Yen and German Mark.

Because the country’s currency crashed and the consumer demand dropped, the company had to close its factory in Thailand. Sales considerably dropped.

However the crisis is not only a single reason why people might not prefer Mitsubishi cars.

There are several other common problems with the manufactures Mitsubishi vehicles. Some of the problems are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

When in gear, car won’t move

The Mitsubishi Galant model of 1999 won’t move when in gear. This is a very common problem faced by drivers of Galant.

Its automatic transmissions are very weak and so the vehicle is said to have gear shift problems. Even after replacing the transmission, the problem still remained.

Also shifting the gear from neutral to back won’t fix the problem and it still remains. Looks like that this model of Mitsubishi Corporation has some design and manufacturing flaw.

Catalytic converter stops working

The catalytic converter used is so weak that they usually stopped working and even if changed, it won’t work properly.

Also it is too expensive to buy as compared to other parts. So an overall repair would cost a lot.

It is basically an exhaust system problem and an extremely necessary thing to fix it in urgent basis.

Problem with the engine

Mitsubishi vehicles have an overall problem with the engine. The oil pump would stop working and so will create a problem for drivers.

It needs to be fixed urgently or else the vehicle will stop working. So with water pumps the oil pumps need to be changed as well.

Also due to failed cooling fan controller, the engine would overheat really quickly and so creates a problem. This is a really common problem faced by people using Mitsubishi vehicles.

Clutch or shaft assembly may break

Another common issue faced by Mitsubishi car users are of breakage. The clutch or shaft assembly may break more often, hence creating a problem for drivers.

There seems to be a manufacturing defect. Also the door glass or windows maybe hard to roll up because it is so tight and not that user-friendly.


Mentioned above are some of the common problems faced by Mitsubishi vehicle users.

Nevertheless, the sales are increasing day by day and people are enjoying Mitsubishi products so a few problems cannot undermine how popular and useful Mitsubishi vehicles are.

However new cars are manufactured in a different way and so its users do not complain.

To make the task easier, a lot of repair manuals are available widely so that the individuals can take advantage of it and repair the vehicles manually without any problem.

Mitsubishi has been putting on immense efforts to minimize all sorts of manufacturing or design complaints.

With regular maintenance and checking, a lot of problems can be avoided.


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